Attaching dust collection bag to planer dust port

In this video, David Picciuto discusses options for how to keep your planer dust free.

David Picciuto talks about options for dust collection when using a planer on a budget and without a dedicated dust collector.

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David Picciuto: Welcome to Make Something with me, David Picciuto. Today I'm going to show you the quickest and easiest way to set up a dust collection system for your planer. Check this out. I get asked all the time about my dust collection for the planer. All I have on here is just a bag. This bag isn't meant for the planer. This bag is sold by Rockler. It's meant for their wall-mounted dust collection systems but I found it works perfect on my planer.

My planer has a blower on there, so you don't need suction because it already blows everything out, and all I do is just tie the bag on here and turn it on. It'll collect all my chips. Since my actual dust collection system is on the other side of the shop this is much easier for me. The bag has a zipper on the bottom here so I can easily empty it out. Now, if you do a lot of planing this isn't the ideal solution, because the bag fills up pretty fast. I don't use my planer all that much so this is the perfect system for me.

This works really good for me, even though this isn't what it's meant for. Rockler does make two different versions of this bag. There's this one I have here, and then there's also one that captures even the more finer dust. The planer doesn't make a lot of fine dust, but what I do find is once you empty the bag and you put it back on here the very first time you turn it on all the dust that's collected on the bag fills up the room. You might want the bag with the finer filtration, but I find this one works great for me and my needs.