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Ultimate Miter Saw Stand - Downloadable Plan

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Ultimate Miter Saw Stand - Downloadable Plan Ultimate Miter Saw Station - Project Overview and Plans
Ultimate Miter Saw Stand - Downloadable Plan

For all sorts of cross- and angle-cutting tasks, a miter saw is a woodworker's friend. But, to really maximize its potential, you need a good home base for your saw - and that's what this project delivers. The stand is a full 8 ft. long, in order to provide generous support tables on either side of the saw. They'll help you cut down long stock with ease. The support table fences are equipped with Kreg's aluminum track system and flip stop, for setting up precise cutoff lengths or carrying out repetitive cutting jobs.

You'll also notice that the saw is mounted on a center platform that slides back and forth and locks in place. It enables you to mount a backup board directly to the saw's metal fences for tearout free cutting, then align the saw flush with the project's fixed fences. When you need to tilt the machine for bevel cuts, just pull the platform forward of the fences and tip the saw as usual. No versatility lost here.

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(1) Downloadable Ultimate Miter Saw Stand Plan
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Good plans. I modified it to meet my needs and wants. Great for getting the idea on what you want to build
Changed it for my needs but it is a good starting point to make your own
Changed it for my needs but it is a good starting point to make your own
March 19, 2019
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Warning to Bosch Miter Saw Owners!
Loving this build so far. I actually started on the table before my new Bosch CM10GD 10” miter saw arrived and I didn’t even check to see if it would fit (my bad!). I now have the table built (minus some finishing, doors, scrap bins, and top rails) and have realized the saw (barely!) doesn’t fit.

If you’re planning on using the CM10GD, you have two options:
1. Edit the plans to give you about 1/2” more width in the middle section.
2. Cut out the lip on both sides of the miter saw base. Each lip is about 1/4” and comes off pretty easily with a jigsaw.

