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Rockler Sure-Foot Plus® 3/4'' Pipe Clamp

The wide base on our acclaimed Sure-Foot clamps prevents the old "domino effect" so common with ordinary bar clamps. Generous height allows free movement of the handles without having to overhang the edge of the bench. Pipes not included.
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New and improved design features 2-1/4" high jaws - a half-inch higher than standard pipe clamps! Ideal for use with our exclusive Bench Block® Pipe Clamp Stabilizers (#35359, sold separately) to provide a full 1" engagement with the workpiece on the lower clamp. Add Sure-Foot Plus® Clamp Pads (#39897, sold separately) for added protection for your stock.

  • Extra-wide 2-1/2" foot provides exceptional stability and prevents tip-over during setup. It won't rock on uneven bench surfaces
  • Higher base raises the pipe 1-1/2" above table to allow for greater handle clearance, so you won't have to position clamp handle off the edge of a bench
  • Clamping face includes holes for mounting pads, cauls, jigs and specialty fixtures
  • Built-in clamp hook eliminates need to "clamp the clamp" when hanging on wall
  • Four-clutch-plate design provides secure, no-slip lock for the tail stock on standard 3/4" black pipe
Notice: Pipe not included.
(1) Clamp head
(1) Clamp end
More Information
Brand Rockler
Weight 3.3000
Tech Spec
  • Patent pending
Grip Style Screw
Jaw Depth 3/4"
4.8 / 5.0
304 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
great quality
works just as described. sturdy, steady, and easy to use.
May 30, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great product
So much nicer not to use leveling blocks to support my pipe clamps.
May 24, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Stands up to a wide variety of clamping jobs. Puns intended.
With just a 2' and a 4' piece of pipe plus a 3/4" coupler I can clamp from 1" to almost 6'. They are perfect for building 6 panel solid core doors. Mine go up to 48" wide and there isn't any other kind of clamp that will do the job.
May 24, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Excellant Clamps
I replaced a bunch of my old clamps with these. Wonderful decision. These are the best. They are stable - they don't fall over. They are tall - I don't scrape my knuckles anymore. They turn smooth. They are just top quality, well designed clamps.
May 19, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great clamps. Gives you the ability to make a clamp longer or shorter without having to buy a new one.
April 13, 2020
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
bought to make 20 clamps used 10 ft black pipe cut to 5 ft also bought a used pipe threader to thread the cut ends
April 12, 2020
4 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Excellent product
I have 12 pairs of these clamps. I also have 20 pairs of Pony clamps for sale! Enough said!
March 31, 2020
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
I will order them again.
March 29, 2020
3 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Excellent clamp
I like the Rockler clamp. It stands up nice and is stable. I have a few other pipe clamps and wished I would have purchased the Rockler pipe clamps first. Solid design and simple to use. Highly recommend to others to purchase the 3/4” pipe clamp.
March 26, 2020
3 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
3/4" pipe Clamp
The 3/4" pipe Clamps work every bit as well as I expected. I am very happy with them.
March 25, 2020
3 months ago
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Why did you choose this?
Rockler Store
I was ordering over stuff, and then I saw this which I also needed.
Taylor D on May 30, 2020
Because my loving and handy husband circled them in your catalog! : )
LINDA C on May 29, 2020
I was ordering over stuff, and then I saw this which I also needed.
Taylor D on May 30, 2020
make a work desk/table
Frederic C on May 30, 2020
Because my loving and handy husband circled them in your catalog! : )
LINDA C on May 29, 2020
I am replacing some of my older clamps. These clamps work well.
JAMES L on May 26, 2020
I do wood work all the time
Jose i on May 24, 2020
I like them a lot.
Lance F on May 24, 2020
gluing up a table top
Donald B on May 23, 2020
One can never have too many clamps!
Rocklon C on May 23, 2020
I like the color
Dennis F on May 22, 2020
Good product, good price
Simone B on May 17, 2020
clamping glued work pieces
JAMES L on May 16, 2020
The clamping area looks like it holds more than the Bessie clamps, but if the Rockers were not on sale, I would have gotten the Bessies.
pantone354 on May 12, 2020
I already have some of these and I like the way they work, so I bought some more.
David W on May 10, 2020
I have 4 already and needed more
Alan P on May 8, 2020
Recommended by woodworking expert for joining boards
Michael J on May 6, 2020
needed one
Edmond M on May 5, 2020
I already have one and I need another.
Tom T on May 5, 2020
They looked well-designed and thought out
THOMAS V on May 3, 2020
needed long clamps for doors, tables etc. sure-foot looks invaluable
alex s on May 2, 2020
Good quality, clamps well with solid footing on the bench or ground.
Robert B on May 2, 2020
JAMES T on May 1, 2020
I need more clamping resources.
Greg A on Apr 30, 2020
I've always needed longer clamps. Home depot sells the 50" one for $50. Does not make sense to get those when I needed longer clamps all the time. I am assembling a hidden desk bed and I needed the clamps to properly assemble the structure. These should work.
Francisco C R on Apr 28, 2020
Wanted to see if they perform well for my woodworking project.
Brian on Apr 28, 2020
Need Bar clamps and price is right
JASON H on Apr 27, 2020
Need more clamps and the price is right
Ken M on Apr 27, 2020
Right clamp, Right price
Jeff R on Apr 27, 2020
Already have these and they are the best on the market for the money in my opinion
Roy G on Apr 25, 2020
wanted the best clamp on the market
Ryan D on Apr 25, 2020
like these
CGD on Apr 22, 2020
Recommended by my brother!
