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Cutting and Shaping Wood

  1. Cutting Circles on the Band Saw

    Circle cut with a small jig and a band saw

    How to make and use a simple shop-made jig for your band saw that will have you cutting perfect circles in no time.

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  2. Band Saw Blades: Five Fast Facts

    Coiled band saw blade

    There's more to the unsung band saw blade than might meet the eye. Here’s your quick study.

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  3. How Can I Set Accurate Bevel Tilt Angles?

    Using a bevel gauge to set a cutting angle

    Is there an easy way to accurate set a bevel angle?

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  4. How to Cut Plywood Squares Diagonally

    Making a diagonal cut using a crosscut sled

    How do you safely cut diagonals on the table saw?

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  5. Introduction to Steam Bending Wood

    steam bending kit with coat hook project

    In this Rockler demonstration you'll learn how to use the Rockler Steam Bending Kit to bend pieces of wood to form interesting pieces. The basic techniques you'll need to get started are demonstrated to make a set of coat hooks. You can find the plan for these coat hooks in the July/August 2021 issue of Woodworker's Journal Magazine.

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  6. Steam Oak Before Bending?

    Using a steam bending box to shape a piece of wood

    What is the best option for forming oak around a rounded plywood edge?

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  7. Does Ripping and Re-gluing Fix Cupping?

    Matching up parts of a large panel for regluing

    Do you need to rip cut larger panels to prevent warping down the line?

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  8. How to Square-Up Parts on a Table Saw

    Using crosscut sled to cut small case parts

    What is the best and most safe way to square up case parts on a table saw?

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