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Woodworking Projects

  1. Peel-and-Stick Walnut Veneer Tips on Modern Desk Project

    walnut desk

    Many people are working from home right now. And some of them are getting fed up with using the dining room table as a workstation. This compact desk or some variation of it might just be the answer to that problem. In this demo video we'll show you the details of this project and discuss an interesting and easy technique for applying peel-and-stick veneer.

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  2. Cubby Cabinet Project Plan

    cubby cabinet project

    We designed this Cubby Cabinet using materials that are readily available on our web site. All materials and quantities are listed in the plan. You could substitute other materials that are cut to the same dimensions.

    The dadoes that capture the dividers in the shelves were cut using a portable router mounted to the Rockler Indexing Dado Jig. This jig makes it easy to cut dadoes that are equally spaced.

    We finished this project by applying a coat of Antique White Milk Paint over a dark wood stain. After the paint dried we sanded the edges and faces of the cabinet to create an antique finish.

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  3. How to Install a Wireless Phone Charger in Your Project

    wireless phone charger

    In this Rockler demo, we’ll show you how easy it is to install a Wireless Phone Charger in a woodworking project. When you install a wireless charger, all you have to do is set your phone down and it starts charging!

    For a concealed look, inset it into the bottom face of your desk, chair, counter or table. For an exposed look, you can install it in a through-hole and purchase one of the optional cover plates, available in black or white. With no exposed wires to fray or tangle, and no charging docks to clutter up your desk, you'll almost look forward to charging your phone.

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  4. The Wood Whisperer Kids Desk Plan

    wood whisperer Kids desk plan

    Marc Spagnuolo, from The Wood Whisperer , shows you how to make two versions: a basic model held together with glue and screws and a joinery version that makes use of half-laps and notches for a slicker aesthetic. Both versions are laid out in our free plans which you can download now

    These kids desks are made with just 1/4 sheet of 1/2" plywood and a single 2x4. Quick, easy, and inexpensive!

    If you'd like to build one, you can download the FREE plans here.

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  5. New Jig for Routing Equally Spaced Dadoes

    routing dadoes

    In this Rockler demo, we’ll show you another new and innovative router jig. The Rockler Indexing Dado Jig gives you the capability to cut multiple dadoes that are spaced equally apart without having to set up and move a straightedge with each cut. This speeds up your work and eliminates the potential for errors caused by misplacing the straightedge. You can adjust the spacing between the dados from 1/8'' to 6-9/16'' apart, depending on the diameter bit you use.
    We've also created a cubby cabinet plan that you can download for free.

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  6. 6 DIY Kitchen Updates


    In this Rockler demonstration, we share several projects that you can do yourself to update your kitchen. Most of us are spending a lot more time at home these days, why not take advantage of that time and tackle a few projects that will improve your kitchen? All of these projects can be completed in a day or two and only require a few tools and basic woodworking skills.

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  7. How to Make Segmented Bowl Woodturning Blanks

    segmented bowl turning blank

    In this Rockler demonstration you'll learn how to cut the segment pieces and glue them up to make a segmented bowl turning blank. The new Rockler Perfect Miter Setup Blocks make it easy to cut the precise angles needed to make the segmented frames. These setup blocks are precisely set to the different miter angles required to cut segmented pieces that make up 4 to 12 sided frames.

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  8. Phone Charging Dresser Valet Project Plan

    wireless phone charger

    This phone charging dresser valet is the perfect place to charge your phone and store your wallet and keys. Just set your phone over the hot spot and it starts charging. The Zens PuK charging hot spots use the universal Qi wireless charging standard, an induction technology that transmits an electric charge through up to 5mm of wood. The PuK charger can be installed under 5mm of wood for a concealed look. In this case, we left the charger exposed in a through-hole and attached the optional white cover plate. With no exposed wires to fray or tangle, and no charging docks to clutter up your desk, you'll almost look forward to charging your phone. Zens chargers are of the highest quality and performance meeting the needs of furniture/commercial grade use.

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