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Mixol Universal Tint Kit, Colors #1-12

These highly concentrated tints mix with almost anything—topcoats, stains, putty, filler and more—to provide vivid color for your projects.

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Mixol® is a universal colorant that mixes quickly into water-based, oil-based, or solvent-based stains, finishes, putty, filler, and even gel stains, gel polyurethanes and French polish. It is sold as a concentrated liquid—just a drop goes a long way. Use it to dye wood and many other materials. Thanks to its finely ground pigment base, it can be used to create or intensify nearly any hue or tint. Unlike other types of colorants, it contains no binder, just pure color in a universal solvent. That means that it will mix with almost anything, and that it has an extraordinarily long shelf life and high resistance to heat or frost damage.


  • Includes 12 distinct colors (#1 through #12), three of which are oxide-based (#3, #4 and #5) for colorfastness, fade-resistance and weatherproofing in exterior applications
  • Mixes with oil, water, solvents, lacquer, shellac, water-based coatings, oil-based varnishes and polyurethanes, putty, pore filler or wax to make paints, glazes, stains and toners
  • Dyes wood and many other materials
  • Cleans up quickly with just soap and water
  • Non-flammable and highly resistant to heat or frost damage
  • No binder means it won't dry out or thicken over time

Mixol Universal Tint Kit, Colors #1-12
(1) 20mL bottle of #1 Black
(1) 20mL bottle of #2 Umber
(1) 20mL bottle of #3 Oxide Brown
(1) 20mL bottle of #4 Oxide Red
(1) 20mL bottle of #5 Oxide Yellow
(1) 20mL bottle of #6 Maize Yellow
(1) 20mL bottle of #7 Canary Yellow
(1) 20mL bottle of #8 Green
(1) 20mL bottle of #9 Blue
(1) 20mL bottle of #10 Red
(1) 20mL bottle of #11 Violet
(1) 20mL bottle of #12 Fir Green

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number Mixol/01-12
Weight 1.250000
Tech Spec
  • Quantity per Bottle: 20 mL
  • Colors: Black, Umber, Oxide Brown, Oxide Red, Oxide Yellow, Maize Yellow, Canary Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Violet, Fir Green