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Alumilite Clear Slow Casting Resin

The turner's choice for producing eye-catching turning blanks that take an amazing polish—slow cure provides a full 12 minutes of open time.

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Alumilite Clear Slow Casting Resin, 2 lb. Kit
Alumilite Clear Slow Casting Resin, 2 lb. Kit Item #64696
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$44.99 ea
Alumilite Clear Slow Casting Resin, 16 lb. Kit
Alumilite Clear Slow Casting Resin, 16 lb. Kit Item #65459
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You've gotten pretty good at making pens and knives, now it's time to try your hand at making the colorful, swirling blanks that make them stand out from the crowd. It's surprisingly easy with Alumilite's crystal clear casting resin. Alumilite Clear Slow has a long 12-minute open time and a 2- to 4-hour demold time at 75°F with a 100g of resin, making it convenient to use for even larger casting and turning projects. And with our wide selection of opaque and translucent dyes (e.g. #67408, sold separately), you can mix up a blank with your customer's favorite team colors, the colors of a flag, or colors to represent a special occasion or special cause. Once cured, the resin turns like butter and polishes to a high gloss.


  • Impact-resistant when fully cured
  • Convenient 1:1 mix ratio (by weight)
  • Thin viscosity for easy mixing
  • Easily dyed or pigmented
  • Can be turned, drilled, sanded, and polished to a high gloss
  • Minimal bubbles can be achieved by slowly mixing and pouring—pressure casting is recommended for bubble-free results
Note: The shelf life of Alumilite Clear and Water Clear is 3 months in an unopened container and we highly recommend using it within its shelf life to maintain optimum clarity and stability.

(1) Alumilite Clear Slow Casting Resin, Side A
(1) Alumilite Clear Slow Casting Resin, Side B

Note: Side B weighs more than side A, and will therefore have less material in the bottle.

More Information
Brand Alumilite
Tech Spec
  • Brand: Alumilite
  • Product: Alumilite Clear Slow
  • Color: Clear
  • Mix Ratio: 1:1 by weight
  • Pot Life: 12 minutes
  • Demold Time (75°F; 100 gram mass): 2-4 hours
  • Mixed Viscosity (cps): 400
  • Specific Gravity: 1.04
  • Shore Hardness (ASTM D2240): 80 D
  • Shrinkage (in./in.): .005
  • Tensile Strength (ASTM D638, psi): 3,120
  • Elongation (in./in.): 30-40%
  • Temperature Resistance: 140° F