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  1. Why Choose Sure-Foot Clamps?

    Clamping frame and panel door with sure-foot pipe clamps

    A clamp's a clamp's a clamp: No reason to go out of your way for a "special kind" of pipe clamp, like Rockler's Sure-Foot Pipe Clamps, right? Not quite.

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  2. Fractional Calipers - Accuracy in a Familiar Form

    Using a digital caliper to measure turning thickness

    The more precise your woodworking becomes, the more precise your measuring tools need to be. And if you stick with woodworking long enough, in all likelyhood a time will come when you hear yourself say, "By gum, I need a caliper!"

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  3. Video: Three Joinery Jigs

    Placing corner key doweling jig to drill joinery

    In this video, DIY Creators take a look at three Rockler jigs and how to get the most out of them in your workshop.

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  4. Rockler 4-Piece Digital Measuring Kit

    Rockler four piece digital measuring kit with storage case

    This four piece digital measuring kit from Rockler offers numeric convenience and precision.

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  5. Plane and Simple Woodworking: Close Shaves

    Spokeshave laying on a piece of lumber

    Spokeshaves are small plane blades and handles that are perfect for cutting round and curved shapes into your roughed-out workpieces.

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  6. Why Woodworkers Love Festool Kapex Miter Saw

    festool kapex miter saw

    Miter saws or cutoff saw as some call them, are standard issue in most woodworking workshops. They are ultra-handy for many reasons, but not every miter saw is created equal. In this Rockler demo we take a closer look at the Festool Kapex Miter Saw. Many consider this the Cadillac of miter saws. Precision is the watchword of Festool products, and the Kapex miter saw represents that well.

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  7. Plane and Simple Woodworking - Block Planes

    Drawing of a block plane in use

    Block planes might seem like an antique from a different era of woodworking, but hand planes have a place in almost any modern shop for multiple tasks.

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  8. Plane and Simple Woodworking - Jack Planes

    Smoothing lumber edges with a jack plane

    Hand planes are designated by number, the higher the number, the longer the sole of the plane. Jack planes are typically #4 or #5, and are excellent general use planes.

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