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  1. Tool Maintenance Made Easy

    man doing rip cut on table saw

    If you're like most woodworkers, you've invested a lot in your tool collection, both financially and in the time you've spent choosing, acquiring and setting up the tools that make up your shop. But how much time have you devoted to taking good care of them? With a bit of information, a modest investment in equipment and supplies, and a little time, you can keep your tools running at peak performance year-round.

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  2. Video: Making Curved Pieces With Bent Lamination's

    making curved pieces with bent lamination video screenshot

    A great way to make curved woodworking project parts is by laminating thin strips. Glue is applied between the wood strips and then they are clamped in a form that matches the shape of the final curve.

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  3. Video: Make Perfect Frame Miters

    making perfect frame miters video screenshot

    How to use a hand plane and a miter shooting board to make your corner miters fit perfectly. A miter shooting board, also known as a miter shoot, is simply a jig that guides your hand plane to cut perfect 45 degree miters. This is a great jig to help you make picture frames with nice tight corner miters.

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  4. Video: Corner Clips Make Building Cabinets Easier

    Corner Clips Make Building Cabinets Easier Video Screenshot

    One of the most important factors when assembling cabinets is to make sure the case pieces are square to each other. And, assembling cabinets can be a challenge when you're working alone. Learn how the Rockler Clamp-It Corner Jig and Corner Clips make it easier to assemble perpendicular cabinet and box corners.

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  5. Adding Wood Carving Reliefs to Southwestern Style-Furniture

    Uncarved Southwestern entry bench

    If carving isn't for you or isn't in your repertoire, Southwestern-style projects like this entry bench still look great without the extra detail. We understand that carving is not something every woodworker would choose to do. It is, however, a traditional element in Southwestern furniture.

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  6. Bending Wood Part II - Bent Lamination

    laminated parts

    We started this wood bending series exploring simple and kerf bending. In this edition, we look at forming wood parts using thin laminates. As we all know, the thinner the part, the easier it will conform to a curve. Lamination is the process of bending many thin parts together and holding them in the desired shape until the glue between them dries. Once dry, the resulting part will pretty much hold its shape forever.

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  7. Bending Wood Part III - Steam Bending

    pieces of bent wood

    So far in this series we have looked at simple wood bending in thin stock or with kerf cuts, and forming bent wood parts through laminating thin strips together on a form. In this final installment, we will discuss steam bending wood. Steaming actually changes the cellular structure of wood to make it more pliable. As the wood cools and dries clamped to a form, it very quickly regains most of its original stiffness, but in the shape of the form.

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  8. Hand Cutting Dovetails with a Handsaw

    rockler dovetail jig

    The layout of dovetails involves cutting the tails (the pink wood on the left) and pins (the beige wood on the right), both cut to match the other. I like hand-cutting dovetails, and I’ve literally cut thousands of them. As a result, I try to execute them in a manner that hearkens back to the day when dovetails were all done by hand, and guys got paid to get them done fast and right.

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