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  1. Best Clamps for Making Flat Wood Panels

    large wood panel in deluxe panel clamps

    Gluing up pieces of wood to create a larger panel is a fundamental woodworking skill. It’s useful for making everything from tabletops to cutting boards to cabinet drawer fronts and doors. The keys to creating a flat panel are to start with pieces of wood with edges that are square or perpendicular to the face, use clamps that can deliver enough force to close the joints tight, and clamp straight edges to the top and bottom faces to prevent the panel from buckling or flexing. Bar or pipe clamps have been the best choice for making panels, but now there is a better option. The new Rockler Deluxe Panel Clamp does the work of two sets of clamps, applying pressure across the panel to close the joints and pressure to the top and bottom to keep the panel flat.

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  2. DIY Pneumatic Clamping System

    pneumatic clamping system

    If you build woodworking projects that require repetitive clamping, then the Rockler Pneumatic Clamping System will save you time and might also improve your results. This clamping system applies instant pressure with the flip of a switch. Their speed makes them ideal for repetitive clamping tasks, such as for face frame assembly, and as hold-downs or push clamps for drill presses and CNC tables. The clamps slide into standard T-track for easy adjustability, and they can also be screwed down for more permanent clamping fixtures.

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  3. How to Flatten Lumber with the DeWalt DW735x Planer


    Lumber is not always flat and ready to use. Sometimes woodworkers must flatten a board before using it to build a project. There are several ways to flatten a board. One of the most efficient ways to flatten a board is by using a powered thickness planer, such as the DeWalt DW735x Planer. This planer makes it easy to mill lumber flat. It features a three knife cutter-head that delivers 30% longer knife life and makes knife changes faster and easier. A fan-assisted chip ejection system vacuums chips off of the cutter-head and exhausts them out of the machine keeping your workspace clean.

    Learn more about this planer's features and a couple tips that will help you get the most out of your planer.

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  4. Design the Best Tool Stands and Work Tables for Your Workshop

    workshop with shop stands

    Create the perfect cabinet, work table or shop cart system for your workshop. The new Rock-Steady Shop Stand Kits feature strong heavy-gauge steel construction and pre-drilled holes for easy assembly and accessorizing. These are the best workshop stands in the business. Mix and match shop stand dimensions to suit your needs. Choose from one of our complete kits or select individual shop stand components and accessories. Our Rock-Steady Shop Stand Configurator makes it easy to design and shop for the perfect custom workshop stand.

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  5. Install the Best Dust Collection Hose Fittings

    ready mount dust fitting

    Mounting dust fittings to a wall can be a hassle, involving trips to the hardware store, a hodgepodge of parts, and shaky results that slide around when you need to attach or detach a hose. Ready-Mount dust collection fittings make it much easier: The sturdy teeth on the fitting interlock securely with the Ready-Mount Brackets (#65053, sold separately), offering a secure hold and allowing positioning at just about any angle.

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  6. Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber Near Me

    man shopping for lumber

    Where are the best places to buy hardwood lumber? You obviously can't do woodworking without wood, but many new woodworkers aren't sure where to find quality hardwood lumber. Rockler has increase the variety and quantity of hardwood that is stocked at both the Rockler retail stores and online at In this Rockler demo, we'll give you a tour of a Rockler retail store lumber department, show you the lumber you can order online, and share some alternative hardwood lumber source options.

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  7. How to Apply 6 Simple Wood Finishes

    applying finish to wood

    Learn how to apply wood finish. Creating a flawless finish can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Take the mystery out of wood finishing and avoid costly and frustrating mistakes with these simple wood finish recipes. Each recipe includes a video demonstration and a link to step-by-step instructions, and a list of wood finish product recommendations that will help you create a perfect finish on your next woodworking project!

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  8. How to Sharpen a Cabinet Scraper

    cabinet scraper smoothing a board

    Our 3-in-1 Cabinet Scraper Sharpening Tool is the only tool on the market to combine a file, 2500-grit diamond hone and hardened steel burnishing rod into one tool to cover the entire process of sharpening a card scraper. It simplifies the multi-step process of restoring a sharp edge to card scrapers and cabinet scrapers. Thanks to the angle guides on the sides, it promises a uniform burr for incredibly thin shavings. The parts of the sharpener are numbered with the sequential steps needed for a sharp edge: file, hone, draw the burr and turn the burr.

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