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3/8" x 1/10" Magnets, 10-Pack
3/8" x 1/10" Magnets, 10-Pack Item #32907
In stock
$12.99 Pack
1/2" x 1/8'' Magnets, 10-Pack
1/2" x 1/8'' Magnets, 10-Pack Item #30810
In stock
$16.99 Pack
3/4" x 1/8" Magnets, 10-Pack
3/4" x 1/8" Magnets, 10-Pack Item #37554
In stock
$29.99 Pack
3/8" Dia. x 1/4" H x 1/2" OD Magnet Cups, 10-Pack
3/8" Dia. x 1/4" H x 1/2" OD Magnet Cups, 10-Pack Item #39783
In stock
$6.49 Pack
1/2" Dia. x 1/4 H" x 5/8" OD Magnet Cups, 10-Pack
1/2" Dia. x 1/4 H" x 5/8" OD Magnet Cups, 10-Pack Item #31668
In stock
$6.99 Pack
3/4" Dia. x 19/64" H x 7/8" OD Magnet Cups, 10-Pack
3/4" Dia. x 19/64" H x 7/8" OD Magnet Cups, 10-Pack Item #34211
In stock
$7.99 Pack
Washers for (32907) 3/8" Magnets, 10-Pack (1/2" Dia. - 3/32" Thick)
Washers for (32907) 3/8" Magnets, 10-Pack (1/2" Dia. - 3/32" Thick) Item #38348
In stock
$4.99 Pack
Washers for (30810) 1/2" Magnets, 10-Pack (5/8" Dia. - 3/32" Thick)
Washers for (30810) 1/2" Magnets, 10-Pack (5/8" Dia. - 3/32" Thick) Item #37474
In stock
$5.99 Pack
Washers for (37554) 3/4" Magnets, 10-Pack (7/8" Dia. - 5/32" Thick)
Washers for (37554) 3/4" Magnets, 10-Pack (7/8" Dia. - 5/32" Thick) Item #33972
In stock
$6.99 Pack
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Rare Earth Magnets

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92% of 100

These are some of the strongest magnets you will ever use! Great for door catches - or embed a magnet into wood to make a refrigerator magnet. Optional magnet mounting cups and washers also available; mounting screws not included.

(1) Pack of 10 Magenets OR Magnet Cups OR Washers
More Information
Weight 0.2900
Tech Spec
  • Available in 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" diameter sizes
  • Cups and washers are not magnets, but do attract the magnets.
  • Requires a #4 flathead screw (screws not included)
4.6 / 5.0
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I can find them in the perfect sizes for my needs. And they are permanent and easy to install using forstner bits
I use them for securing the control cavity covers on the guitars I make
Held in place with rare earth magnets
Held closed with Rockler magnets 
Soss hidden hinges from Rockler
May 27, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Rare Earth Magnets, 3/8"
Excellent product and very strong. Using the magnets in making several Cribbage Board projects.
March 24, 2020
3 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
couldn't ask for anything better
March 22, 2020
3 months ago
can't find them in your catalog anymore. Have you discontinued them?
November 17, 2019
over 3 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
Response from Rockler
Our catalog includes a wide sample of the items we carry as well as special and seasonal offers. It does not, however, include every Rockler item. Our web site - - does include the entire selection of products we have available.
November 19, 2019
These are great, supper strong, but a little pricey!
September 5, 2019
9 months ago
Great magnets
These magnets work great. I used them a lot on my boxes, & for wooden pins I cut out on the laser to wear on my hats.
July 4, 2019
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
Key for my dice vault project
Exactly what I needed to firmly attach a lid to a dice vault - worked perfectly!
April 14, 2019
Woodworking Experience:
Industry standard
Review not needed
April 3, 2019
1 year ago
Very magnetic!
February 12, 2019
1 year ago
Great for holding tools on wall
Used these for holding hand tools on a moving wall in shop
February 10, 2019
over 3 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
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I use these to make hidden catches.
