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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. How to Repair Wood Dings, Dents, Flaws and Knots

    Tools for repairing dents and blemishes in wood

    How to get rid of these small problems, before they become big ones.

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  2. Applying Finishes to Softwoods

    Softwood pieces with two different staining techniques

    Splotching and grain reversal are the two big problems that arise when traditional oil-based stains are applied to softwoods. When done properly, softwoods can be stained evenly and beautifully.

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  3. A Short History of Guitar Finishes

    Guitar finish made from egg white, sugar, honey and gum arabic

    Borrowing liberally from both furniture and car coatings, guitar finishes run the gamut from edible to high-tech.

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  4. How to Use Glue with Pre-Finished Parts

    Adding glue to a project that has already been finished

    Coloring wood with dye rather than a typical pigment stain can be a great choice in certain finishing situations.

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  5. How To Apply A Painted Finish On Wood

    Brushing a coat of paint onto woodworking project

    Learn how to add a painted finish to your woodworking project.

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  6. How To Apply A Clear Natural Finish To Softwoods

    Learn how to apply a natural finish to softwoods like Pine, Cedar and Poplar.

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  7. How To Apply A Gel Stain On Closed Grained Hardwood

    Wiping a gel stain across a close grain hardwood project

    Learn how to add gel stain on a close grained hardwood.

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  8. How To Apply Stain to Highly Figured Hardwood

    Learn how to apply stain to highly figured hardwoods.

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