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  1. Using Driftwood in Woodworking?

    A piece of driftwood with a river canoeing scene painted on it

    What do you need to know about using driftwood in woodworking?

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  2. Sheet Good Picks for Woodworking

    Six different types of sheet good panels

    These half dozen sheet goods options come in handy for projects, jigs and templates.

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  3. Mesquite: Prosopis glandulosa

    Collection of live edge mesquite lumber pieces

    Grill fuel can be beautiful lumber, too!

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  4. Difference Between Grain and Figure?

    Table made from quarter-sawn mahogany wood with ribbon figuring

    Grain and Figure are often used interchangeably, as they are like two sides of a coin.

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  5. What Does the "Quarter System" of Lumber Thickness Mean?

    Drawing of an outdoor bench with marked lumber parts

    What do measurements like 8/4, 6/4, 5/4 and 4/4 mean?

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  6. Tropical Wood Moisture Content?

    Gluing and clamping a panel frame

    How do you deal with tropical woods that are cracking?

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  7. Longleaf Pine: Pinus palustris

    Stack of longleaf pine boards of various sizes

    A standout among common pines, here's a promising furniture contender.

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  8. Best Way to Flatten Pine?

    Using random orbit sander to flatten pine cutting board

    What is the best way to flatten wavy grained pine?

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