How To Set Up A Hand Plane Video Screenshot

Hand planes can be tricky to set up. We show you how to assemble and adjust a hand plane to make smooth cuts. Learn how to set up a bench plane to make perfect cuts.

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How to Set Up a Hand Plane - Video Transcript

Speaker 1: Our first order of business is to reattach cap iron, which we do by simply bringing this up very close to the edge. For this plane, I'm going to have between a 64th and 32nd from the edge. How close you place that cap iron is largely dependent on the type of work you do. This plane is set up for fine work, for final smoothing, for a plane, for a rougher work or you want to take very heavy chips, you're going to move that back just a bit. We now carefully, with the cap iron on top, slip this into the mouth of the plane until it goes over this lever and we're going to center the regulator. We now drop the lever cap in place and we lock the lever like so.

Now I like to have a piece of scrap wood, poplar is great for this test, but you need a board to really adjust your plane correctly. What you do is you just kind of screw the blade back right here until it isn't cutting and then you screw it forward turning this lever clockwise until it just starts to cut. Now you can see that it's taking a chip a little bit to the left, so we're going to push the regulator in that direction, cocking the blade around to where the chip comes out of the center. One more time. A little bit to the left yet, we'll correct that.

It's working beautifully. We're reflecting light, so it's set up correctly.