making perfect frame miters video screenshot

How to use a hand plane and a miter shooting board to make your corner miters fit perfectly. A miter shooting board, also known as a miter shoot, is simply a jig that guides your hand plane to cut perfect 45 degree miters. This is a great jig to help you make picture frames with nice tight corner miters.

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Make Perfect Frame Miters - Video Transcript

Speaker 1: We all know the difficulty in making four corners meet perfectly to form a perfect rectangle. In the past, when they cut this with back saws, it was even more difficult and we today enjoy some pretty snazzy equipment to cut perfect miters, but even the best of miter saws won't always cut them absolutely perfect. A miter shoot is a nice thing to have. We simply place the work in here and we bring it up until it's just touching the sole of the plane like that. I like to take a quick grip clamp in today's world, and just put it in here, and pin that stuff down like that and now, I'm not taking much off, just a little bit, squaring that right up. To do the other end, I simply move over here like this. I reverse the plane, and again, I bring that up until it just pushes the plane away just a smidge. Now, I take my quick grip clamp, clamp it down. There, we have a perfect rectangle because we have eight perfect 45 degree miters.