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Woodworking Projects

  1. Project: Glass Top Coffee Table

    Glass topped coffee table with purpleheart lattice

    This centerpiece glass table combines the best parts of standard craftsmanship with complex latticework and design to display all levels of your woodworking ability.

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  2. Project: Build a Wooden Toy Tugboat

    Large wooden tugboat toy

    Making this toy tugboat is surprisingly quick and simple, but it will make good use of your workshop skills.

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  3. Project: Shaker-Style Drop-Leaf Table

    Updated classic shaker-style drop-leaf dining table

    This drop-leaf table was designed based on a classic plan from Woodworker's Journal Magazine twenty years before, but modernized.

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  4. Herringbone Entry Table Project

    herringbone wood pattern entry table

    Herringbone pattern tables add a touch of sophisticated elegance to any space. Whether using a single species of wood or employing several, you can’t go wrong with this easy DIY table.

    The table is supported on a set of Rockler I-Semble A-Style Steel Legs with Adjustable Feet

    Project design and plan by Char Miller-King from The Wooden Maven.

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  5. Project: Queen Anne Highboy - Part One

    Period-style replica queen anne highboy

    This Queen Anne Highboy was built from solid walnut boards based on a plan from 1747 by Moses Bayley and Joshua Morss.

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  6. Project: Queen Anne Highboy - Part Two

    Completed antique replica queen anne highboy project

    Once you have the base of your Queen Anne Highboy assembled, it's time to make the casework and drawers to finish the project.

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  7. Project: Waney-edge Box

    Small gift box created with a waney edged board

    This Waney-Edged Box combines some classic box building techniques with an interesting, rustic looking waney wood top.

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  8. Project: Build a Toy Airplane

    Rob Johnstone displaying the parts for and completed toy airplane project

    This wooden toy airplane takes your shop's scrap lumber and turns it into a wonderful heirloom gift.

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