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  1. Last Minute Gifts for Woodworkers

    Rockler products on a workbench with a red bow

    Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite woodworker? We put together this list of ten of our favorite tools for woodworkers. It includes a wide range of tools that every woodworker can use - no matter how much experience they have. There is still plenty of time to stop by and shop your Rockler store or you can also order online.

    Place your order by 12/14/22 to receive your order by 12/25/22.

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  2. Last Minute Gifts For Woodworkers

    woodworking tools with a Christmas bow

    What are the best gifts for woodworkers? Here are five woodworking gift ideas that any woodworker will love. It's not too late to stop by your local Rockler store or order online. These are woodworking tools that just about any woodworker can use, no matter what type of projects they build or tools they already have in their workshop. If you want more gift ideas for woodworkers, check out our Gift Guide for Woodworkers. Or, consider making one of the woodworking project gift ideas you'll find in our Handmade Gift Guide .

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  3. How to Use a Woodworking Branding Iron

    branding iron stamping a project

    Personalize your woodworking projects with a personalized branding iron. Choose from an electric or torch heated iron. Each version includes a custom head with text of your choice.

    Burning your brand message, logo, or signature into a piece of furniture is permanent, so make it perfect with the new Rockler Branding Iron Alignment Jig that ensures a straight, square brand, every time.

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  4. Perfect Router Motor for Your Router Table

    Triton 3.25hp

    The new Triton 3.25HP router motor features a classic design and the same diameter as the discontinued Porter Cable 7518. It's the perfect motor for router table lifts and offers no-frills power and performance, all day, every day. Triton’s heavy duty TFBR001MOTOR is a 3.25HP router motor that powers through the most demanding lift-mounted tasks, including raising panels, routing stiles and rails and applying larger roundovers and other edge profiles. Mount the motor in the Rockler Pro Lift (sold separately), for easy height adjustments and bit changes. Old school design promises rugged reliability.

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  5. Bag Toss Game Project Plan

    beanbag toss game lead photo

    This beanbag toss game is a fun twist on the familiar backyard bag toss (aka cornhole) game. We built the game boards using a few DeWALT tools, including the DeWALT DWS520K Heavy-Duty 6-1/2 165mm TrackSaw Kit, a DeWALT 20V MAX* Cordless/Brushless Jigsaw and a DeWALT 20V MAX* XR Cordless/Brushless Compact Router.

    The game is played with the two game boards you make and a couple of sets of 5" x 5" beanbags. The game is scored by the number of bags that fall on or in each hole. The top hole is worth 2 points. The middle hole is worth 1 point. And the bottom hole costs you 1 point.

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  6. How to Make a Wood or Acrylic Ring

    assortment of handmade rings

    Learn how to turn a ring. Ring turning is a project that offers a huge range of creative options. You can choose to turn a ring from almost any hardwood species or acrylic ring blank. You also have the choice of several styles of metal or ceramic ring cores. Turning rings does require more precision and attention to detail than some other types of woodturning projects, but it is not difficult if you take your time and work carefully.

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  7. How to Make a Cutting Board

    assortmaent of handmade cutting boards

    A beautiful wood cutting board is a functional and decorative addition to any kitchen. Making a cutting board is a great way to get started in woodworking. If you're a beginning woodworker, you don't need many tools to make a basic wood strip cutting board. All you need is a selection of solid strips of hardwood, a set of clamps with enough capacity to hold all the strips together and a sander to smooth and flatten the board after gluing it up. If you are more experienced and have more tools, you can expand your creative options and make an end grain or mosaic cutting board with smaller pieces. The creative options are nearly limitless.

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  8. 2022 Best Handmade Gifts

    10 examples of handmade gifts

    The best gifts are handmade. This video and article includes some of the best handmade gifts for 2022. These ten free project plans include a wide range of woodworking projects. Most of these projects can be built by a beginning woodworker. You can find even more free woodworking project plans and ideas at our Handmade Gift Guide.

    You're sure to find a woodworking project that is perfect for just about anyone on your list!

    If you have a woodworker on your gift giving list, check out our Woodworking Tools Gift Guide to find the top gifts for woodworkers in 2022.
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