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Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig

Make strong, tight-fitting box joints on your router table—great for small- to medium-sized boxes!
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Box joints are strong and attractive, and with the help of our Router Table Box Joint Jig, they're also straightforward to make. This jig uses precision-machined solid brass indexing keys to ensure uniform finger spacing and an airtight fit. Keys are included for three finger widths: 1/4'', 3/8'' and 1/2'', and can be used with stock up to 3/4'' thick. The smooth-sliding sled features long ''skis'' that keep it square to the bit and tabs on the bottom that stop the sled at the end of the cut. Lock it into the miter slot of your table with our comfortable Easy-to-Grip knobs and you're ready to rout.


  • Solid brass indexing keys ensure uniform spacing and tight finger joints
  • Indexing keys store neatly in slots behind the sled
  • Comfortable ergonomic knobs lock platform into 3/4'' miter slot
  • Sled is made of durable glass-filled nylon, slides smoothly and provides ample support
  • Sacrificial MDF fence face helps control tearout
  • Dimensionally stable MDF platform has low-friction melamine coating for easy sliding and durability
Notice: Requires a straight router bit (sold separately) to match the size of the indexing key. Up-cut spiral bits deliver the cleanest cuts and help prevent blowout.
(1) Melamine-coated MDF platform
(2) Soft-grip knobs with miter track hardware
(1) Glass-filled nylon sled
(1) Sacrificial fence face
(1) 1/4'' brass indexing key
(1) 3/8'' brass indexing key
(1) 1/2'' brass indexing key
(1) Set of Instructions
More Information
Brand Rockler
Weight 3.7000
Tech Spec
  • Platform Dimensions: 10-3/4'' x 11-1/2'' x 1/2'' thick
  • Platform Material: MDF with melamine coating
  • Sled Material: Glass-filled nylon
  • Compatible Miter Slot: 3/8'' x 3/4''
  • Finger Joint Widths: 1/4'', 3/8'', 1/2''
  • Maximum Stock Thickness: 3/4''
  • Router Table Compatibility: Near edge of router table's miter track must be between 4-1/2'' and 6-1/4'' from the center of the router bit
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The set up was quick and the work much quicker. I wish that the kit included 3 back boards for the three bit guide sizes included.
February 24, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
I made box joint jig for my table saw. I'm really into my router table so this is working great!
February 12, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
makes perfect boxes
February 3, 2020
1 month ago
Great jig
Works exactly as described. Small and convenient to store if you have limited space.
February 1, 2020
10 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Grat jig, easy to use.
January 28, 2020
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig
Great product just what wanted!
January 9, 2020
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Box joint jig.
I have been wanting an easy way to make box joints and this tool By Rockler has filled that void. I am spending more time playing with this when I should be doing something else.
January 7, 2020
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Very Good Box Joint Jig
I purchased this, rather than make my own, mainly because of the three brass keys (1/4, 3/8, 1/2 inch) that come with it. It is very easy to put together and set up. I highly recommend using a solid carbide spiral bit with this. It goes through wood like butter, and makes a very clean cut. Once set up cutting the box joints couldn't be easier. I used scrap wood to set up how tight I wanted the joints, and once I got it where I wanted it I marked the piece of scrap I used and will use that to help me align it the next time. I'm looking forward to using this a lot!
First attempt at making box joints
You can see the handy storage for the keys
I highly recommend a solid carbide spiral router bit.
January 6, 2020
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Easy to use and setup
This was very easy to use and setup and make tiny adjustments. The boxes I've made are holding together quite nicely without much glue (or any glue at all).
January 5, 2020
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
So much easier making boxes
December 26, 2019
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Why did you choose this?
Rockler Store
Have built (2) of this type of jig. Have never been completely satisfied with the results I got from them, so I decided to try yours. Hopefully, it will produce the kind of results I have been looking for. The gift card will enable me to acquire the spiral bit I will need to go with this jig on a later order.
Robert S on Feb 26, 2020
STEVEN D on Jan 26, 2020
Have built (2) of this type of jig. Have never been completely satisfied with the results I got from them, so I decided to try yours. Hopefully, it will produce the kind of results I have been looking for. The gift card will enable me to acquire the spiral bit I will need to go with this jig on a later order.
