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  1. How to Make a Cutting Board

    assortmaent of handmade cutting boards

    A beautiful wood cutting board is a functional and decorative addition to any kitchen. Making a cutting board is a great way to get started in woodworking. If you're a beginning woodworker, you don't need many tools to make a basic wood strip cutting board. All you need is a selection of solid strips of hardwood, a set of clamps with enough capacity to hold all the strips together and a sander to smooth and flatten the board after gluing it up. If you are more experienced and have more tools, you can expand your creative options and make an end grain or mosaic cutting board with smaller pieces. The creative options are nearly limitless.

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  2. Checking Lumber Squareness

    Using metal square to check a board

    Woodworkers are all more-or-less obsessed with squareness. They have to be. Even small variances from dead-on 90 degrees tend to turn up as ugly gaps, lids that don’t fit, wonky cabinets - you name it. Consequently, most spend a fair amount of time checking angles for accuracy.

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  3. How to Flatten Lumber with the DeWalt DW735x Planer


    Lumber is not always flat and ready to use. Sometimes woodworkers must flatten a board before using it to build a project. There are several ways to flatten a board. One of the most efficient ways to flatten a board is by using a powered thickness planer, such as the DeWalt DW735x Planer. This planer makes it easy to mill lumber flat. It features a three knife cutter-head that delivers 30% longer knife life and makes knife changes faster and easier. A fan-assisted chip ejection system vacuums chips off of the cutter-head and exhausts them out of the machine keeping your workspace clean.

    Learn more about this planer's features and a couple tips that will help you get the most out of your planer.

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  4. Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber Near Me

    man shopping for lumber

    Where are the best places to buy hardwood lumber near me? You obviously can't do woodworking without wood, but many new woodworkers aren't sure where to find quality hardwood lumber. Rockler has increase the variety and quantity of hardwood that is stocked at both the Rockler retail stores and online at In this Rockler demo, we'll give you a tour of a Rockler retail store lumber department, show you the lumber you can order online, and share some alternative hardwood lumber source options.

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  5. The Basics of Wood and Water

    Testing the moisture content of lumber with a moisture meter

    There’s just no way around it: Moisture in the air causes wood to change in size and often in shape.

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  6. Veneer Pack Options are Great for Newbies

    Long veneer panel with different finishes

    Starter packs of veneer in smaller sizes are a great gateway for exploring veneering techniques.

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  7. How to Deal with Twisted Maple

    Flattening twisted wood with winding sticks

    Can maple lumber that has become very twisted be salvaged?

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  8. How to Deal with Expanding Wood in a Humidor?

    Antique-style walnut humidor box

    How do you stop wood from expanding inside a humidor?

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