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Shape, sculpt and plane a huge variety of flat and curved parts: carvings, chair arms, chair legs, curved joinery and more!

Arbortech TurboPlane Blade

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Mounted to your angle grinder, the Arbortech TurboPlane can be used to shape, sculpt and plane a huge variety of wooden objects. Use it to create large edge bevels, recessed bowls, or to flatten or texture large wooden expanses. It is particularly well-suited to machining curved parts, such as chair arms, chair legs, and for blending curved joints. The 1'' carbide cutters create clean shavings rather than dust, resulting in fast material removal and a remarkably smooth surface. Since the cutters stop short of the perimeter, the TurboPlane resists digging into adjacent surfaces, and the edge can even rub against a template guide. Use with 4'' and 4-1/2" angle grinders with a 5/8" or 7/8" arbor.


  • Freehand power carving in hard and soft wood
  • Wide cutting edge per tooth leaves a smooth finish requiring minimal sanding
  • Rapid sculpting, planing and trimming
  • Use level to plane surfaces smooth and flat; use angled to create convex and concave shapes
  • Excellent control, balance and resistance to gouging (no cutting teeth on blade perimeter)
  • Durable tungsten carbide teeth ensure long blade life even in hard woods
  • Easy to sharpen with a fine diamond lap stone
  • Precision machined from solid steel
(1) Arbortech TurboPlane Blade
(1) Nylon Reducing Washer
More Information
Brand Arbortech
Manufacturer Part Number IND.FG.400.20
Weight 0.5000
Tech Spec
  • Blade Diameter: 3-7/8''
  • Carbide Teeth Width: 1''
  • Maximum RPM: 12,000
  • Tooth Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Body Material: Solid Steel (1/8'' thick)
4.6 / 5.0
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The arbortech planer tool is great for removing large amounts of material. really fast cut.
April 12, 2019
5 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Arbortech turboplane
Works as advertised
Very fast
March 25, 2019
6 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great tool for fast carving
This tool made fast work of leveling out some slabs I cut from downed trees. From there, a bit of work with the hand plane was all it needed.
User submitted image
Added Mar 6, 2019
March 6, 2019
11 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
One of best tools I own. I is fast and dependable thank you.
February 2, 2019
8 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
I get more done in less than half the time. Very durable and keeps sharpe edges for forever.
If you carve or do any wood sculpture work, this is a " must have tool"
January 19, 2019
8 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
This thing is a beast! I'm glad I have it as I have a list of things to create with it. I recommend it 100%
November 6, 2018
11 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Super safe feeling tool that hogs out wood effortlessly! It seems to tear out more than the industrial woodcarver so stop carving shy of the finished edge.
April 15, 2018
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
Performs as advertised
Fast and easy to control. Must wear hand and face protection as the stream of waste material can hurt. Have only about eight hours on it so far but see many advantages over chain saw tooth discs that I also use. Expensive but have no regrets adding it to the tool chest. Should add that I am an older power carver and tools like this aid both in safety and work time endurance.
April 11, 2018
1 year ago
Extremely Versatile Tool
Overall, I have been extremely please with this tool and it is a lot more robust than it looks. I have been using it to make rustic ceder log furniture. It takes the wet and sap covered bark off the logs with no problem and is holding up very well. It takes a little getting use to so you don't gouge the wood. Highly recommend using face shield and long sleeve shirt. Some people have mentioned it was hard to mount the blade level, but I used both plastic spaces provide and it ran smooth. It also works well to shape wood. I have found it does not replace a flat hand planner for smoothing out a wide surface like a table top. I highly recommend for specific jobs.
April 10, 2018
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
Love it ! Really does what it says it will, eats wood super fast.
January 19, 2018
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Why did you choose this?
Rockler Store
looks wicked
KENDALL T on Jul 30, 2019
Due to new projects, I need a tool that will allow less time for positive results.
Robert G on Apr 7, 2019
looks wicked
KENDALL T on Jul 30, 2019
Working large live edge slabs. Endless hours with routers and sanders. I want to save time and turn out high quality end result. We'll see how she goes.
Damon S on May 31, 2019
Due to new projects, I need a tool that will allow less time for positive results.
Robert G on Apr 7, 2019
Seems to be the best on the market from my research
Christopher B on Mar 26, 2019
Saw it demonstrated at the Woodworking Show in Chantilly by Tracy C. with Bastionhead, and the Arbortech folks said Rockler had it on sale for a little longer.
ERIC W on Mar 25, 2019
Quality and reputation
Rick S on Mar 18, 2019
A very useful tool for shaping and carving.
CHARLES M on Mar 15, 2019
Been looking for 1 just like this. Don’t have it in hand yet, but price was in my budget and looks like good quality. The free shipping sold me 100%, Thank You for offering this product at a very affordable price. Let you know how it works when I use it. Can’t Wait!
Ty M on Mar 13, 2019
It was on sale and I am tired of carving using flappy disks.
Kurt on Mar 8, 2019
