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Woodworking Projects

  1. Project: Portable Tool Storage Cabinet

    Rolling tool storage system with open upper cabinet

    Moveable storage that keeps your tools organized and readily at hand.

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  2. Lift-Top Coffee Table Project Plan

    lift top coffee table

    My wife and I love watching movies and TV together on the couch. So it’s no surprise we get a lot of use out of our living room. But that also means we like eating our meals in front of the TV and do computer work on the couch as well. We decided a lift-top coffee table would be the perfect addition. Now we can eat in front of the TV by lifting the coffee table top to just the right height. No more sitting awkwardly on the floor and risk spilling drinks. The lifting tops also makes it more convenient to do work on the couch. This coffee table features two lifting tops, perfect for multiple members in the family, and a great fit for living rooms with sectionals.

    This project was designed and built by Alex from Bevelish Creations.

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  3. Rolling Clamp Rack Stores Your Clamps and More

    pack rack clamp storage cart

    Rolling clamps around your shop is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to uses for the Rockler® Pack Rack® Plus. With vast amounts of interior space and a few simple add-ons, it also accommodates a huge variety of tools and supplies. Best of all, it smoothly rolls wherever you need it most, keeping everything you need close at hand and neatly organized.

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  4. VIDEO: Jimmy DiResta Builds a Cherry Storage Cabinet

    attaching a drawer pull

    Jimmy DiResta designed and built this rolling storage cabinet that features open drawers and shelves. This video features the complete build process. Jimmy shares some great tips you can use when building your next cabinet project. The plan and materials list for this project are also included below.

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  5. Making Signs with New Script Fonts and Emojis

    router template sign making examples

    Learn how to make custom signs with the Rockler Interlock Signmaker's Template Kits. The comic sans and state park kits have been favorites for several years. Now you can also create signs with our new Script Font Kit and Emoji Templates Kit.

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  6. Getting Started in Pen Turning

    two wood pens

    Learn to turn a pen from start to finish. This is a fun and fast project for beginning and experienced woodturners. We offer hundreds of pen kits and wood or acrylic pen blanks that you can mix and match to create a nearly endless variety of pens. And, you don't need a shop full of woodworking tools to get started. All you need is a small lathe , a drill and a few turning tools .This is the perfect project to get started in woodturning and be creative.

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  7. Simple Serving Tray Plan - Get Started in Woodworking

    wiping finish on serving tray

    How do you get started with the hobby of woodworking? Of course, it would be impossible to fully explain how to get started in woodworking in just one short video … so in today's Rockler demo we will address a few of the most common concerns that folks raise when they are considering trying out woodworking.
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  8. How to Make Custom Wood Signs

    router template sign making examples

    Making custom signs is a great way to be creative and build something that is unique. The Rockler Interlock Signmaker's Template Kits make it much easier to create signs that feature multiple font styles. You can choose our new Script Font, State Park Font, Comic Sans Font and new Emoji symbols.

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