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  1. Rolling Clamp Rack Stores Your Clamps and More

    pack rack clamp cart

    Rolling clamps around your shop is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to uses for the Rockler® Pack Rack® Plus. With vast amounts of interior space and a few simple add-ons, it also accommodates a huge variety of tools and supplies. Best of all, it smoothly rolls wherever you need it most, keeping everything you need close at hand and neatly organized.

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  2. 2021 Last Minute Gifts for Woodworkers

    woodworking tools with a Christmas bow

    What are the best gifts for woodworkers? Here are five woodworking gift ideas that any woodworker will love. It's not too late to stop by your local Rockler store or order online. These are woodworking tools that just about any woodworker can use, no matter what type of projects they build or tools they already have in their workshop. If you want more gift ideas for woodworkers, check out our 2021 Gift Guide. Or, consider making one of the woodworking project gift ideas you'll find in our Handmade Gift Guide .

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  3. Making Furniture with Beadlock Floating Tenons

    beadlock jig and tenons

    In this week's Rockler demo, you'll learn how the new Beadlock Pro Jig makes it easy to create floating tenons when you're building furniture. The Beadlock system creates incredibly strong, totally concealed joints with only your hand drill. Just pop the included drilling guide into the jig in the ''A'' position to locate the initial holes, then slide it to the ''B'' position to drill the overlapping holes.

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  4. Making Coasters with New Epoxy Coaster Molds

    woman holding epoxy and wood coater molds

    These wood and epoxy coasters are a perfect DIY project to use up scraps of wood you have around your shop. It's also a great opportunity to make a project with epoxy without having to purchase gallons of it. We used Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy and Rockler Silicone Coaster Casting Molds . The skills you learn on this project can be applied to making larger epoxy projects, such as river tables and deep pour projects.

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  5. How to Make a Cribbage Board

    three cribbage boards

    Cribbage is a fun card game. It's easy to make a cribbage board with the Rockler Cribbage Board Drilling Templates . The acrylic cribbage templates let you drill hundreds of neat, precisely spaced holes in just minutes—making it easy to churn out cribbage boards for gifts or personal use. Just select the wood species of your choice and attach the templates.

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  6. Edge Guide for Portable Drilling Guide

    drilling a row of holes with Rockler portable drill guide

    The new Rockler Edge Guide combined with the Portable Drill Guide lets you drill multiple holes the same distance from the edge—great for dog holes, shelf pin holes and Shaker pegs. The Portable Drill Guide is a great tool to have if you don't have space for a full-size drill press or if you need to drill angled or repetitive holes when your drill press is either inaccessible or won't work for the application. The addition of this Edge Guide makes it even more versatile.

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  7. Top 10 Handmade Gift Project Plans For 2021

    variety of handmade wood gifts

    The best gifts are handmade. Here are 10 of our favorite projects to give as gifts. These 10 free woodworking plans include a wide range of projects. Most of them can be built by a beginning woodworker. You can find even more project ideas on our Handmade Gift Guide.

    You're sure to find a project that is perfect for just about anyone on your list!

    If you have a woodworker on your holiday gift giving list, check out our Woodworking Tools Gift Guide to find the top gifts for woodworkers in 2021.
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  8. Making a Two-Person Peg Game with CNC

    cnc router cutting peg game

    Cutting a lot of holes for a game board like this peg jumping game is a perfect job for a CNC machine. Rob Johnstone demonstrates how the NextWave SD110 makes easy work of this task. Then, he shows you how to complete the set by finishing several game pegs, including a practical use for your test board.

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