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Cutting and Shaping Wood

  1. Best Way to Sharpen Mortising Chisels?

    What is the preferred method for sharpening a mortising chisel?

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  2. Non-sanding Solution to Blade Burn?

    Burn mark on the edge of a piece of wood from a saw cut

    Other than sanding, is there any other way to remove burn marks caused by a table saw blade?

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  3. Small Parts Taper Cutting Jig

    small parts taper jig

    In this Rockler demo video you'll see how the Rockler's Small Parts Taper Jig lets you cut precise tapers on small parts, lending lightness to blocky legs on chairs, sofas and occasional tables. It's also great for whipping out a handful of shims or opposing wedges for workholding applications. Its compact form factor is easy to store, easy to carry and easy to operate, especially on smaller machinery. The miter bar can be located in three spots to fit a wide range of saws, and features nylon set screws to remove the slop. Our comfortable Easy-to-Grip handle makes for comfortable, smooth-sliding operation, while two specially-designed compact hold-down clamps ensure your work won't slip, and allow cutting of narrow parts.

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  4. What Causes Wandering Tenon Cuts?

    A board marked for a tenon cut next to a stacked dado set in a table saw

    What causes cuts to wander when you're using a cabinet saw with a dado set?

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  5. How to Prevent Drifting While Ripping

    Cutting a long and thick panel with a table saw

    How can you prevent table saw drift when cutting large pieces of stock?

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  6. Resawing with a Band Saw: Basic Hows and Whys

    Resawing a panel into two parts with a band saw

    How to set up your band saw to resaw boards into thin stock. Choose the best resaw blade and resaw fence.

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  7. Power Carving: Five Fast Facts

    Arbortech power carving tool with cutting head and turbo shaft accessories

    Shaping wood is at the heart of nearly any type of woodworking, but power carving takes that concept to a whole new level.

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  8. Making Tight Curve Cuts with Your Band Saw

    Drawer casing front and leaf design cut at a band saw

    Whether it's a tight curve or a closed opening, you can cut it on your band saw with a couple of easy tricks.

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