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Cutting and Shaping Wood

  1. Choosing the Best Router Table for Your Shop


    If you’re in the shopping for a new router table, but you’re feeling lost in all the component options, Rockler’s new online Router Table Configurator can help! We’ll click our way through it, in this demo video.
    A router table is unlike most other machines in a woodshop because you can customize it just the way you want it. There are different kinds of tables, fence systems, choices for hanging the router itself, and base options. And those are just the major pieces! Then, there’s all the different accessory options to consider, too – which is a GOOD thing.
    Rockler’s new online Router Table Configurator makes the shopping process easier than ever.

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  2. Why Not Pull Through a Sliding Miter Saw Cut?

    Pushing a sliding miter saw cut through a board

    Is there a reason why people push a cut through a miter saw instead of pulling it?

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  3. Best Way to Cut Half Laps?

    Using a dado stack to cut half lap joinery

    What is the suggested method for cutting and joining half laps?

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  4. Best Way to Cut a Tearout-free Shelf Radius?

    Cutting edge on shelving with spiral cutting router bit

    What is the best way to avoid end grain tearing on shelving?

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  5. How to Cut Through Dovetails with the Leigh D4R Pro Router Jig

    leigh dovetail jig demo

    In this Rockler demo video you'll learn how to cut through dovetail joints using the Leigh D4R Pro 24" Dovetail Jig. Dovetail joints are one of the hallmarks of fine woodowrking craftsmanship. makes cutting both key and mortise fast and foolproof. The Starter Kit includes a unique, two-piece bushing. Install the sleeve to rout the mortise, then remove it to rout the bow tie key. Since the same template is used for both, you're guaranteed a perfect fit.

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  6. Patch or Replace a Centerboard?

    Rock damaged plywood sailboat centerboard

    Can you patch a damaged sailboat centerboard or should it be replaced?

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  7. Cutting Exotic Hardwoods?

    Laguna resaw king bandsaw blade

    What blades will cut extremely hard exotic hardwoods?

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  8. Ripping a 50-degree Bevel Angle?

    Finding angle for bevel cut with ruler and protractor

    How do you cut a bevel angle greater than 45 degrees?

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