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Micro Fine Honing Compound, 6 oz.

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Get a sharp, polished edge faster using Micro Fine Honing Compound! Apply to your leather, felt or cloth buffing wheel before honing a blade for an incredibly sharp, polished edge in no time. Ideal for honing a variety of knives or the blades of woodworking tools to a micro fine razor-sharp cutting edge. The micro fine particles in this compound will not damage the tool or change the bevel with normal use.


  • Apply to your leather, felt, or cloth buffing wheel
  • Sharpens and polishes blades with little effort
  • Won't damage your tool or change the bevel with normal use
  • Used extensively for buffing tools, die parts, plug gage punches, and to remove "metal fuzz" following grinding operations
  • Won't disturb the essential dimensions of the work piece
  • Made with green chromium oxide powder

(1) 6-Oz. Micro Fine Honing Compound Bar

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Manufacturer Part Number 6 Oz - 12668
Weight 0.400000