Thomas M on Aug 20, 2018
Making project need them
Steve L on Aug 3, 2018
I use these to make hidden catches.
Thomas M on Aug 20, 2018
The best
jim k on Aug 14, 2018
Making project need them
Steve L on Aug 3, 2018
John L on Jul 24, 2018
door closure for some pivot door closets
Nate C on Jul 17, 2018
Making a swivel-style cribbage board.
Don C on Jul 16, 2018
To match shop block
Gary D on Jul 10, 2018
For a folding step stool project
David S on Jun 25, 2018
Used your earth magnets several times before. Strongest magnets I have found and perfect for my uses.
James J on Jun 22, 2018
used these before and needed more
ANTHONY A on Jun 20, 2018
Need strong magnets to hold panels for a generator cover in place.
William on Jun 19, 2018
Small yet strong magnets
Richard D on Jun 12, 2018
I am using them to mount some holiday decorations to a front door.
Curt A on Jun 8, 2018
Using on a router fence to keep fence clamps down
Jim on May 31, 2018
very useful and versatile
G G on May 23, 2018
Concealed magnet latches are great for custom and hidden cabinet doors as well as hidden or secret doors.
Peter C on May 23, 2018
Making a knife block. Magnets are used to hold the knives to the block.
William N on May 22, 2018
I have used this size before
Ernest F on May 7, 2018
x on Apr 27, 2018
Shop use
Deborah A on Apr 24, 2018
To add decoration to front of fireplace imsert...
Kevin on Apr 21, 2018
needed them
Mike M on Apr 14, 2018
have used these before they make excellent flush mount catches
Joel D. G on Mar 26, 2018
Good idea
Thomas B on Mar 21, 2018
We are making access panels for hurricane shutters and these work perfectly in keeping attachment concealed.
Nicholas M on Mar 20, 2018
Needed the cups for a prop
Daniel P on Mar 12, 2018
Student project
Bill M on Mar 9, 2018
great for small boxes and ref.magnetics
Richard F on Feb 13, 2018
I could not find any where else.
Lisa O on Jan 27, 2018
Use for boxes.
Henry C on Jan 8, 2018
I use these magnets with magnet washers to assure that cabinet doors stay closed.
Jack on Jan 6, 2018
lid closure for game box
Brent H on Dec 18, 2017
For a closure on a box lid
Leslie A on Dec 5, 2017
Rare Earth Magnets are useful when making small clasps for boxes and even for use with tools in the shop. I use them to keep small pliers and tools in place.
Wendy D on Dec 5, 2017
same as above
Harvey A on Dec 4, 2017
LARRY J F on Dec 4, 2017
Present<br />Husband asked for all of these for christmas
Jane L on Dec 2, 2017
Needed a strong magnet less then 3/4" in diameter.
Louis F on Nov 26, 2017
Special project balancing Landscaping decorative wind turbine vanes
Frank M on Nov 17, 2017
making puzzle for grandson
Glenn K on Nov 4, 2017
lids for urns
ted l on Nov 3, 2017
Recently saw a clever application in guitar making so I thought I d try them in my own projects.
Jeff D on Oct 25, 2017
They have great holding power and a simple to install with the matching cups and washers. I use them as stud finder by attaching to a short piece of dowel.
derek E on Oct 5, 2017
Ann Marie B on Sep 19, 2017
I could not find them anywhere else.
Philip L on Sep 12, 2017
needed to go over 35 bucks for free shipping
Thomas on Sep 4, 2017
Very strong magnets; Rockler has good prices on these and online ordering is very convenient...
Michael I on Aug 11, 2017
perfect for my inset cabinet doors
Glen V on Jul 23, 2017
i need it
J D on Jun 20, 2017
Has very strong hold for attaching to tool accessories.
Larry M on Jun 19, 2017
The best
jim k on Aug 14, 2018
John L on Jul 24, 2018
What force is needed to pull the magnet off?
