beanbag toss game lead photo

This beanbag toss game is a fun twist on the familiar backyard bag toss (aka cornhole) game. We built the game boards using a few DeWALT tools, including the DeWALT DWS520K Heavy-Duty 6-1/2 165mm TrackSaw Kit, a DeWALT 20V MAX* Cordless/Brushless Jigsaw and a DeWALT 20V MAX* XR Cordless/Brushless Compact Router.

The game is played with the two game boards you make and a couple of sets of 5" x 5" beanbags. The game is scored by the number of bags that fall on or in each hole. The top hole is worth 2 points. The middle hole is worth 1 point. And the bottom hole costs you 1 point.

dewalt track saw cutting plywood

You don't need a table saw to cut the plywood to size. In fact, a track saw, such as this DeWALT DWS520 Track Saw and Guide Track makes it safe and easy cut the MDF and plywood. This track saw system features a zero clearance cutting system with dual edge tracks that delivers precise, straight, splinter-free cuts in both directions.A piece of rigid foam insulation acts as a backer board, preventing damage to the work table.

lay out game using download pattern

A template makes it easy to create two identical game boards. Download the Bag Toss Game Layout Illustration to draw the game board design on a piece of MDF.

Download the Beanbag Toss Game Layout Drawing

cutting out bag toss template with a jig saw

Cut out the MDF template with a jig saw. Cut just inside the layout lines and then sand up to the line.

using router to cut around bag toss game template

Cut the 1/2"-thick plywood pieces for the game boards to size. Then position the MDF template on top of the 1/2" plywood. Use a Router to cut around the MDF template .

You can purchase small beanbags for your game at many toy and game retailers. We selected these Assorted Color Bean Bags for our game.