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Cutting and Shaping Wood

  1. Stopping Tearout on Veneered Plywood?

    How do you avoid tearout when cutting veneered plwood?

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  2. Rolling Clamp Rack Stores Your Clamps and More

    pack rack clamp storage cart

    Rolling clamps around your shop is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to uses for the Rockler® Pack Rack® Plus. With vast amounts of interior space and a few simple add-ons, it also accommodates a huge variety of tools and supplies. Best of all, it smoothly rolls wherever you need it most, keeping everything you need close at hand and neatly organized.

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  3. Making Signs with New Script Fonts and Emojis

    router template sign making examples

    Learn how to make custom signs with the Rockler Interlock Signmaker's Template Kits. The comic sans and state park kits have been favorites for several years. Now you can also create signs with our new Script Font Kit and Emoji Templates Kit.

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  4. How Do You Make Perfect Templates?

    Using a plywood template to route furniture parts

    Is there an easy way to make templates?

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  5. How to Make Custom Wood Signs

    router template sign making examples

    Making custom signs is a great way to be creative and build something that is unique. The Rockler Interlock Signmaker's Template Kits make it much easier to create signs that feature multiple font styles. You can choose our new Script Font, State Park Font, Comic Sans Font and new Emoji symbols.

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  6. Making Picture Frames with a Compact Router?

    Using router to cut interior groove on a picture frame

    Is a compact router a good choice for cutting picture frame joints?

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  7. Choosing the Best Router Circle Cutting Jig

    rockler circle cutting jigs

    The easiest and most accurate way to cut a circle might be by using a router and a circle cutting jig. The jig acts as a compass mounted on your router. You secure the center and then position the router so that the bit is located at the radius of the circle you want to cut. You can make a simple version out of plywood, but if you want the versatility to easily cut different size circles, then we recommend one of the Rockler circle cutting jigs. We make 5 jig kit options that look pretty similar, so which one do you choose?

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  8. How to Improve Parts Cutting

    Using a paper template to guide jigsaw cuts

    How can you improve your part cutting with a jigsaw?

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