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  1. Best Woods and Finishes for Making Knife Handles?

    Slipjoint pocket knife with a carved wood handle

    What are the best woods and finishes for knife handles?

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  2. Where to Buy Lumber Near You

    lumber store

    Where are the best places to buy lumber? It’s tough to do much woodworking without wood. Keeping the following five sources in mind can save you money and expand your options while sometimes also uncovering some truly extraordinary material. Thinking outside the “big box” can save money while providing more and better choices for great lumber.

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  3. Using Ash for Kitchenware?

    Salad forks and spatulas turned from ash wood

    What is the best use for a collection of ash wood?

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  4. Making and Installing Wood Bow Ties in Slabs

    Rockler Bow Tie Inlay System

    In this Rockler demo video you'll see how the Rockler Bow Tie Inlay System makes cutting both key and mortise fast and foolproof. The Starter Kit includes a unique, two-piece bushing. Install the sleeve to rout the mortise, then remove it to rout the bow tie key. Since the same template is used for both, you're guaranteed a perfect fit.

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  5. White Oak: Quercus alba

    Stack of two pieces of quarter-sawn white oak lumber

    Fans of Arts & Crafts furniture revere this tough and selectively showy species.

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  6. How to Flatten Wood without Bowing

    Using a planer to flatten a grouping of boards

    What is the best tool to use to flatten lumber without it bowing?

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  7. Red Oak: Quercus rubra

    Selection of different thickness and sizes of red oak lumber

    From flooring to fine furniture, few species are as practical as red oak.

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  8. What to Do with Holey Ash?

    Ash tree bark that has been punctured by worms, ash borers or woodpeckers

    Is wood with a lot of woodpecker holes still usable?

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