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Learn Wood Joinery

Joinery is a fundamental building block of most structural woodworking projects, so it’s important to construct each type of woodworking joint properly to make your projects last. This batch of videos offers detailed tutorials on many of the most common and popular joinery techniques

How to Make Waterfall Corner Joints

How to Cut Half-Lap Joints with a Table Saw

How to Turn a Pen

How to Make Tongue & Groove V-Groove Boards

How To Cut Notches for Lap Joints

What is a Mortise and Tenon Joint? 

How To Cut Mortises with a Mortising Machine

How To Make a Beadlock Mortise & Tenon Joint

What is a Dado Joint?

How to Cut Dadoes with a Table Saw

How to Cut Tenons with a Table Saw 

How To Cut Cross Lap Joints

Wood Joinery Articles

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If you’re ready to learn more about woodworking techniques to help you get started building your own projects, Rockler classes can be an exciting step in the right direction. These in-store sessions have something to offer woodworkers of all skill and experience levels.

Woodworking Classes

Rockler woodworking classes combine lecture with a hands-on experience. In these classes, you’ll learn the fundamentals of specific woodworking skill.

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Make & Takes

In these DIY classes we'll tech you the skills, and you'll leave with a finished project you can proudly show off. No experience is necessary.

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