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Here's how to clean paint brushes to keep them in the best condition. You'll get the best painting and finishing results by using a good quality brush. Keep your paint, stain, and top coat brushes like new by cleaning them correctly.

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How To Clean Paint Brushes - Video Transcript

Speaker 1: A high-quality brush will cost more so it's worth taking care of. Whether the brush is made of natural or artificial bristles, part of that care includes a thorough washing regimen after it's been used. Here's how finishing expert Michael Dresdner keeps his brushes shipshape.

Michael Dresdner: When it's time to clean the brush, unload it, quickly wash it in the mineral spirits, getting out as much of the varnish as you can. Squeeze out the excess and take it right to the sink for washing. Wet it and massage soap deep into the bristles. Rinse and repeat. Eventually, the soap will foam readily, which tells you the hair is clean. Rinse all the soap out thoroughly. Shake the excess water out and then spin the brush. The bristles should be damp, but not dripping. Now, set the hair by wrapping the bristles in brown bag paper. Feel for the ends of the bristles and fold the paper over about an inch past them and lay the brush down flat.

Speaker 1: The next day, it's dry and perfectly reshaped, ready for a brush with greatness.