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  1. Where to Install Dust Collection Blast Gates?

    blast gate attached to band saw

    Dust collection blast gates, such as Rockler StableGates, Tool Port Blast Gates, or Tool Port Blast Gates are like the traffic cops in your system. In this Rockler demonstration you'll see several types of blast gates and how to install them in your dust collection system.

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  2. What are the Different Types of Hand Planes?

    six bench planes

    The hand plane is a truly iconic woodworking tool. Hand planes feature a blade that is mounted in a wood or metal body. The blade is extended through the bottom of the body and the hand plane is pushed or pulled across a wood surface to remove thin layers of wood, leaving a smoother or reshaped surface. Hand planes are designated by number, the higher the number, the longer the sole of the plane. You can use a hand plane to do quality woodworking as well today as you could a hundred years ago.

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  3. How to Measure and Cut Stair Treads

    installing a new wood stair tread

    The trickiest part of installing stair treads is often cutting them to fit perfectly between the walls or baseboard. The Perfect Fit Stair Tread and Shelf Gauge makes it easy to determine the length of the stair tread and if the ends need to be cut at an angle to fit against the sides walls. The gauge slides to set the length of the stair tread from 28" to 48" long. . And, if the side walls are not perpendicular to the tread, the gauge also features side angle finders that pivot to match the angles of tread ends.

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  4. Five Space-Saving Workshop Tables

    man adjusting leg height on folding work table extension

    Running out of room in your shop? Try These 5 Space-Saving Work Tables. If you do your woodworking in a small workshop or even the corner of your garage, these five work tables are strong, sturdy and easy to store when you're not using them. Some act as a table top extension for small workbenches and work tables. Others are work tables that fold up to save space and easy storage.

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  5. Space-Saving Wall-Mount Cyclone Dust Collector

    cyclone dust collector mounted on workshop wall

    Now you can have the capacity and efficiency of a cyclone dust collector that doesn't take up a lot of space. The Wall-Mount 1250 CFM Cyclone Dust Collector . Thanks to its wall-mount design, it consumes a minimum area of floor space. HEPA filtration ensures that the air in your shop is clean, and 2-stage dust separation keeps the filter clean for longer, and minimizes the need to empty the drum. The filter is easy to clean by rotating the top handle to agitate the pleats inside the filter. When the time comes to empty the drum, simply raise the lower handle and roll the drum away on its casters. This dust collector also includes a remote that makes it easy to activate the collector from anywhere in your shop.

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  6. Make a Mitered Half-Lap Corner Picture Frame

    mitered half lap picture frame

    The miter joint is often used to form the corners of picture frames. This popular joint hides the end grain of the frame parts and creates a continuous grain or profile pattern around the frame corner. The downside of a miter joint is that the end grain to end grain connection is not as strong as a joint formed by connecting long grain.

    You can strengthen a miter joint with a hidden half lap connection - called a mitered half-lap joint. The result gives you a conventional-looking miter joint from the front, but the back of the joint resembles a half-lap. This joint may sound complicated, but it is actually easy to make with a router table and the Rockler Router Table Half Lap Jig.

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  7. Dowels Add Detail and Strengthen Mitered Box Corners

    boxes featuring corner key dowels

    Mitered corners are often used to make boxes. A mitered corner is a clean joint that hides the end grain of the box sides. The downside of a mitered corner is not the strongest joint because it is formed by connection of two end grain faces. One way to strengthen this joint and add a decorative accent is to run a dowel through the miter at a 45 degree angle. Installing the dowels may look tricky, but it's actually an easy process when you use the Rockler Corner Key Doweling Jig . The jig makes the angled drilling accurate and easy. No other product on the market offers the same functionality, repeatability and convenience. Extended length bits are required.

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  8. How to Make Shaker Cabinet Doors

    man holding shaker door frame

    The clean and timeless look of Shaker cabinets make them a popular style choice. The secret to building frame-and-panel Shaker cabinet doors or drawer fronts is to use the Rockler Rail-and-Stile Shaker Router Bit Set. Rail-and-stile joints, also referred to as cope-and-stick joints, feature a frame profile that surrounds the panel and a groove that contains the panel. Watch the video (below) to learn how easy it is to set up and use a cope-and-stick router bit set. We have everything you need to make and install Shaker doors for your next furniture project or complete kitchen remodel, including the lumber, tools, fasteners, finishes, and hardware. You can even determine your door part dimensions using our Woodshop Calculator tool.

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