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  1. The Best SawStop for Your Workshop

    man standing with sawstop table saws

    SawStop Table Saws are well known for their innovative blade brake safety technology. This table saw safety solution is available in all of their table saws. The best saw for your shop depends on the types of woodworking projects you make and where you do your woodworking. This demo will walk you through the benefits of three of the bestselling SawStop Table Saws.

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  2. Most Popular Wood Clamps

    five woodworking clamps

    There are some tools that just about every woodworkers needs, and clamps are at the top of that list. This is a list of the top 10 most popular and useful woodworking clamps. The best clamps for your woodworking will depend on the projects you make, but these are the clamps that will be useful in most workshops. See how many of these you have in your shop and maybe there will be a few you didn’t know you needed.

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  3. FlexiPort Hoses Fit Your Portable Power Tools

    flexiport hose innovation lead

    What is the best wood dust collection hose for small power tools? Small benchtop tools and held power tools, such as sanders, circular saws, and track saws generate a lot of dust right where you least want it: directly under your nose. Unfortunately, the confusing array of non-standardized small dust ports on these power tools makes it hard to connect a dust hose—until now. The Rockler 3' to 12' Expandable FlexiPort Hose Kit and 12' Fixed Length FlexiPort Hose Kit feature tool port fittings that flex to fit on almost any tool and a 2-1/4'' hose port fitting that connects to most shop vacuums and dust separators. Plus, a redesigned quick connection system makes it faster and easier to connect and disconnect the hose to your tools.

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  4. How to Install Window and Door Trim with Rockler Trim Gauge

    using trim gauge to measure trim molding

    Learn how to measure, cut, and install window and door trim. The new Rockler Trim Gauge makes it easier to measure and cut window and door trim molding to the perfect lengths. Use the Trim Gauge to mark consistent and clear reveal lines on the jamb and casings. Integral rare-earth magnets and hook slots hold your tape firmly in the Trim Gauge while measuring. Attach the Trim Gauge to the window frame to hold the end of the tape and measure the length of short or long windows. Then use the gauge to transfer that measurement to the trim molding.

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  5. Upgrade Your FlexiPort Hose Kit with Click-Connect Fittings

    click-connect hose fitting attaching to sander

    The new Rockler Dust Right Click-Connect Upgrade Kit adds fast and easy click-in, click-out functionality to the past Rockler 3' to 12' Expandable FlexiPort Power Tool Hose Kit (no longer available).

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  6. Don't Miss These New Rockler Tools

    10 Rockler tools spread out on workbench

    Innovation is a core part of what make Rockler stand out. We develop and launch a lot of new and innovative tools every year. And, we do our best to keep you in the know on all the latest tools, but we understand that once in a while a new tool might get missed. Here are ten new and innovative Rockler tools from the past year that we don’t want you to miss.

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  7. 6 Must-Have Woodworking Router Jigs

    These six innovative router jigs make your router or router table even more versatile. These 6 jigs make it possible for your router to cut tight box joints, perfect circles, beautiful dovetail joints, and more! Even a beginning woodworker will be able to safely and quickly produce professional results with these 6 Rockler Router Jigs.

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  8. Last Minute Gifts for Woodworkers

    Rockler products on a workbench with a red bow

    Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite woodworker? We put together this list of ten of our favorite tools for woodworkers. It includes a wide range of tools that every woodworker can use - no matter how much experience they have. There is still plenty of time to stop by and shop your Rockler store or you can also order online.

    Place your order by 12/14/22 to receive your order by 12/25/22.

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