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How to create a high gloss finish. Using rubbing compound, polishing compound, and a buffing machine to create a glossy finish. High gloss finishes are often used on electric guitars and pianos.

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Should You Use Dye Or Pigment Stain - Video Transcript

Speaker: The color of wood can be changed by using dye or pigment stains. Dye particles are tiny, very intense color. Pigment particles, larger. How do you choose between the two stains? Words of wisdom from finishing expert Michael Dresdner.

Michael Dresdner: I mixed two identical stains, one using pigment and one using dye, and I applied both to this maple board.

Speaker: Wow, look at that dye. It really makes the grain pop.

Michael: Right. Now, I took the same two stains and I applied them to this oak board. As you can see, the dye stain colored the oak more or less uniformly, but the pigment collected in the grains and enhanced them.

Michael: You always apply dye the same way. Flood it on liberally and wipe it all off immediately and completely. One word of warning, as dye dries, it changes color, but don't panic. Once the finish goes on, the original color returns. In other words, the wet color and the final color will be the same.

Speaker: You can also play around with combinations of pigment with dye, just to see how it will look. For this dramatic pop of grain, the maple combined with the dye make beautiful music together.