BRUCE T on Dec 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It largely depends on the size and the proximity to each other when used to hold doors closed.
Do the magnets have holes in them? The pictures show them as solid but I am not sure how to secure them with the washers if this is the case.
Rob on Jan 17, 2018
BEST ANSWER: These product descriptions are kinda slim on content and description. Here's what I know . . . You fasten the "Magnet Cups" to your workpiece and then pop the "Magnets" into the cup. The cup is only used for locating/holding the magnet in place. The "Washers for Magnets" are strikers or targets for the magnet to attract (they're just made of plated steel . . . they're not magnets. The "Washers" are the fridge in the magnet/fridge analogy. Hope that helps!
How much holding power do these magnets have ?
pat s on May 20, 2015
BEST ANSWER: These rare earth magnets are rated at n35
Will these magnets work on 2 barn doors sliding & meeting each other?
Regina V on Jan 12, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I don't know about barn doors, however we are using them to hold an oven door closed. The door is heavy and the spring broke. (Our oven is an antique that we don't use). The magnets do the trick; we use one on each side. They are the strongest magnets we've ever had. Handle them carefully; I got my finger caught between them & it wasn't pretty.
What’s the holding potential of a 3/4” x 1/8” rare earth magnet?
Dan C on Jan 16, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I got these to use with some fairly thin roughly 3” square wood “refrigerator magnets” I made. They don’t weigh much but I found these magnets would not hold it alone. Three were required. They certainly work but for the next set which were Xmas snowmen and a little heavier I got large size.
I have a kitchen cabinet that holds to trash containers the hinges come off so I put them back with a longer screw but they never stay closed now and constantly stay ajar I was hoping some magnets clued Ir stuck onto door and cabinets would keep these doors closed please advise which would work ?
Robert on Mar 18, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I used the 1/2 inch magnets ( 30810) and washers (37474) on all my kitchen cabinets. I used a a forstner bit to countersink the magnets and washers. They Hold the cabinet doors shut.
What size should I use for closet doors? These are the small French doors that usually have the ball catch. Those seem to always fail and the ball goes flying so I thought I would replace with these.
A shopper on May 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I use them to hold many of the pieces of Art Work I do with my laser on the Steel door. Also use the small ones to hold the canopy to my model airplanes closed.
I'm using the 3/8" magnets and cups to secure my chisel set in a french cleat holder. Can I install the magnets and then polyurethane the whole thing, or should I wait to install the magnets until the poly application is finished?
Chris on Sep 11, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Best to wait if you can since I personally prefer to keep the surface uncovered but these magnets have so much energy that it should not hamper its hold even when under a coat of polyurethane.
I recently bought a log cabin home where none of the interior doors were bored for passage sets and the jambs were not mortised for catch hardware. I have attached cast iron gate handles to the doors and would like to use these magnets as a door catch countersinking the magnet into the jamb and screwing the washer into the door.The doors are solid six panel pine 32 and 36 x78". Which magnet would best serve this application?
roy m on Jan 18, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Google Precision PLS24 Pro and you will find the exact set-up you are looking for in a package.
I want to inset one or two 3/8" magnets in lid of small chest and in the side wall. Can I use two magnets or should I use a magnet and a cup? What type of glue is recommended that will secure the magnet so it will not pull out when in contact with other magnet or cup?
Don S on Aug 5, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I'd probably use one magnet within a cup and then a washer on the other side. Might be best to get a pack of each and do some tests. Remember that the magnet needs to match the inside diameter of the cup. Sometimes the cups and washers come with small flat head screws (I think #4) so no glue is needed. Just use a fostner bit the right diameter to recess both the cup and washer flush. Depending on the type of wood you could use the black round stickers they offer. I've alstroemerias, in some cases, buried a slightly larger magnet in a painted project under 1/8" of wood within and without cups on two faces and there was enough strength to keep a bifold cabinet door on an AC cabinet in the open position against the neighboring cabinet door. I like to keep a few sizes around the shop since they take a bit longer to ship. Lots of online sites now offer them.
