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Learn how to choose and match the exact right color putty for your woodworking projects. Choose your putty to match the lightest background color in the wood grain.

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Matching Wood Putty - Video Transcript

Speaker 1: Not likely you purposely damaged your woodworking project with a gouge but when wood fibers are torn or missing, you need to fill them with putty and sometimes matching putty to the wood stone is tricky. Finishing expert Michael Dresner has some advice on that.

Michael Dresner: Now normally you choose your putty to match the lightest background color of the wood. In the case of this Pal Faro, that's the color putty I would be using. If you can't find the exact color putty that you need, you can either tint it or mix two or more together to get the right color. Now, not all putties behave the same, some will absorb more stain than the surrounding wood. To avoid any problems make samples first and stain the sample with the stain you're intending to use.

Speaker 1: When you do have to putty over damage apply it so it's sitting proud of the surface. When it's completely dry, sand it flat and its gouge gone.