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Cutting and Shaping Wood

  1. Cut Flat Plywood Edges Using a Router Table

    Making a flat edge cut on a piece of plywood

    Prepare flat, smooth edges on plywood—perfect for edge banding—with this simple offset fence.

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  2. Video: How to Use a Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

     Setting up a table saw jig to make cove cuts

    This jig includes everything you need for safe, easy cove cuts on your table saw in one easy-to-use package.

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  3. Rockler Innovation – Precision Miter Gauge

    Rockler's miter gauge set up on a table saw

    An error of only a fraction of a degree can amount to ugly gaps in your corners when building boxes and frames.

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  4. Eight Tips for Routing Cabinet Doors

    Cabinet doors shaped on a router

    A few simple pointers will help you achieve better results with your cabinet door projects.

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  5. Video: Routing Slots Through a Workpiece

    routing a slot with a straight router bit

    Learn how to cut a centered slot through a thick workpiece without needing an extra long router bit to extend through the entire workpiece.

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  6. Table Saw Dust Collection Tips

    wood sitting on top of a table saw

    If you're like most woodworkers, a table saw is the most often used tool in your shop. Getting adequate dust collection to it should be a primary concern. But not all table saws are set up to make dust collection easy. Open based contractor saws present a particular dust collection challenge. Two of our woodworking experts offer a few tips on the subject.

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  7. Wood Router Basics

    woodwork router

    Whether you use a router made long before you were born, like the 1950s Stanley or one of the technologically advanced models built today, either machine can perform a range of essential woodworking tasks that can’t be bested by any other power tool. If you’re a woodworking novice, I’ll go so far as to say it should rank near the top of your “short list” of tools to buy first, even ahead of a table saw — routers are that useful.

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  8. How To Cut The Four Basic Rabbet Casework Joints With A Table Saw

    man cutting rabbet joints on a tablesaw

    When building casework, cabinetry, drawers, shelving or other box joinery there are four basic rabbet joints you should learn. This post walks you through each of the four joints and shows you how easy they are to cut using your table saw.

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