Running lumber across compact sawstop saw

SawStop's 10" CTS delivers same industry-leading safety system in a portable, space-saving design.

According to our survey results, over 94 percent of woodworkers own a table saw. But the type, size and configuration of those saws varies significantly.

Storage drawer for sawstop compact saw accessories
An ingenious, removable storage unit mounts to the back of the CTS 10" saw. It securely holds numerous components for the saw, which will be quite convenient when transporting the machine to a jobsite.

Whether it be full-sized cabinet saws, hybrid saws, contractor's saws or jobsite saws, woodworkers have a wide range of options that allow them to consider all sorts of details — price, room in the shop, woodworking tasks ... the list goes on. Adding to that list is saw safety. After the introduction of SawStop's remarkable blade brake technology to the marketplace, their products have changed the game for injury prevention.

SawStop 10" CTS Compact Table Saw

Overview of sawstop compact saw control panel
The CTS sports a clean design with easy-to-reach controls.

Which leads us to preview the company's latest offering: the SawStop CTS 10" small footprint jobsite saw. It has their blade brake technology (the patented AIM system) as you would expect.

Flipping down rip fence extension on sawstop saw
This rip fence has a unique high-low feature. It's a flat component that rotates down into place keep thin stock from sliding underneath.

But this model also has plenty of standard accessories: a miter gauge, fully functioning riving knife, a very solid blade guard with spreader and a push stick mounted on the fence. The saw is sold without a stand, but a folding option is available for it.

Locking sawstop rip fence while not in use
It stows behind the fence body when not needed.

Its rack-and-pinion rip fence is easy to use and removable. Depth of cut is 3-1/8" at 0 degrees and 2-1/8" at 45 degrees. A 15-amp, 120-volt power plant spins the saw blade at 4,000 rpm.

View of blade mounting area and brake system in sawstop cts saw
The Compact Table Saw's safety features include SawStop's AIM blade brake system, removable blade guard with anti-kickback pawls and spreader and a fully functional riving knife.

The saw does not accept a dado set, but it uses full-size 10" saw blades, either thin kerf or full thickness. And it is truly portable, thanks to a tubular steel frame with rubber feet, for lightweight but durable and stable cutting. At 68 lbs, even an old pro can pick this machine up to move it around.

Comparison of the sawstop cts and jobsite saws
When placed side by side with SawStop's Jobsite Pro (right in photo), the new CTS is clearly a smaller machine overall. Its folding stand is sold separately.

Additionally, the saw has a helpful storage unit mounted to the back that’s easy to remove. It holds a variety of components — riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, blade guard, spreader, etc. — as well as an extra brake cartridge (sold separately). SawStop's CTS 10" table saw currently retails for $899.