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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. Avoiding Blotchiness When Spraying Maple?

    A non-uniform stain applied across a maple cabinet panel

    How do you avoid a patchy finish when spraying maple?

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  2. How to Get a Dye Stain off of a Finish?

    Wood from a sideboard with lightly marred finish

    Can you remove a stain caused by black dye?

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  3. How to Refinish an Heirloom Walnut Table?

    Antique walnut table with white markings on finish

    How do you remove a older milky finish without hurting the table underneath?

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  4. Finish for Barn Wood?

    three unfinished panels of old barnwood

    What is the best finish for reclaimed barn wood?

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  5. Filling Knotholes in a Tabletop

    Filling knothole with butterfly inlay

    What is the best way to fill knotholes in walnut lumber?

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  6. Preventing Paint Build Up

    Using soap and water to clean a paint brush

    How can you stop the build-up of dried paint on a paintbrush?

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  7. How Do You Color Wood Filler?

    Mixol dye bottles and color matching charts

    Can you use paint or dyes in wood filler?

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  8. Which Sander Pad Should You Choose?

    Bosch ros20vsc random orbit sander

    Which will be the better choice for general sanding — a softer or a harder pad?

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