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BarrelBond 5-Minute Epoxy Gel Glue

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BarrelBond's 5-Minute Gel Glue has become the pen turner's favorite foolproof method for securing the brass tubes in your pen blanks. It's thicker than CA glue, so it won't run or sag, and because its open time is so much longer, turners have plenty of time to precisely position the brass tubes for multiple blanks without having to remix. With the gap-filling properties of epoxy, the glue also strengthens the blank from the inside out to help prevent blowouts. BarrelBond is waterproof, flexible, easy to trim and sand, and has an indefinite shelf life.Bonds exceptionally well to all wood species, including oily exotics, as well as plastics, acrylics and metal. 2 oz.

  • 5 minute open time allows you to perfectly position the brass tubes for multiple pen turning blanks
  • 100% waterproof
  • Gap-filling epoxy helps to fill voids and strengthen the turning blank
  • Paste-like formula won't run or sag, and provides some lubrication to ease tight tubes into place
  • Easy to trim and sand
  • Because of its two-part formula, BarrelBond has an indefinite shelf life
  • Easy to mix

(2) 1 oz. BarrelBond 5-Minute Epoxy Gel Glue Tubes

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Brand System Three
Manufacturer Part Number 1001K04
Weight 0.230000
Size 2 oz

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