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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. Best Budget HVLP Spray Gun

    applying paint to cabinet door with hvlp spray gun

    One of the best ways to apply paint, stain, polyurethane and other finishes to woodworking or home improvement projects is with a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray finishing system. The Rockler HVLP Finishing Sprayer is ideal for DIYers and woodworkers looking for a smooth, professional-quality finish in very little time. It's great for applying varnishes, urethanes, stains, sealants, water-based lacquers, milk paints and latex paints.

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  2. The Basics of Applying Shellac

    Creating a mixture of shellac flakes and denatured alcohol

    When it comes to wood finishing, there's no substance more time-tested, time-honored or venerated than shellac.

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  3. Wood Stain in a Nutshell

    Wiping a warm brown stain on slats

    When most of us think of wood stain, we picture a can of premixed oil-based wood stain with a name like "Golden Oak" or "Vermont Maple".

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  4. Refinishing Cabinetry

    Wiping coat of clear finish over cabinet panel with brush

    Refinishing is time-honored method of updating cabinetry, and if your cabinets are in reasonably good repair, it can yield attractive results - along with a sense of personal satisfaction.

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  5. Smoothing Out Curved Parts

    Using a sanding drum to smooth the curve in a woodworking part

    There are two popular methods for using a template to smooth out the edges of curved parts: a flush-trim router bit, and a sanding drum equipped with a template guide. Both have their advantages.

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  6. How to Apply 6 Simple Wood Finishes

    applying finish to wood

    Learn how to apply wood finish. Creating a flawless finish can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Take the mystery out of wood finishing and avoid costly and frustrating mistakes with these simple wood finish recipes. Each recipe includes a video demonstration and a link to step-by-step instructions, and a list of wood finish product recommendations that will help you create a perfect finish on your next woodworking project!

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  7. How to Fix Chips and Scratches in Tabletops?

    Chip taken out of finished wood panel

    Nothing catches the eye like a big old scratch or chip right in the middle of an otherwise beautifully finished wood surface – except, possibly, a failed repair attempt.

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  8. How to Sharpen a Cabinet Scraper

    cabinet scraper smoothing a board

    Our 3-in-1 Cabinet Scraper Sharpening Tool is the only tool on the market to combine a file, 2500-grit diamond hone and hardened steel burnishing rod into one tool to cover the entire process of sharpening a card scraper. It simplifies the multi-step process of restoring a sharp edge to card scrapers and cabinet scrapers. Thanks to the angle guides on the sides, it promises a uniform burr for incredibly thin shavings. The parts of the sharpener are numbered with the sequential steps needed for a sharp edge: file, hone, draw the burr and turn the burr.

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