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  1. Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber Near Me

    man shopping for lumber

    Where are the best places to buy hardwood lumber? You obviously can't do woodworking without wood, but many new woodworkers aren't sure where to find quality hardwood lumber. Rockler has increase the variety and quantity of hardwood that is stocked at both the Rockler retail stores and online at In this Rockler demo, we'll give you a tour of a Rockler retail store lumber department, show you the lumber you can order online, and share some alternative hardwood lumber source options.

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  2. How to Apply 6 Simple Wood Finishes

    applying finish to wood

    Learn how to apply wood finish. Creating a flawless finish can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Take the mystery out of wood finishing and avoid costly and frustrating mistakes with these simple wood finish recipes. Each recipe includes a video demonstration and a link to step-by-step instructions, and a list of wood finish product recommendations that will help you create a perfect finish on your next woodworking project!

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  3. How to Sharpen a Cabinet Scraper

    cabinet scraper smoothing a board

    Our 3-in-1 Cabinet Scraper Sharpening Tool is the only tool on the market to combine a file, 2500-grit diamond hone and hardened steel burnishing rod into one tool to cover the entire process of sharpening a card scraper. It simplifies the multi-step process of restoring a sharp edge to card scrapers and cabinet scrapers. Thanks to the angle guides on the sides, it promises a uniform burr for incredibly thin shavings. The parts of the sharpener are numbered with the sequential steps needed for a sharp edge: file, hone, draw the burr and turn the burr.

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  4. Make DIY Furniture with I-Semble Legs

    i-semble table leg furniture

    The new I-Semble Steel Table Legs from Rockler make it easy to build custom furniture projects.

    The trickiest part of making tables is often making the base and legs. But you can skip that process all together by using one of these sets of I-Semble Steel Table Legs from Rockler. These welded steel legs make it easy to create a functional, stylish table—just add a top in the material of your choice. Choose from several heights to showcase a prized slab of lumber, or use the shorter legs to support a custom-made cabinet. The legs are sold in sets and arrive with a durable matte black finish. Whether you're an experienced woodworker or a beginner, these table legs let you tackle furniture projects with confidence.

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  5. Our Best Router Table Kit

    rockler cast iron router table

    Router tables can be one of the hardest-working power tool systems in a woodworking shop. Depending on the types of projects you build, you can choose a small portable router table or a full-size router table, and you can add so many accessories to customize your router table to suit your woodworking projects. In this Rockler demo we'll show you how Rockler’s product designers have rolled all of those quality features into our best router table package. The Cast Iron Router Table Master Kit with Cabinet and Pro Lift is the flagship of Rockler router tables!

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  6. Why Woodworkers Love Festool Kapex Miter Saw

    festool kapex miter saw

    Miter saws or cutoff saw as some call them, are standard issue in most woodworking workshops. They are ultra-handy for many reasons, but not every miter saw is created equal. In this Rockler demo we take a closer look at the Festool Kapex Miter Saw. Many consider this the Cadillac of miter saws. Precision is the watchword of Festool products, and the Kapex miter saw represents that well.

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  7. 5-Piece High-Speed Steel Turning Tool Set

    5 piece turning tool set

    The NEW Rockler Traditional High-Speed Steel Ergonomic 5-piece Turning Tool Set is perfect for beginning woodturners or experienced pros. With comfortably contoured ash handles encased in shock-absorbing rubber, you'll spend hours at the lathe without excessive fatigue in your hands. And since you can sharpen them yourself, you'll cut down on expenses too.

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  8. Fastest One-Handed Bar Clamps

    spring-loaded clamps on door molding and drill press

    The Rockler Spring-Loaded One-Handed Bar Clamp features a hidden spring mechanism that closes the jaws with a squeeze of the trigger, leaving your other hand free to position parts! Squeeze the clamp quickly for instant closing or lightly pull the trigger for a more precise and slower closing action.

    These clamps are great for woodworking, remodeling and projects all around your house!

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