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Micro Jig Microdial Tapering Jig

Cuts clean, crisp tapers with precise repeatability.
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With Micro Jig's precision tapering jig, you can cut clean, crisp tapers with precise repeatability in increments as fine as 1/8 of a degree. Cut 2-, 4-, even 8-sided tapered legs as well as tapers for table tops and cabinet parts with a single jig! The Microdial adjustment system features index holes to ensure a positive angle stop before you lock in your setting with the knobs. In addition, the tapering jig features the Memorylock system, which maintains two independent angle stops, and lets you easily toggle between the two. Two separate scales let you set the jig either by degrees or by rise and run, and of course, you can also bypass the index holes, and set the jig by lining up your layout marks. The tapering jig is designed to interface seamlessly with the optional Grr-Ripper GR100Y and GR-200 (#62689, #30737 sold separately) for the ultimate in safety and versatility.


  • Ideal for use with your table saw, but can also be used with a router table for routing tapered profiles such as flutes and bevels
  • Jointing function lets you use the tapering jig to put a perfectly straight edge on rough-sawn boards
  • Patent pending Microdial Colormatch System lets you to set incremental tapers in increments of 1/8 of a degree
  • Two separate scales for setting your angle: by rise and run or by degrees
  • Rise and run scale is accurate to within 1/16" per foot
  • Degree scale is accurate to within 1/8°
  • If you want to set the taper jig the traditional way by lining up your scribe marks with the miter slot, you can easily override the incremental system
  • Memorylock system "remembers" up to two settings so you can switch easily without having to use the scale - great for common settings that you use often

(1) Micro Jig Microdial Tapering Jig
(1) Instruction Manual
(1) Complete Instructional DVD
(1) Bonus Project Plan

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Brand Micro Jig
Manufacturer Part Number TJ-5000
Weight 4.000000
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