Daniel B on Apr 19, 2020
Never have enough clamps for furniture work. The sure foot height helps with dry time too!
Raymond J on Apr 18, 2020
I am building a work bench and needed more clamps. I have been using these Sure Foot clamps for a long time and they are the best.
Michael F on Apr 17, 2020
Good value.
Gary J on Apr 16, 2020
Need them for metalwork
ROB W on Apr 13, 2020
Need more claps
Marcus D on Apr 12, 2020
on sale
Anita H on Apr 9, 2020
Always need more clamps
Bruce B on Apr 7, 2020
My bar clamps are old and now is the time to update
Robert H on Apr 2, 2020
need a forth clamp to use with the 3 I already have
Kevin S on Mar 25, 2020
I'm building barn doors and these are the perfect clamp to do just that.
Morris Prestifilippo P on Mar 19, 2020
Currently have some, needed more. Nice product with good footing and clamp adjustment.
Gerald H on Mar 16, 2020
Needed some starter clamp set. Seemed a good compromise on cost, function, versatility.
Austin B on Feb 29, 2020
get it right get it tight
Nicholas l on Feb 25, 2020
Price and features of the product.
Richard E on Feb 25, 2020
have several already and they are great, just need more.
Steven F on Feb 24, 2020
need to clamp table pieces together
Michelle K on Feb 23, 2020
looks like great construction compared to other comparable clamps on the market
David J on Feb 23, 2020
because i need to clamp something
Lee W on Feb 23, 2020
Rockler quality and reasonable price.
Tony H on Feb 23, 2020
make a work desk/table
Frederic C on May 30, 2020
I am replacing some of my older clamps. These clamps work well.
JAMES L on May 26, 2020
I have these and the slip. Both on galvanized and black pipe. What am I missing? Any hack to make them to stop slipping?
Morris on Jun 23, 2019
Are these clamps made by Irwin?
Butch S on Feb 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Last I heard, these are Rockler's design.
The pipe? Can I get like at Home Depot at any length as long as it's 3/4" and threaded on one end? I can't find the pipe for this tool anywhere... help please?
Thank you!
Manuel A on Dec 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can get the pipe at Home Depot. They will cut it to the length you want and thread it for you.
Does the end of the pipe need to be threaded?
Peter L on Mar 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The end that receives the half with the adjustment crank will need threads for mounting.
How long is one clamp?
Raymond S on Feb 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: If I understand the question, the answer is "how long is the pipe you bought" to put the clamps on. I keep different lengths for different clampings.
Does Rockler still offer the zinc plated 3/4in pipe?
Andy L on Feb 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I do not know there was no mention of any type of pipe other than3/4"
Does the pipe need NPT or BSP thread
Peter B on Mar 5, 2016
BEST ANSWER: NPT on at least one end.
It is also included in the tube?
Alex761107 A on Nov 15, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The pipe does not come with the clamp. You can purchase a pipe length that best fits your project.
What's the maximum clamping of this pipe clamps?
A shopper on Apr 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I'm not sure if you are speaking of length or force. The length is essentially unlimited - it simply depends on the length of the pipe that you buy to accompany the clamp (I bought mine - steel gas pipe - at Home Depot). If you mean force, it is probably several hundred pounds, at least. The clamp is essentially a vise.
Can this pipe clamp be used with 3/4" galvanized pipe?
carlos l on Aug 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Sure can and does not leave black glue marks. I use both, black and galvanized.
Are the clamps steel or cast iron?
Rickhill on Aug 25, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I believe they are cast iron. I have used them in a production environment and they've held up quite wel.l
Can I unscrew the clamp and put it on a longer/shorter pipe? Get 4 sets and a bunch of pipes? Thank you
Brad P on Apr 16, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can, I have a variety of lengths.
received 2 new sure foot clamps. One of them fell apart pulling it out of the box. this is the fixed clamp;all the 'silver' pieces fell out. How do I reassemble?
Frank M on Apr 18, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The four silver pieces are held in place by a spring; the product will likely not work without the spring (it pushes the short ends of pieces towards the rotating handle). The pieces are shaped so that they only go back into the sliding collar in one direction - small end first through the larger bottom opening. You probably need to put the spring in first, then the silver pieces. Look at catalog or on-line pictures for reference for how the pieces fit into the collar. If you can't find the spring you should probably return the product for a replacement (the spring is likely a product-specific design).
What is the dimension from the center of the pipe to the top of the clamp?
Tom R on Mar 26, 2020
Are the rubber covers for the clamp heads helpful or necessary?
Jonas B on Oct 20, 2019
BEST ANSWER: When using the rubber covers for the clamp heads, I have never damaged the wood being clamped even without using a block of wood between the clamp and piece I'm working on. I look at them as inexpensive insurance.
Need the tube some notch for the move clamp?
DANIEL Á on Jun 10, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Daniel, I am not sure I understand your question but use these clamps on a level surface to do glue ups of panels. They are secure and stand very easily.
Are these the same as the ones I bought several years ago? Or have they made design changes?
Ron on Dec 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I am not sure because I don't know what you bought several years ago. I have had mine for 2-4 years and they look like the ones in the picture.
Where is the country of origin?
kokuu d on Apr 20, 2017
How can I get replacement pipe clamp ends?
Roger S on Nov 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This item does not include the pipe. To purchase the clamp ends you purchase 30921
Where are these clamps manufactured?
Dave G on Oct 17, 2016
What is diameter of pipe needed?
henry w on Apr 3, 2020
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