Uncarved Southwestern entry bench

If carving isn't for you or isn't in your repertoire, Southwestern-style projects like this entry bench still look great without the extra detail. We understand that carving is not something every woodworker would choose to do. It is, however, a traditional element in Southwestern furniture. Carving also is one of Frank Grant’s signature design motifs, so it just made sense to include it in his designs. But if carving is just not your cup of tea, don’t let that keep you from making fun and practical Southwestern-style projects. To prove the point, we asked Frank to make a second entry bench out of mesquite, identical to the first, but without the carving.

Carving a simple, marked-out relief Carving simple reliefs is well within the abilities of most woodworkers, marked out and cut with a sharp chisel. The beauty of the wood and the construction elements of the bench are sufficient to make this a beautiful project without the carving. Even so, simple relief carving is within reach of most woodworkers. If you try it out, it just may show up in your work on a regular basis.