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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. Best Way to Hang Cabinet Doors?

    Using screwdriver to install european hinge on cabinet door

    Is there an easy way to hold and mount the door so you have the same 3/8" overlay all around?

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  2. Right Finish for Table Chargers?

    Wiping a mineral oil finish on a snowflake trivet project

    Is there a good, heat-resistant finish for small wood projects like coasters, trivets and table chargers?

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  3. Will a Sander Cause Snipe Like a Planer?

    A piece of lumber that has been freshly run through a stand-up planer

    Will using a different tool eliminate the chance of snipe while smoothing out a board?

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  4. Paste or Fine Furniture Wax?

    Spreading paste wax finish on a wood cutting board

    Is there a great difference between paste and fine furniture wax?

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  5. How to Finish Large Surfaces without Spraying?

    Using a foam roller to add clear finish to a cabinet panel

    What is the best way to hand-finish a large wood panel?

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  6. How to Remove White Rings

    White ring damage in a wood finish

    What do you need to know about using driftwood in woodworking?

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  7. Best Finish for Buttons and Pins

    Dipping small turned items in French polish

    What finish should you use on small items like buttons and pins?

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  8. How Many Coats of Stain Should I Apply?

    Applying a layer of stain on the side of a bureau

    Is stain enough of a finish or does it need a topcoat?

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