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Rockler Universal Fence Clamps with Clamp-It® Square

Align it, clamp it and fasten it the easy way with our Universal Fence Clamps.
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You might think clamping a 90 degree joint couldn't get any easier with our patented Clamp-It® Assembly Square, but it just did. That's because we're including a pair of Universal Fence Clamps in this all-in-one package! The Clamp-It® Assembly Square replaces custom clamping jigs, acts as a third hand, and eliminates the need for long clamps. Used with the included Universal Fence Clamps, you can assemble any two pieces at 90 degrees, or even a cabinet one corner at a time.


  • Works with any joinery technique, from nails to hand cut dovetails
  • Ideal for every stage of construction, from assembling plywood cabinets to face frames and drawers
  • Clamp-It® is also perfect for framing decks, drawer assembly, and installing rails and balusters
  • Fence Clamps may also be used to secure a huge variety of shop-made auxiliary fences to your existing fences without having the clamp interfere with your work
    Eliminates the need for clunky wood screws and C-clamps or screwing into your expensive fence
  • Use the fence clamps singly as stop blocks, or in pairs for sacrificial fences, half-fences, resaw fences, and a variety of other fixtures
  • Works great for table saws, band saws, cutoff saws, router fences and more
  • Attach the Clamp-It® to a work surface using the Universal Fence Clamps, and it becomes a right angle fixture for bench assembly. Compact, lightweight clamps secure the Clamp-It® Square for tight 90 degree angle joints
  • Clamp-It® features a 3/8'' hole in each leg to accommodate the Universal Fence Clamp Fence Clamps
  • Plus, the Universal Fence Clamps can be used separately with all your shop-made auxiliary fences.
  • Clamp-It® Square's patented computer design is manufactured from high impact, rigid polycarbonate to ensure strength and accuracy
  • Clamp-It® Measures 8" X 8" X 1 - 1/2"
  • Fence Clamps are made of rigid aluminum body with steel threaded components
  • Fence Clamps: Range of travel 1/2"-5-3/4" (1/2" minimum assumes a 3/4" auxiliary fence; you can clamp to an even thinner primary fence if you use a thicker auxiliary fence)
  • Auxiliary fences may need a 3/8" hole drilled to accommodate the Fence Clamps

(2) Universal Fence Clamps
(1) Clamp-It® Square

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Brand Rockler
Weight 1.800000
Grip Style Screw

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