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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. Why Did Red Stain Turn Brown?

    An organ finished with oil-based red mahogany stain

    What is causing this red stain to fade to brown, and can it be restored?

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  2. Best Finish for a Cutting Board?

    Chris Marshall showing unfinished cutting board

    How do you preserve a cutting board for the long term?

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  3. General Finishes Dead Flat

    General Finshes dead flat topcoat can

    New water-based polyurethane topcoat adds protection to bare or painted wood without imparting color or altering sheen.

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  4. Creating a Super-Smooth Painted Surface?

    Finishing products for creating a smooth finish

    Our finishing expert and publisher agree that meticulous prep work is key to achieving “glassy smooth” with paint.

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  5. Creating an Enduring Finish

    Wiping food safe finish on a wooden serving bowl

    Picking the "right" finish for your most recent woodworking triumph may seem like a daunting task, given the confusing array of choices.

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  6. Are Old Cabinets Worth Refacing?

    Reinstalling shelf in upper chamber of storage cabinet

    Fresh veneer can give old cabinet carcasses in good repair a welcomed facelift.

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  7. How to Avoid Glue Smudges in Stain

    Prestaining wood slats before glue-up

    There are several ways to avoid having accidental glue smudges appear under a wood finish.

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  8. Making a Tack Cloth

    Creating a homemade tack cloth with tung oil and mineral spirits

    Here are some simple options for charging a cloth so it removes dust better. You might not really even need a "dedicated" tack cloth.

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