Robert S on Feb 26, 2020
Have considered making one, figured this may be simpler<br />Significant #of "+" reviews<br />Want to use box joints on his years Christmas presents for grandbabies<br />$20 gift card was clincher,
Grampy on Feb 23, 2020
STEVEN D on Jan 26, 2020
L R on Jan 24, 2020
simpler and faster than the customary metal machines jigs that require clamping, measurements, repositioning and using a router. A router table is more stable and safer.
Neil O on Jan 24, 2020
compatibility with Bench Dog cast iron router table
O B on Jan 23, 2020
Douglas W on Jan 21, 2020
To make small jewelry boxes
Larry K on Jan 20, 2020
I have some boxes to make
kerry s on Jan 13, 2020
Use to make my own but used a friends jig and liked the quicker setup ..
Randy S on Jan 4, 2020
Build some drawers for a project in our shop and this jig will make it much faster ansd better joints>
Christian H on Dec 24, 2019
It will be easier than making my own jig for the router. I now use dado blades in my saw, but it is a hassle to keep changing baldes.
Larry S on Dec 21, 2019
Clean simple box/finger joints
Jonathan S on Dec 13, 2019
My daughter, who is a carpenter, had this on her wish list.
Colleen H on Dec 12, 2019
I wasn't confident that I could make my own jig so I decided to stick with the experts!
Brian S on Dec 11, 2019
My son requested for Christmas!
Stephanie W on Dec 11, 2019
it was on a Christmas list for son-in-law
Doug K on Dec 10, 2019
I want to expand my skills
Stephen on Dec 7, 2019
Excited to make box joints, but I don’t have a table saw, so this should do the trick!
Chris P on Dec 2, 2019
Looks like a good, economical way to make finger joints
William S on Nov 30, 2019
It looked like just what I need.
Juan M on Nov 29, 2019
I wanted an efficient and a more unique way of making wooden boxes. This is my first time ordering from Rockler and I have spent many hour's drooling over the catalog's and I am super duper excited!
Jill S on Nov 29, 2019
Always wanted one
Peter Q on Nov 19, 2019
It looks like the tool to use to make box joints.
Martin R on Nov 4, 2019
make box joints on router table
Dennis C on Nov 3, 2019
Fits my Rockler Router table and will make my box making project fly.
JEWELL G on Nov 2, 2019
Looking for a ready made jig for box making, and I've bought other similar Rockler products and I find the quality is very high
Joseph S on Oct 27, 2019
I need it for a project
Bill on Oct 23, 2019
#1 I need to make a few different projects that box joints would look great on. <br />#2 I wanted a more accurate jig that makes tighter joints than my homemade one.<br />#3 Rockler has always come through for me with great quality tools, accessories, and supplies.
Todd K on Oct 19, 2019
Looks straight forward and relatively easy to use.
GARY D on Oct 16, 2019
it looks easy to use
Bobbie C on Oct 12, 2019
Ease of use.
William H on Oct 7, 2019
Makes my work time shorter and hopefully better product
Michael F on Sep 23, 2019
convenience and accuracy. I am intermediate skill in woodworking.
Howard R on Sep 19, 2019
Hopefully easy installation of box joints
Frank J on Sep 18, 2019
Hopefully I will have improved accuracy over my home built jig, and box joints won’t be such a frustrating, time consuming deal.
T D on Sep 17, 2019
Rockler quality.
Steve C on Sep 17, 2019
It looks like a tool I need in my toolbox
ERIC P on Sep 16, 2019
I'd like the drawer boxes in my kitchen remodel to look fantastic.
Andrew B on Sep 16, 2019
Need for future projects and need it and want it.
Tony S on Sep 14, 2019
Needed for future project. Liked the size.
DUANE H on Sep 12, 2019
I need it!
Dennis K on Sep 6, 2019
Ease and accuracy for creating solid box joints!
Pete L on Aug 28, 2019
Looks like it will make box joints easier
Dudley4166 on Aug 21, 2019
I picked these items because they were on my husbands Christmas wish list.
