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Woodworking Projects

  1. July 2020 Free Woodworker's Journal Plan: Outdoor Storage Chest

    Finished outdoor storage box project

    Whatever deck or patio items you need to store this fall, here's a stylish and weather-resistant chest to keep them dry year-round.

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  2. Getting Started in Pen Turning

    two wood pens

    Learn to turn a pen from start to finish. This is a fun and fast project for beginning and experienced woodturners. We offer hundreds of pen kits and wood or acrylic pen blanks that you can mix and match to create a nearly endless variety of pens. And, you don't need a shop full of woodworking tools to get started. All you need is a small lathe , a drill and a few turning tools .This is the perfect project to get started in woodturning and be creative.

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  3. Project: Turning a Yarn Bowl

    Yarn bowl turned on Powermatic lathe

    Learn how to turn a yarn bowl and take a closer look at the Powermatic PM2014 1HP Lathe.

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  4. Acrylic Safety Screen Plan

    retail counter safety screen

    How to make a simple acrylic screen that is easy to attach to a counter, desk or tabletop, creating a barrier to help reduce the chance of spreading viruses. This screen will attach to countertops up to 5"-thick. This version will yield four screens from a 24"x30" piece of plywood, but the part dimensions can be modified to make different size screen to suit most applications.

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  5. Making Custom Knives

    Making a custom handle for a knife

    A folding pocketknife or fixed blade is handy to have around the house or in the field. I recently tried my hand at making my own knife from a kit.

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  6. 6 DIY Kitchen Updates


    In this Rockler demonstration, we share several projects that you can do yourself to update your kitchen. Most of us are spending a lot more time at home these days, why not take advantage of that time and tackle a few projects that will improve your kitchen? All of these projects can be completed in a day or two and only require a few tools and basic woodworking skills.

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  7. June 2020 Free Woodworker's Journal Plan: Portable Outdoor Chair

    Folding outdoor chair

    Whether you're sitting around a warm fire after a day in the boat, cooling your heels at camp after chasing upland game, or just leaning back and soaking up a couple of cold ones after you mow the lawn, it's nice to have a comfortable place to take a load off.

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  8. Make a Thin-Strip Cutting Jig

    Using a table saw jig to cut thin strips

    You can easily and safely rip small parts using this table saw sled.

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