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  1. Tropical Wood Moisture Content?

    Gluing and clamping a panel frame

    How do you deal with tropical woods that are cracking?

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  2. Longleaf Pine: Pinus palustris

    Stack of longleaf pine boards of various sizes

    A standout among common pines, here's a promising furniture contender.

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  3. Best Way to Flatten Pine?

    Using random orbit sander to flatten pine cutting board

    What is the best way to flatten wavy grained pine?

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  4. How to Bend Wood?

    Box for steam bending lumber

    What is the best way to bend a piece of wood without breaking it?

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  5. African Mahogany: Khaya grandifoliola, senegalensis

    Stack of African mahogany lumber of various sizes

    Whether you're building a deck chair or a dining room table, African mahogany aims to please.

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  6. Best Woods and Finishes for Making Knife Handles?

    Slipjoint pocket knife with a carved wood handle

    What are the best woods and finishes for knife handles?

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  7. Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber Near Me

    lumber store

    Where are the best places to buy hardwood lumber? It’s tough to do much woodworking without wood. Keeping the following five sources in mind can save you money and expand your options while sometimes also uncovering some truly extraordinary material. Thinking outside the “big box” can save money while providing more and better choices for great hardwood lumber.

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  8. Using Ash for Kitchenware?

    Salad forks and spatulas turned from ash wood

    What is the best use for a collection of ash wood?

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