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Marblewood Pen Blanks, 5-Pack

Chocolate marbling against a golden backdrop provides stunning patterns that come alive as you turn.
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Marblewood features a contrasting palette of rich brown and creamy gold heartwood, interspersed with brown, black or purple streaks that weave throughout the grain. It has a fine texture and a wavy or ''webbed'' grain pattern that is delightful to watch as you turn. Texture is medium, and generally straight with open pores. Marblewood is dense and heavy, but with sharp tools, you will be rewarded with stunning figure that reveals itself in its full glory as you reach the final shape.

(5) Marblewood Pen Blanks
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number MBL001.5
Weight 0.600000
Tech Spec
  • Overall Dimensions: 3/4'' x 3/4'' x 5''
  • Material: Solid marblewood