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  1. Secure Loose Knots in Imperfect Lumber

    Using cyanoacrylate glue to repair a knot in a wood panel

    Use super glue to secure loose knots and fill cracks and voids in reclaimed or "defective" lumber.

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  2. Ash: Fraxinus nigra, Fraxinus americana

    Selection of white ash boards

    Often substituted for oak, ash is easy to work, shock-resistant and affordable. It's also under continued siege.

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  3. Creating Thicker Plywood

    Doubling plywood thickness by gluing panels together

    When Ernie Conover was tasked with creating some extensions for his wife's loom, he needed to create 1-1/2"-thick pieces of plywood.

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  4. Portable Sawmills: Lumber from Local Trees

    Portable saw mill on location

    Tired of paying high prices for lumber at the lumberyard? A portable sawmill could be your ticket to getting quality wood for your next project at a more affordable price.

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  5. How to Use a Moisture Meter

    Checking moisture content of wood with a moisture meter

    Make sure your wood has dried to a proper moisture level before beginning any project.

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  6. Yellow Poplar: Liriodendron tulipifera

    Collection of yellow poplar boards

    While it won't win any hardwood beauty contests, yellow poplar is durable, reasonably priced and easy to use.

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  7. Using a Small Scale Dehumidification Kiln

    Dehumidification kiln in use

    Saving money by drying your lumber may not be the answer for every woodworker, but the basics shown here demonstrate that it is within the reach and skills of the average person.

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  8. Black Walnut: Juglans nigra

    Collection of black walnut boards

    Prized for everything from gunstocks to sideboards, black walnut is a perennial woodworking darling.

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