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In a little more than a decade, SawStop has gone from a small startup offering a revolutionary saw-braking technology to a leading table saw manufacturer whose acclaimed product line has saved thousands of woodworkers' fingers. SawStop's industry-first flesh-sensing technology causes the blade to stop and retract into the saw within milliseconds of contact, often leaving the operator with little more than a scratch – rather than a catastrophic injury.

It was developed in 1999 by SawStop's founder, Steve Gass, a patent lawyer who also has a Ph.D. In physics. Since the first SawStop model hit the market in 2004, the Oregon company has developed models geared to meet the needs of hobbyist, professional and industrial woodworkers. The combined safety, quality and craftsmanship of SawStop table saws have won the brand a place in shops across the country and around the world.

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