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Woodworking Projects

  1. How to Carve a Scandinavian Shrink Box

    Examples of different Scandinavian shrink boxes

    The basic wood carving techniques for making these Scandinavian-style shrink boxes, or “krympburkar,” date back to the days of the Vikings — but they’re just as fun for modern woodworkers.

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  2. Outdoor Cedar Planter Project

    Cedar planter project and exploded view drawing

    A good weekend project (easily done in a day), this planter will showcase an outdoor plant.

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  3. November 2020 Woodworker's Journal Free Plan: Scroll Saw Jewelry Box

    finished cherry jewelry box

    Jewelry boxes are often made with complex joinery to give them an air of sophistication and high style. But you can make a wonderful little heirloom without all the extra work, using just a scroll saw. Scroll saws often sit idle in many shops because we don’t stretch their potential. Here’s a fun way to put yours back into service and prove that it’s more versatile than you might think.

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  4. How to Make a Small Gift Box with a Bookmatched Top

    small walnut box

    In this Rockler demo you'll learn how to make a small box with mitered corners and a bookmatched top. You can build this project using just one 3/4' x 3-1/2' x 24" piece of stock. This is a perfect project for those scrap pieces laying around your shop that are too small for most projects, but too interesting to throw away. You can also use the same plan and techniques to build larger versions of this box. Resawing with a bandsaw is the key technique used to make this box. A drum sander makes cleaning up the cuts a breeze.

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  5. Five Tips for Making Mitered Picture Frames

    picture frame clamp

    In this Rockler demo you'll learn several tips that will help you make picture frames. We all know that there are a LOT of different styles and joint options for making picture frames. The most common feature mitered corners. And why not? They’re quicker to make than other options, they’re classic and of course, exceedingly functional. But notice that I didn’t say easy! That’s because as you probably already know, 45-degree miter joints like these can be tricky to cut, glue and clamp up accurately. And the wider the frame members are, the more challenging they can be. But, here are five things you can do to up your odds for success when making frames like these.

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  6. Making a Lazy Susan

    Polishing a lazy susan with an epoxy inlay

    A splash of inlay embellishes this useful table accessory.

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  7. Make a Weather Station Using CNC

    Weather station project cut using a CNC router

    A weather station is an old-school way of predicting your local weather.

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  8. Make a Mid-Century Modern Starburst Clock

    mid-century modern starburst clock project

    In this Rockler demo you'll learn how to make this wooden version of an iconic mid-century modern style wall clock. If you’ve got a band saw, router table and a tapering jig that works on either your table saw or band saw, this clock could be hanging on your living room wall and marking the hours after just a day or so of time in the shop.

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