simple tips for checking that a band saw blade is square to the table video screenshot

In most cases a band saw blade should be square and perpendicular to the band saw table. Here's a simple way to check your band saw blade and all you need is a scrap block of wood.

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Simple Tip for Checking that a Band Saw Blade is Square to the Table - Video Transcript

Speaker: All shot machines eventually fall out of alignment, including band saws, but generally speaking, you want your blade to remain square to the table for most accurate sign. One of our readers has a simple trick that he uses for checking for tables squareness, and he could do it anytime using his band saw.

All he needs is a block of wood. He starts by making a shallow kerf cut into one face of the board. Then turns off the saw, then he spins the block of wood around to see if the back of the blade will fit into the same saw kerf. If it doesn't, the blade and the table are out of square, and if it isn't square, it's time to dial it in for accuracy using a proper square.