Regardless of what you do, you’ll also have to cut out a chunk from the back. I’m not worried about this as I’ll just cut out a rectangular chunk and then add some of the trim to make it look like it was part of the build.
User submitted image
Fit after cutting off the handle “lips” on the saw base.
January 23, 2019
Woodworking Experience:
I haven't built it yet. But it is the ideal plans for my shop.
January 9, 2019
4 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
More than sufficient
The plans are well laid out and well presented. The miter stand itself is fleshed out with added details that are not really necessary but nice to have _ storage boxes for cut offs for example. It's a good piece, and the plan is more than sufficient to get it built.
November 23, 2018
5 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great plans, well laid out easy to follow.
July 1, 2018
10 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great project
The project would have been great as drawn and designed, but what's the fun in that. I made a couple of small changes. Doors over all the shelf openings and pull out drawers on guides instead of bins. Also, I extended the back panel up about an inch to create a lip in the back so things wouldn't roll off.
I made a few adjustments to the overall design.  It would have been great as drawn.
Added lip to the back so things wouldn't roll off.
Doors on all the shelves
January 6, 2018
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
Going in I knew Iwas not going to be able to use the exact dimensions of the plan due to shop and equipment constraints. Iwas looking at plan after plan trying to incorporate elements of each into my final and succeeded in just confusing myself into "writers block". The fundamentals of this plan got me started and kept me from getting dangerously creative along the way other than a few alternate methods to cover my lack of assets such as a biscuit joiner. As a word of warning, the writer is not kidding when he says this plan is simple but BIG. It was more work than I anticipated and I didn't do it all. Nevertheless, I now have a solid addition to my shop that should outlast me. As a word of advice, because this is a substantial investment of time, don't chince on the material. Maple is a great idea for looks, durability and pride of ownership. It looks and works great in spite of the mistakes I made along the way. I do not regret getting this plan.
November 23, 2017
1 year ago
Miter Saw Stand from Rockler Plans (Revised)
Product recommended. Completed project needs to be modified from original Rockler plan for individual space and utilization objectives.
See Dust Hose Routing Detail
Completed Stand
June 1, 2017
over 2 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
Pattern for Miter Saw just what I wanted
I have been needing a miter saw stand for some time now. and this patter is just the ticket . can't wait to get started on it!
May 24, 2017
over 2 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
Beautiful mitre saw bench
I had a blast building this unit. Plans are crystal clear. My only suggestion would be to use drawer glides on the mitre saw platform. These plans call for the platform to slide back and forth on the wood panel beneath it. With the weight of the mitre saw it's much too heavy to move easily without glides. I use my saw much more frequently now. The Kreg t bar and stop are very useful for repetitive cuts.
April 22, 2017
over 2 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Why did you choose this?
Rockler Store
New shop
Armando E on Apr 16, 2019
This plan appears to be functional and affordable to build. Looking forward to the project.
Ken W on Apr 13, 2019
New shop
Armando E on Apr 16, 2019
I've been looking for a decent plan. This is the best I've seen after a long search
Brad G on Apr 16, 2019
This plan appears to be functional and affordable to build. Looking forward to the project.
Ken W on Apr 13, 2019
just what i needed
harvey l on Apr 11, 2019
I need one
Drew H on Apr 3, 2019
Exactly what I've been wanting for a miter saw stand. More functional than the store purchased stands.
Delbert H on Apr 1, 2019
Building one in my shop
David M on Mar 20, 2019
Meets my needs
Kil Hwa T on Mar 18, 2019
need for shop
Marty M on Mar 17, 2019
Best design I've seen and so many options to customize it to fit my shop and saw!
xd2rsha on Mar 15, 2019
Got a new saw, looks perfect for what I need.
Richard W on Mar 12, 2019
Because it looks like exactly what I need.
Christopher K on Mar 11, 2019
Trying to organize shop and not have to take down and put up each time I needed to use it.
James T on Mar 11, 2019
need a new miter saw stand
Joseph G on Mar 5, 2019
I can use it as a basis for building my own workstation
Darryl C on Mar 3, 2019
Size and function
Brian H on Mar 1, 2019
need to build one.
Jim C on Feb 24, 2019
Liked the planned space for shop vac under the saw
Kelly C on Feb 20, 2019
Because I'm just starting to set up my shop and I'm tired of working on 8 foot folding tables
Barbara R K on Feb 14, 2019
Wheels, vacuum, storage
J J on Feb 13, 2019
Looks like something that will perfect for my shop
Dale S on Feb 13, 2019
This looks like something that should work nicely with my saw.
Ben D on Feb 9, 2019
Great plan and need this in my shop!
Melinda S on Feb 8, 2019
I have limited amount of space so a mobile stand will be nice.
L E on Feb 5, 2019
For our shop
Wannetta M on Feb 5, 2019
Time to build one.
christopher j on Feb 4, 2019
Planning a new project and wanted a plan to begin with, and one I think I can modify slightly to meet my needs
Trevor W on Feb 4, 2019
Because its perfect for my shop.
Andrew B on Feb 3, 2019
I have looked at several plans for a good Miter Saw stand and this looks good for my limited space and give me much needed storage space.
J I on Jan 31, 2019
convenience - rockler does good work
JP M on Jan 27, 2019
I liked the adjustable saw section.
Joe H on Jan 25, 2019
Looks a good design.
Douglas v on Jan 18, 2019
I desperately need a miter saw table and this plan fits the bill!
GERARD F on Jan 10, 2019
Seems like a great way to consolidate space in our tiny shop!
Richard Z on Jan 7, 2019
I need a saw table. This looks perfect for my garage limited space
Arthur V on Jan 1, 2019
need a workable plan ,this seemed like it
RANDY H on Jan 1, 2019
My new shop could use this.
Herman & on Dec 31, 2018
It's just what I need for my miter saw
CAROL O on Dec 27, 2018
Will work for long length
Dan J on Dec 24, 2018
I'd like a starting point for building the saw stand. It looks well thought out. I red the reviews, the one star reviews did not discourage me.
William T on Dec 21, 2018
liked it and need a miter saw bench
Edward T on Dec 21, 2018
JOELLE B on Dec 21, 2018
To build a new and improve mitersaw station
Gabriel R on Dec 21, 2018
redesigning my garage
DONNIE T on Dec 20, 2018
It's is exactly what I've been wanting to build for a very long time.
Les R on Dec 19, 2018
Best looking miter saw station I've seen in a plan.
David P on Dec 15, 2018
i needed it
Donna T on Dec 13, 2018
Clean look and this will the first build in my garage workshop
Robby G on Dec 10, 2018
making life simpler
Ron S on Dec 9, 2018
Looks good
Christopher H on Dec 6, 2018
I've been looking for a decent plan. This is the best I've seen after a long search
Brad G on Apr 16, 2019
just what i needed
