cutting drawer divider inserts

Installing drawer dividers is a great way to improve the storage organization in your kitchen, workshop, or bathroom cabinets. You can purchase divider inserts, but you'll be limited to their design. A better way is to make dividers that perfectly suit your storage needs. We show you three simple ways to make wood dividers for your drawers.

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Video: How To Make Drawer Dividers - Video Transcript

Speaker: Now you could just leave these little drawers open on the inside, but the way to really get organized is to divide them up so you can separate the contents, and here's three easy ways to do it. First, you could install fixed dividers. Cut pieces of scrap material to fit inside the drawers that are thick enough to hold nails, then position the dividers where you want them in the drawers and fasten them in place with 18 gauge brad nails. The problem with fixed dividers, of course, is you can't change them, but the types and quantities of stuff we want to store does change. That's why I like movable dividers like these better. Rockler has a product that can make this easy.

These 60-inch long plastic drawer divider holders have quarter-inch slots all along their length for holding drawer dividers that you can make from quarter-inch hardboard, plywood, or solid wood. Just measure the drawer interiors and cut a pair of folders to the length you need with scissors, then peel off the backing paper from their adhesive strips and stick the holders in place. Now you can position the dividers wherever you want them. Here's the third option. You could also just dado the walls of the drawer before assembling it, and then fit your dividers between those dados, it's a little extra work, but the upside is, they are still adjustable.