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What makes SawStop unique?

SawStop invented the world's first table saw that detects blade contact with skin, triggering a brake that instantly stops the blade and lowers it beneath the table. Thanks to this technology, what could have been a catastrophic injury is reduced to a minor one. This alone is a game-changing innovation in the woodworking world, bringing peace of mind to thousands of woodworkers. But SawStop has also earned a reputation for making outstanding tools, irrespective of the blade brake. With a full line of saws ranging from jobsite saws and contractor saws all the way up to the heftiest industrial cabinet saws, SawStop offers something for every need. Every SawStop tool is engineered for outstanding performance and accuracy, and every saw includes SawStop's namesake safety blade brake.

Why buy SawStop from Rockler?

Online or in the store, Rockler is your one-stop shop for SawStop table saws. With a tool that's used as often as a table saw, you'll want to feel the smoothness of the fence adjustments and the handwheels before you buy. Our retail stores let you do just that, and with a staff that's committed to your satisfaction, you can be assured that you'll get the saw that fits your needs. Just call ahead to confirm our showfloor stock. If you're buying online, our expert tech crew is available by phone to answer any questions you might have. We also offer an optional extended warranty that covers accidental damage, keeping your projects rolling. At Rockler, you get the better half of a century of experience in woodworking, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Sawstop Available at Rockler

Contractor Table Saws

These saws are perfect for contractors who need a relatively lightweight saw with a full-sized table, but don't need the power of a cabinet saw. They're also great for home woodworkers on a budget.

Professional Table Saws

Class-leading power and performance, with phenomenal dust collection. Gas pistons make raising the blade a breeze. The cast iron top is machined to tight tolerances, with beveled edges to prevent scratching.

Industrial Table Saws

The heaviest, most powerful 10" cabinet saws you can buy, with cast-iron trunnions that are unmatched in mass and precision. These saws offer more power and less vibration than almost any saw available.

Compact Table Saws

For woodworkers with the most limited space, Rockler offers the SawStop Compact Table Saw, a small but mighty portable table saw with all the safety cred of its bigger brothers. Less than 24" wide—a fit for virtually any space!

Jobsite Table Saws

For jobsite work, you need a table saw that's both portable and rugged. SawStop's Jobsite Saw fits the bill, and includes an easily collapsible stand that rolls across rough terrain. Just step on the pedal to expand it to cutting mode!

Table Saw Safety Brakes

Triggered the brake on your SawStop table saw? Whether you need the standard brake or a dado brake, Rockler offers replacement Sawstop brakes to get you back up and running in no time. Keep a spare on hand to minimize downtime.

SawStop Accessories

From mobile bases and dust collection attachments to high-performance router tables that attach to your saw, Rockler carries all of the trimmings you need to get the most out of your SawStop table saw.

How does SawStop work? Find out more today

Legendary Safety

In 2000, SawStop rolled out the first-ever table saw with blade brake technology, famously demonstrating its speed and effectiveness with a hot dog. Since that time, SawStop's revolutionary technology has proven reliable in actual use over and over again. Over the decades, SawStop has built a reputation for dependability, a name that woodworkers can trust. When it comes to safety, nothing is as important as that.

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Hear from SawStop customers

The SawStop brand is built to last for generations and is loved by seasoned woodworkers and hobbiests alike. But, don’t just take our word for it:

"Excellent quality, I'm just getting used to this machine and I love it. Especially after the past decade with only a cheap contractor's table saw" -Rick D.

"This morning I had the good fortune to be running my SawStop cabinet saw when I bumped the running blade with my blade with my thumb. As advertised the brake stopped the blade instantaneously." -Jim M.

"Love it! Easy to assemble, smooth cuts, and the mobile base is a must in a garage sized shop" -Jesse G.

"This table saw is the absoulte finest piece of machinery I have ever owned. It is solidly built and, when set up and adjusted properly. Makes the most accurate cuts of any table saw I have ever owned" -Mark J.

Build better with Sawstop

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