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Cutting and Shaping Wood

  1. Table Saw Fundamentals

    man at table saw with jigs

    Table saws are the undisputed work horse of a woodworking shop. In this Rockler Demo, we will be discussing the fundamentals of this highly versatile tool. Around 97% of woodworkers own a table saw of some type. In fact, 25% of them own more than one. In this demonstration we'll cover the basic parts of a table saw, types of table saws, types of table saw blades and useful table saw jigs.

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  2. Festool TSC 55 K Features Kickback Stop Protection

    The Festool TSC 55 K Cordless Track Saw Kit is Festool's flagship cordless saw, now with Kickback Stop protection.

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  3. Best Table Saw Jigs

    table saw jigs

    The table saw is the centerpiece of many woodworking shops. This tool excels at ripping boards and cutting sheet stock to size. It is also very versatile when paired with the right jig. Rockler has designed several innovative table saw jigs that make it safer and easier to cut parts for your projects.

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  4. Rolling Clamp Rack Stores Your Clamps and More

    pack rack clamp cart

    Rolling clamps around your shop is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to uses for the Rockler® Pack Rack® Plus. With vast amounts of interior space and a few simple add-ons, it also accommodates a huge variety of tools and supplies. Best of all, it smoothly rolls wherever you need it most, keeping everything you need close at hand and neatly organized.

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  5. Cutting Circles on the Band Saw

    Circle cut with a small jig and a band saw

    How to make and use a simple shop-made jig for your band saw that will have you cutting perfect circles in no time.

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  6. Band Saw Blades: Five Fast Facts

    Coiled band saw blade

    There's more to the unsung band saw blade than might meet the eye. Here’s your quick study.

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  7. How Can I Set Accurate Bevel Tilt Angles?

    Using a bevel gauge to set a cutting angle

    Is there an easy way to accurate set a bevel angle?

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  8. How to Cut Plywood Squares Diagonally

    Making a diagonal cut using a crosscut sled

    How do you safely cut diagonals on the table saw?

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