Applying a shellac finish to a piece of pine

How do you get a professional looking amber finish on pine furniture?

I'm just about finished with my first knotty pine project and I want it have that rich amber look I've seen on many pine pieces. I'm considering mixing a couple of Watco oils - maybe Natural and Golden Oak.

Michael Dresdner: Most any oil or oil finish - including Watco - will bring out the depth and richness of wood. If you can mix up the color you like with Watco, by all means use it. Otherwise, you can either use boiled linseed oil with a bit of oil soluble dye in it, or dye the wood first with a water soluble dye and follow up with a good soak of boiled linseed oil to add depth and character.

Rob Johnstone: None of the above. It is amber shellac, the only finish I recommend for pine. You can put on a final coat of polyurethane or lacquer to create a more durable overall finish, but you can't beat amber shellac on pine. 'nuff said!