walnut plant stand

This modern plant stand is a great project to use up short pieces of scrap lumber. This version is assembled with Beadlock floating tenons, but you could also use dowels or pocket hole screws.

forming beadlock mortises

The plant stand legs and supports are assembled with Beadlock floating tenons. An alternative is to use dowels or pocket hole screws.

fingernail profile on router table

The edges of this plant stand feature rounded edge that is also called a fingernail profile. The fingernail profile is formed by running the edges across the top 1/2" of a 3/4"-radius Roundover bit (23233). This creates the "fingernail" arc profile around the edge rather than a complete roundover or bullnose profile. This profile can also be formed using hand plans or sandpaper.

Download this Modern Plant Stand Project Plan

modern plant stand project plan