I purchased a Diamabrush, but the Arbortech looks more like what I really wanted.
Mellor, William A on Dec 30, 2018
Carve laminated plywood
DANIEL G L on Dec 30, 2018
Jean B on Dec 19, 2018
Husband asked for this for Christmas !
Kathryn K on Dec 16, 2018
To shape wood, almost didn't buy it because shipping charges are some much higher with rockler than most outlets. Bought it because it was on sale which offset the excessive shipping costs.
Kirk S on Oct 29, 2018
carving seat and sculptures
Mark H on Oct 29, 2018
Great product with enormous potential for making stuff!
James Allmon I on Oct 16, 2018
to shape stock prior to turning on a lathe.
Richard B on Oct 5, 2018
working on project where this should be useful
Ricardo G on Oct 1, 2018
I saw this in action on some youtube carving projects and I think I have a project where it should be very useful
Dennis N on Mar 16, 2018
It works great but I lost it or it was stolen. Need another
Dan F on Feb 8, 2018
Looks like a useful tool
Curtis K on Jan 5, 2018
ability to flatten wood easily
EDWARD K on Dec 27, 2017
to help speed carving bowls and other wood projects
Robert S on Dec 17, 2017
I want to try it because it looks quick and efficient.
Ken R on Oct 24, 2017
Looks to be handy for hand finishing various turning projects
William J. Cromie, M on Oct 19, 2017
I am a wood worker
Thomas S on Oct 7, 2017
I have read good reviews about it and wanted to see if will work for my purposes.
Byron G on Oct 6, 2017
I have used it in the past to carve furniture and flatten logs for the lathe
Lynn C on Oct 5, 2017
Purchased to flatten replacement logs on a log cabin.
Randy D on Oct 1, 2017
Recommended by another woodworker
Aaron H on Sep 17, 2017
I wanted to carve wood
robert r on Sep 12, 2017
Building chairs
Richard C on May 8, 2017
For shaping the contours on large model canoes in Hawaii. I used a friends TurboPlane a while ago and was very impressed.
David K on Jan 31, 2017
I build rustic furniture with live edge this will help smooth out the rough edges.
Aubry W on Jan 3, 2017
I plan to use it primarily to surface plane rough wood stock
Walter M on Aug 18, 2016
Wanted to try it on some of my projects.
Randall G on Aug 15, 2016
Working large live edge slabs. Endless hours with routers and sanders. I want to save time and turn out high quality end result. We'll see how she goes.
Damon S on May 31, 2019
Seems to be the best on the market from my research
Christopher B on Mar 26, 2019
What is the arbor size ?
David H on Dec 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It fits a standard 4 and 4.5 US angle grinder. I believe it is 5/8.
can the blade be sharpened ?
JEFF S on Jul 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Absolutely! Very easy to sharpen. All you need is a flat diamond surface, preferably a medium grit sharpening file. Square up the file with the carbide tooth so that they are flat against each other. A few strokes should refine the carbide edge, but check to make sure their is some black residue left on the file as this tells you that you are getting into the carbide. You are not so much aiming for heavy duty sharpening as your redefining the carbide edge. Run your finger over the edge of the carbide and if it catches, you are good to go. When dull it will feel rounded or smooth when you run your finer of the carbide.
Can this be used to strip bark off a spruce or other types of soft sappy wood?
Hatchet on Sep 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I used it to plane down the stump of a pine tree which was pretty sappy. It worked but eye protection and long sleeves are a must or you'll covered with wood fibers and sap pretty quickly.
I can't get my new Arbortech turbo plane attached to my new Porter-Cable PCE810 4-1/2'' Angle Grinder? I used the 2 black spacers but does not hold the Arbortech blade firm and blade is wobbly.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated
Steve F on Dec 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Seems strange enough to swap out either the grinder or the wheel. Mine attached properly. I've had limited use of the combination of the two, but they seem okay - no wobble or slack in the setting. The Arbotech blade locked down without a problem using the two washers with the wide segment against the blade, the narrow segment against the base. Please keep us apprised of any potential problems with the combination tool's progress. Hope this helps.
Can th turbo plane be use with a dewalt angle grinder ?
rick c on Oct 23, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Rick I used the Arbortech Turboplane Blade with my Dewalt DCG412 41/2 in cordless angle grinder and my Dewalt D28402 41/2 in electric angle grinder Worked Great
Can I replace the cutting edges on this tool?
Jay L on Oct 19, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You cannot "replace" the edges however, you can easily sharpen the edges when needed. This will not be necessary for years and the process is very easy. Simply square up a diamond file or sharpening card flush with the carbide tooth and stroke back/forth. The blades are not razor sharp to begin with so all you are aiming to do is refine the edge. I have been abusing my turbo plane for over 5 years and it still cuts like butter.
Can you buy an extender to reach into bowls as you can with other arbor tech tools?; also, where do you get a lock nut from?
woodchucker on Mar 11, 2018
BEST ANSWER: This is probably a little big to attempt to use an extender, it would be difficult to control and therefore unsafe. The locknut is going to be specific to your grinder so check with their customer service to order that part. I know Home Depot carries locknuts for the brands they carry (Makita, Dewalt, etc)
Can the turbo plane be use with a type27?
rick c on Oct 23, 2018