Myrna C on Aug 21, 2019
Matthew MacRoberts A on Aug 11, 2019
I've been wanting this jig for a long time. Read all the reviews on line and I am happy to have it in my workshop.
John M on Aug 7, 2019
I like the looks of box joints and this jig appears to give a great fit and easy way to do them.
Darryl D on Aug 4, 2019
Looks simple and effective
MAry LAker L on Aug 4, 2019
Setting up new router table.<br />L
John S on Jul 31, 2019
Have considered making one, figured this may be simpler<br />Significant #of "+" reviews<br />Want to use box joints on his years Christmas presents for grandbabies<br />$20 gift card was clincher,
Grampy on Feb 23, 2020
L R on Jan 24, 2020
How do you make the first cut?
Ivan on Apr 30, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You first need to make your three spacers 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch for the setup between the brass bar and the router bit. first slide piece against bar and cut. next put the spacer you made against tthe brass bar, and the next piece against the spacer and then the rest is just cut .
Write-up says for "3/4 inch miter slot". Does it mean 3/8?
ChetP on Apr 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: 3/4" Wide, 3/8" Deep miter slot.
Will this work on a kreg Precision Benchtop Router Table, prs2100?
Lynn V on Apr 24, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes thats what I use.
Will it fit on a Bosch RA1181 router table?
Bill Carmichael on May 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: sure will
This jig fits nicely in the slot on my Bosch router table but tightening the five star knobs only stops the guides from moving on the jig. It does nothing to stop the jig from going side to side in the table slot. Is there some other piece or part I need to stop the guides from moving in the table slot?
BamaTony on May 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Add some tape the slot. It will tighten it up.
Does this fit a DELTA 43-505 Router/Shaper?
dennis on Aug 26, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Sorry I have no idea if it will work, I use it on a Kreg router table
What is the largest size box you can make with this jig?
S N on Jun 15, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Actually you are limited to the overhead room in your shop, provided you make each cut with the piece tightley against the brass guide. I have done a 2 ' x 4' box with my jig. I guess it also depends on how accurate your set up spacer is. Lots of luck!
Will this work on a Rockler Trim Router Table? Thank you!
Misha T on Dec 2, 2018
Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig
Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig
Rockler Trim Router Table
Rockler Trim Router Table
BEST ANSWER: The Box Joint Jig anchors to a 3/4" miter track, which the Trim Router Table does not have. You may want to consider the Rockler Convertible Benchtop Router Table.
Are the indexing Keys compatible with the old rockler box joint jig?on that model, the indexing is done with long bars that are a pain to store as to swap out. The keys look to be a smart enhancement, but I don't want to buy a whole new jig. And if they are, can I purchase the keys by themselves?
Douglas C on Jun 25, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately I have no experience with the older jig, so to be fair I cannot accurately answer your question.
Will this jig work on the Sawstop inline router table?
O T on Jul 14, 2018
Do you sell replacement sacrificial fences?
Patrick L on Jan 12, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Not to be a W/A, but if you can't make your own sacrificial fence, what are you doing messing with a router?
Minimal expertise required.
Keep fingers clear of router bit.
What is the best router bit to use with this box joint jig? A up cut or down cut spiral bit or a straight bit?
lester m on May 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Upcut Carbide bit. Steel bits will dull and overheat quickly.
I have a woodpecker large router table 27'' X 43'' top, from the center of the bit to the inside of the miter slot closet to the bit is 6.750''. It says it needs to be between 4.500 and 6.250'' will I need to do some type of modifcation to the jig to make it work? And if so is the jig large enough to be able to do so? I do not want to buy it to then find out nothing can be done and therefor have to go thrugh all the hassle of returning it THANKS.
Grizz on Nov 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: There is 7/8" extra base at the back end, you could extend the slots by 1/2" but that wouldn't leave much for the adjuster nut to clamp down on. The base is 3/8" (I think) HDF so you could make a longer one using the hole patterns from the original.
Will this jig work with my Bench Dog router table?
Dennis S on May 4, 2018
Will this jig fit on all router tables?
