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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. What is the Ideal Benchtop Finish?

    Planing a board on a workbench finished with paste wax

    What finish can you apply to a butcher block workbench?

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  2. Are Glue Smears Really a Problem for Finishing?

    Dried glue filling the gaps around a dovetail joint

    If glue is smearing and filling in pores, how can you properly apply a stain?

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  3. How to Avoid or Repair Sanding Marks

    Using sandpaper to remove finish on a panel

    How do you deal with sanding marks like chatter when restoring antique furniture?

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  4. Filling Pin Knotholes?

    Small pin holes in lumber filled with wood filler

    What is the best product to use to fill tiny holes in wood?

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  5. Finding Substitutes for Naphtha

    Store shelf stocked with mineral spirits and paint thinners

    What is naphtha and how is it used in woodworking?

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  6. What's Up With Sanding Sealer?

    Can of general finishes enduro sanding sealer

    What is sanding sealer and when should it be used?

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  7. How to Get a Rich Amber Finish on Pine?

    Applying a shellac finish to a piece of pine

    How do you get a professional looking amber finish on pine furniture?

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  8. How Do You Match Old Wood?

    Laying out antique wood planks on a shop floor for color and grain matching

    How do you properly match old wood with new additions?

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