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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. Paste or Fine Furniture Wax?

    Spreading paste wax finish on a wood cutting board

    Is there a great difference between paste and fine furniture wax?

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  2. How to Finish Large Surfaces without Spraying?

    Using a foam roller to add clear finish to a cabinet panel

    What is the best way to hand-finish a large wood panel?

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  3. How to Remove White Rings

    White ring damage in a wood finish

    What do you need to know about using driftwood in woodworking?

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  4. Best Finish for Buttons and Pins

    Dipping small turned items in French polish

    What finish should you use on small items like buttons and pins?

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  5. How Many Coats of Stain Should I Apply?

    Applying a layer of stain on the side of a bureau

    Is stain enough of a finish or does it need a topcoat?

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  6. How Can I Prevent Stain Bleed-back?

    Using a brush to wipe on a dark minwax stain

    Why is my stain collecting in droplets?

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  7. Can I Recoat with Finish After Using Lemon Oil?

    Using cloth to wipe-on danish oil finish

    How should you refinish a project that is slowly losing its finish after years of cleaning?

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  8. Can I Prevent Stain from Blotching on Stained Shelves?

    Applying stain to a bookshelf

    Can you minimize blotching when staining a new set of shelves?

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