Larry H on Jun 30, 2018
BEST ANSWER: This jig should work with most router tables that have a 3/4 inch track. Easy to set-up work and the brass fingers are accurate. Rich M
Is tear out a problem with this jig?
Stephen L on Mar 17, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I've used it on Hard Maple, Walnut, Red Oak without a great deal of difficulty. Make sure to trial on scrap wood and make sure adjustments are TIGHT (for repeatability). Take it slow and easy. I like the way it uses TWO miter slots feeding into the router bit for stability. Results were better than I'd had using a similar jig (one miter slot) on my table saw. I believe a worthwhile buy considering the quality of the parts. The board on the jig face can be replaced when and if needed.
Does this work only on Rockler tables? Can I use it on my Craftsman table?
Arne S on Jun 15, 2018
BEST ANSWER: This works fine on my Kreg table. As long as the table has a standard mitre slot and the slot is no more than 7 inches from your router opening or the position of the router bit when it is above the table.
Will this work with a WoodCraft table?
Don D on Jun 25, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I'm not 100% sure of this but it should work on any router table with a groove for a miter gauge on the front edge. That's where the jig mount/secures to the table.

Good luck!
Will this work with a dewalt compact router?
BIGGUY19 on Feb 18, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I don't see any reason why it wont. If the router is mounted to the table correctly. If the router bit comes thru
the table. It's workability is a function of the table you have.
can this be used in the portable router table?
ryan a on Nov 29, 2019
BEST ANSWER: In my opinion the answer would be "no", although every woodworker's skills vary. I used it with a 1/2" bit and it took all of my attention working with walnut … and my table is part of a larger configuration that also contains my table saw (i.e. well secured and very solid). I wouldn't want to worry about table movement when your hands are a few inches away from a bit going 15-17,000 rpm. Hope this helps.
Can the sacrificial fence be replaced with a taller one (6”) so longer cabinet sides can be secured while being cut?
Eric R on Aug 11, 2019
BEST ANSWER: In theory, yes. There is no reason a taller fence cannot be installed. However, keep in mind that this jig is really designed for small piece work. You are dealing with plastic runners which are not super stable for larger router cuts.
Will this fit a Bosch Router Table - RA1171?
Roberto P on Aug 19, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I have a Bosch RA1181 router table and the jig fits fine in it but make sure that it is properly tightened as specified in the installation instructions.
Will router and jig handle bamboo flooring?
David V on Jul 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Possibly, this jig is small, so if the pieces of flooring aren’t too long it should work. I find if the work pieces are over two feet long it’s difficult hold them in the jig to get accurate cuts.
Will this work on a Jessem router table?
Shawn on May 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: If the Jessem router table meets all the specs laid out in the literature it'll work
I have the JessEm Mast-R-Lift II Table (complete package). Can this jig be modified to work on my table? The near edge of the miter track is 6 3/4 inch from the center of the bit.
James M on Sep 17, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes you should be able to use this jig as mine is the exact same distance on my router table.
There is a little bit of play room & it works perfectly on mine. Hope this helps. Happy routing.
My router miter slot is 3-1/2" to center of router bit. Can this jig be used or modified to work with my table?
Tim K on Jul 2, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, but I had to modify the screw hold down slots on my Rockler jig in order to accomodate my Bosch router table. I added a one inch slot at 45% to the existing slot, so I could adjust it left or right.
Do you need more than one superficial backer board. As I read in the book it says to make 2 other backers so you have 3 backers of the 3 sizes of the pins, ?
William F on Jan 20, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, you need one for each pin size. First so that each will fit snugly around the guide pin you are using and second to avoid tear-out in your workpiece. I would also recommend a new backer when you change the depth of cut to avoid tearout at the top of the cut.
Would this work on my Bosch router table?
B J on Nov 19, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It should. It works fine on my Kreg table.
Where can I find a class to learn this?????
Sarge on Sep 23, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I'm not aware of any classes being offered but you could check with your local Rockler store for one-on-one set up and use instructions. They're usually very helpful.
what is the best router bit to use with this jig?
Paul B on Sep 23, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I use upcut spiral bits. They can be kinda spendy, but a clean cut is important.
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