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  1. How to Deal with Twisted Maple

    Flattening twisted wood with winding sticks

    Can maple lumber that has become very twisted be salvaged?

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  2. How to Deal with Expanding Wood in a Humidor?

    Antique-style walnut humidor box

    How do you stop wood from expanding inside a humidor?

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  3. Storing Lumber in Your Workshop

    man loading lumber on a rack

    What’s the most important thing you need for woodworking? OK, that was a trick question meant to get you guessing about tools and supplies, but the real answer is much simpler: Without wood, you can’t do much woodworking.

    Having a ready supply of lumber in basic lengths and thicknesses is a basic shop staple. Lumber needs vary according to the type of woodworking you do, but how much you actually keep on hand depends on the amount of room you have in your shop and how efficiently you store it.

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  4. Will a Sander Cause Snipe Like a Planer?

    A piece of lumber that has been freshly run through a stand-up planer

    Will using a different tool eliminate the chance of snipe while smoothing out a board?

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  5. Bubinga: Guibourtia tessmannii

    Man standing with large log cut from bubinga tree

    A convincing substitute for rosewood, this beautiful lumber is now CITES protected.

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  6. American Chestnut: Castanea dentata

    Selection of pieces of American chestnut lumber

    A devastating blight more than a century ago might not doom this once majestic species to oblivion after all.

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  7. Using Driftwood in Woodworking?

    A piece of driftwood with a river canoeing scene painted on it

    What do you need to know about using driftwood in woodworking?

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  8. Sheet Good Picks for Woodworking

    Six different types of sheet good panels

    These half dozen sheet goods options come in handy for projects, jigs and templates.

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