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Freud® 10" x 40T Premier Fusion General Purpose Saw Blade - P410

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Freud engineers have discovered the ultimate combination of fused tooth grind geometry, blade body rigidity, precise tensioning, a special carbide blend and superior carbide brazing, non-stick Perma-SHIELD® coating and high performance anti-vibration - all working together in concert to provide the ultimate cut. One blade does it all. Whether you're ripping or crosscutting, a Premier Fusion blade will tackle any project.

  • The Perma-SHIELD® coating covers the blade plate and cutting edge in a protective layer, reducing heat build-up
  • Perma-SHIELD® blades resist binding in large volume cutting, reducing subsequent blade warp. The coating lubricates the blade, allowing it to spin freely, and eliminates pitch and debris build-up on the blade
  • Laser-cut anti-vibration slots drastically reduce vibration and sideways movement in the cut - extending blade life, and giving a crisp, swirl-free flawless finish
  • The combination of unique design and special polymer filler in the anti-vibration slots reduces vibration above and beyond any other blade, resulting in superior performance
  • Unique side grind polishes the material to produce a superior finish
(1) Freud Premier Fusion Saw Blade
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Brand Freud
Manufacturer Part Number P410
Weight 2.300000
Tech Spec
  • No stabilizers needed
  • Perma-SHIELD® Non-Stick Coating is a state-of-the-art coating formulation that is superior to any today, and will withstand the toughest woodworking applications. Like Silver I.C.E.™, Perma-SHIELD® eliminates pitch and debris build-up reducing down time for cleaning
  • Features Ti-Co™ Hi-Density Carbide General Purpose Blend for maximum performance
  • Anti-vibration design
Kerf Width 0.126"
Saw Blade Diameter 10"
Material Cutting Chipboard, Laminate, Plywood, Wood
Number of Teeth 40