How much do the magnets weigh? Particularly the Item #: 37554
Travis B on Jul 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The package of ten weighs 0.15 pounds
will these magnets hold a kitchen cabinet door to a fridge door?
gwenda w on Jun 28, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The only reason I can think of that these would not work is if you have a stainless steel fridge front.
Magnets should have a rating in LBS. required to break-away from clean iron. Is there a pull force rating for these 30810 magnets?
William S on Oct 20, 2016
Unfortunately, Rockler is often short of technical info.; case in point. However, if you go to Lee Valley, they have a chart for their magnets that might help you. The LV magnets that I know well are top quality but I have not had an issue with the Rockler magnets I have used and they seem to be comparable to LV's. So, it's possible the data in the LV chart might apply to the Rockler magnets with little variation. If it is critical, consider the LV products; you won't go wrong, there.

Luck with it. mike
Are these water proof?
Christine K on Aug 5, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Hmm, so how much water and what kind are you talking about? Cannot suggest specifics without more info.
Neodymium magnets are always coated with something to protect them against the elements. The silver ones at Rockler are almost certainly nickel plated, which is the most common coating in the industry, by far. Nickel will give some protection against rusting but be aware that all platings are not equal. I don't know how well plated their magnets are.

If you look on the web, you can find rubber coated neodymium magnets (and a bunch of other coated ones) and instructions as to how to rubberize them, yourself. However, if you coat a disc magnet, you will not be able to put it into a magnet cup. You will have to use a washer, instead. If have the magnet in its cup, you could coat the whole deal, so be sure to rubberize the edge of the cup to avoid water sliding behind the cup and then into it via the screw.
Luck with your project. mike
I have a set of interior barn doors that come together in the middle. I would like to use a magnet on one door, and a cup or washer on the other door. Would these be strong enough to keep the doors together? Can I use several pairs spaced along the height of the doors to increase holding?
A shopper on Jul 27, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Hi There, Barnster
My guess is that you can do what you wish with magnets but you did not include the door size, hinging and construction, so I am reluctant to offer specifics. Here are some tips that may help:
1- the heavier the doors, the larger the magnets you may want to use. Place the magnets in cups and be sure to notch the cup's edge or you will not be able to pry that magnet out for any reason in the future. Be sure to cut the notch deeply enough that you can get a tool under the magnet's edge.
2- neo magnets have very powerful pull strength which is aided by the cup (do not use a washer). However, the maximum strength can only be achieved when two criteria are met:
a] the magnet must sit flush against its metal target and b] the metal target must be iron containing and thick enough to incorporate the magnetic field effectively. Flat steel straps from home depot,1"x1/8", work well. Thinner metal also works but the hold won't be as strong. You can put more than one magnet along a strip of the steel bar. Stainless steel has poor magnetic properties. By drilling slighty oversized holes in the target, you can allow it to pivot a bit, improving the contact relationship with the magnet(s).
3- If any areas of the doors get really hot, like from direct sun, you may want to mount the magnets away from that. Magnets reduce their magnetic power proportionally as their temp increases, though it returns when they cool down, as long as the temp did not get too high, wherein a permanent loss occurs.
Hope this helps. mike
I ordered a "cradled wood frame" 24" x 12" I want to put a piece of artwork on it and glass on top of that. I want to hold that glass in place with magnets in each corner. Would these magnets be strong enough to hold that?
Jill G on Mar 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Not enough info. Magnets don't attract wood. ????
Im looking for a rectangular magnet with screw holes that holds up to 5 pounds what would you recommend ?
Cory S on Jan 20, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Harbor Freight sells a magnet that is rectangular, and is mounted on a heavy base to drag on ground to pick up stray nails from roofing. I cut the base off mine to use it in conjunction with a small gate. It will stop most dogs, etc.
Wish Rockler would make a "fancier" version
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