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How to create a high gloss finish. Using rubbing compound, polishing compound, and a buffing machine to create a glossy finish. High gloss finishes are often used on electric guitars and pianos.

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How To Polish A High Gloss Finish - Video Transcript

Speaker: The patience required for a high gloss finish is no joke. When you see it on high-end furniture or guitars, you appreciate the shine and the sheen. Now, the entire process begins with the sequence of sanding steps, from 600 through the grits to 1200 or finer. After that, you would apply rubbing compound either by hand or by machine, and then you would follow up with the finer polishing compound. Once you've got the service all nice and shiny, you can apply swirl mark remover.

Now, a quality high-gloss finish can be finicky and difficult to achieve. Any flaw in the film coat is easily spotted. If you apply it properly, you'll get the results you want. I like using an electric polisher for rubbing out high gloss finishes. You don't have to apply any pressure to this thing. Just let the orbital motion and the baby soft bonnet do their thing. If you do use an electric buffer for the polishing steps, don't set the face of the bonnet down on any surfaces. It can pick up grit. If that grit transfers to your next polishing step, you're going to feel like dirt. Eric Clapton eat your heart out.