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Saturday Video Demo

  1. Cutting Dadoes that Fit Perfectly

    Chris Marshall holding dado jig

    Learn how to cut dadoes that fit your workpiece perfectly. The Rockler Perfect Fit Dado Jig lets you rout precise dados and grooves at any increment from 1/4'' to 1'' wide. Since it uses a scrap of your actual material for setup, the fit is spot-on, every time. Just rout the first shoulder with the jig in the ''closed'' position, then rout the second shoulder with the jig in the ''open'' position. The result is a tailor-cut dado that fits like no other. No need to buy undersized plywood bits, or bits for other odd thicknesses—your dados can fit any thickness within the range (19/64'' for example) using standard 1/4'', 3/8'' or 1/2'' straight bits.

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  2. This Hose Fits Your Portable Power Tools

    Handheld power tools generate a lot of dust right where you least want it: directly under your nose. Unfortunately, the confusing array of non-standardized small ports on handheld tools makes it hard to connect a dust hose—until now. The Rockler 3' to 12' Expandable FlexiPort Hose Kit and 12' Fixed Length Flexiport Hose Kit flex to fit on almost any tool, plus a 2-1/4'' port that connects to most shop vacuums and dust separators.

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  3. How to Install Cane Webbing in Furniture

    In this Rockler demonstration you'll learn how to install traditional cane webbing in furniture projects. Cane webbing has been used in furniture making for centuries. Rattan cane is exceptionally durable, making it a good choice for heavy-duty applications, such as chair seats. Cane webbing can also be used as a panel material in doors or cabinet backs, adding an interesting texture to a project.

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  4. Choosing the Right 4" Dust Collection Hose and Fittings

    The woodworking dust collection hose you use depends on the tool you are using, the type of dust collector you are using and the distance between the tool and dust collector. In this Rockler demo we will focus on the different options available when you are setting up a dust collection system with 4"-dia. dust hose and fittings.

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  5. Introduction to Steam Bending Wood

    steam bending kit with coat hook project

    In this Rockler demonstration you'll learn how to use the Rockler Steam Bending Kit to bend pieces of wood to form interesting pieces. The basic techniques you'll need to get started are demonstrated to make a set of coat hooks. You can find the plan for these coat hooks in the July/August 2021 issue of Woodworker's Journal Magazine.

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  6. How to Install Floating Shelf Hardware

    four examples of floating shelf projects

    Floating Shelves are shelves supported by concealed supports, making it look like the shelf is floating. They are a great way to add practical storage and a clean, modern accent to any room. In this demonstration video, you'll learn how to install concealed brackets to support floating shelves.

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  7. Best Ways to Organize Your Cabinet Drawers

    three drawer organizer inserts

    What is the best drawer organization system? That depends on what your storing in the drawer. In this Rockler demonstration you'll learn three solutions that will help you organize your drawers. We'll show you two drawer insert options and a way to capture wasted space in deep drawers.

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  8. Rolling Clamp Rack Stores Your Clamps and More

    pack rack clamp storage cart

    Rolling clamps around your shop is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to uses for the Rockler® Pack Rack® Plus. With vast amounts of interior space and a few simple add-ons, it also accommodates a huge variety of tools and supplies. Best of all, it smoothly rolls wherever you need it most, keeping everything you need close at hand and neatly organized.

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