harvey l on Apr 11, 2019
How detailed are the plans? How many pages? Does it include a cut list and source links for the hardware?
John B on Dec 26, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The plan is fairly detailed but you will spend the most time determining the size of your sled to fit the miter saw you have. The dimensions listed in the cut sheet are dead on. This is a large project and will take some time. The face frame is the most difficult part, getting it to fit and then nailing it into place once you have screwed it together. When installing the face frame you want to make sure you have a reveal around the cabinet box for the hinges for the door. He has you order face frame hinges and with the 1 1/2 in face frame up against the 1 1/2 in plywood which will be undersized a bit you don't have much of a lip. I ended up drilling a small hole so the point on the
hinge back will fit on the back side of the face frame. I wish he would have devoted more time on installing the Kreg Trak and Cut and finishing the bench. My shop floor is concrete and a little slick so I put a castor with a lock in the middle along with the ones on the edges.
How much is the material for this?
A shopper on Jun 13, 2015
BEST ANSWER: If you have all the necessary router bits/Dado blades, I'd estimate approximately $350 for the lumber, $50 for the casters. I modified the plans a bit (no doors for the vacuum cabinet, no drawers, no hard-wired electrical connection, etc.) but if you follow plans to the letter you should spend about $600
depth of project? will a sliding compound miter saw fit?
Dan J on May 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: 24" depth. Yes this can be use for all type of miter saws.
What are the overall dimensions of the table?
Tyler on Oct 27, 2015
BEST ANSWER: approximately 96" x 26 x38
Height from floor to top of saw table??
Gene K on Apr 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It is approximately 40" high
Can anyone provide the info on the sliding/locking hinges that the top platform move on? I am curious how they work before committing to this design.
Michael W on Jul 16, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Michael, very simple design that works well. Slots cut into the table allow a couple of bolts with washers to pass through. Small knobs (Rockler sells these for very little) secure the platform in place or can be loosened to move platform and saw forward for cutting meters.
what size shop vac fits in the cabinet? Or, better yet, what are the interior dims of the center cabinet?
Robert G on Aug 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: the size of the center compartment is 23.5" deep x 24" high x 26" wide
If this is anything like "woodworker's journal" plans for the lumber rack I'm going to be mad I waisted another $7.95. Anyone else have the same experience with their downloadable plans?
Heather T on Oct 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I found the plans to be complete and error-free. I modified them a bit - didn't make the drawers for example - but for what I needed the plans were fine.
How many sheets of plywood does it need?
John E on Nov 9, 2018
Do the plans contain DXFs or just a pdf with dimensions?
Rneld on Mar 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: This is a reprinted magazine article
Will this plan accommodate a radial arm saw?
James G on Nov 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: As is, it may be a bit narrow (depth-wise) for that purpose. With that said i’m Sure with some modification you could adapt it as it is designed specifically to incorporate the table that’s part of a miter saw. For a RAS, you would want completely flat top without the recessed area for a miter saw.
I have a Bosch 12SD which is 26 1/2" wide. Looking at these plans, the top panel is 26 3/4 but it is dadoed into the sides. The moving section is 26". Am I wrong or do i need to bump that middle section out a inch at least and adjust the face frame and all accordingly. Does that make sense? Anyone use these plans with the Bosch saw?
Robert L on Apr 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It would be wise to do so. I have the same saw on this table and it is tight when making 45 degree cuts. I should have altered that section. Instead I had to pull the saw out another inch or two as to allow the handle enough room for the large angle cuts. Hope this helps. MDWSR
How can someone on a budget trim the cost of this bench? I like the design but was taken aback by the $300-$350 final cost. Thanks.
Karen M on Dec 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I dont know what to tell you but all in all I had more than $350 in mine. I figured it cost closer to $600.
How do you ensure your saw table (top) is flush with the top sides of this table? Do you measure the height of your saw foot to table face and account for that measurement when building the sled in the middle?
MrInternet on Feb 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: You're exactly right, as prescribed by the plans. I build a sled that is slightly under the height of my saw bed. I then attached a bolt and double-nut to the sled. My saw actually rests on the nut that sits just above the sled height. That way, if I need to adjust down the road I simply turn a nut a bit....and any of the four corners can be independently raised or lowered.
Will this accommodate a 12” saw? In the magazine there is no cutlist, does the downloadable plans come with one?
Bill T on Dec 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes it will accommodate most saws. The directions explain how to modify it for your individual saw. Yes it comes with a cut list.
Is there video of the assembly around? The only video I see is the overview.
Patrick R on Jun 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I bought the video a couple years ago for the plans to the miter saw movable stand. I didn't follow the plan exactly as drawn, put picked up several tips that enhanced my second miter saw I use in my shop. It was well worth the $7.95 and a time saver to get to a finished stand. Marc R.
Is the base of this station a torsion box, or just parallel ribs? I am worried about the bottom platform deflecting on an uneven floor.
event on Dec 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Just parallel ribs, but with the 3/4 ply base, perimeter ribs and 6 heavy duty casters, there is no real danger of bowing (unless you really load the storage with very heavy items) But if you just use it for scrap wood, (or in my case, tool and jig storage) the design is plenty beefy and holds up well.
Has anyone made this project for the Festool Kapex miter saw?
PrimeTime on Apr 5, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I haven't (that saw is a little out of my price range!) but the plans are easily customizable for any saw. I had to modify the plans a little for my Craftsman miter saw, but it's easy to do.
What tools/router bits will I need to build this?
Rebecca W on Jan 27, 2019
Does anyone know the depth of the dadoes for the side and divider panels(from material list #1). The plans show where they go and the width but not the depth?
Bill T on Dec 30, 2017
is Chris Marshal able to help me modify the plans to accommodate a router and possibly sanding table that can be interchangeable with the miter saw?
Walter on Mar 27, 2016