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The maximum drawer slide height that this jig can accommodate is 1-3/4 inch.

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Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig

Install drawer slides quickly, accurately and more easily than ever with this innovative jig!
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The Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig is the ultimate aid for installing drawer slides of almost any type, including ball-bearing or epoxy-coated side-mount slides and even center-mount slides! The jig features a locking wedge that holds the slide securely with no risk of slippage. Press the jig against the face of your cabinet and your slide is positioned perfectly level, with the proper setback. The jig can be clamped in place if desired, and it also features an adjustable rod that references off of the face frame rails or cabinet bottom for fast, repeatable height settings.

  • Sliding wedge locks slide securely into the jig
  • Adjustable indexing foot allows perfect repeatability
  • Foot can be rotated for use on top or bottom
  • Cutouts in jig allow access for drill and driver bits
  • Large clamping area so jig can be clamped in place
  • Durable foamed nylon body with steel indexing rod and ABS foot
  • Indexing rod is stored onboard when not in use
  • Not compatible with Blum Tandem Drawer Slides.
(1) Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig
More Information
Brand Rockler
Weight 1.4500
Tech Spec
  • Overall Height: 6 in.
  • End Height: 4 1/4 in.
  • Working Length: 10 7/8 in.
  • Rod Length: 14 in.
Type Slid Jig Gun
4.2 / 5.0
433 Reviews
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4 Stars
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1 Star
Great tool
Works great and made installation of the drawer slides very easy
March 16, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Must have tool!!!
Absolutely love this product. It takes a lot of the guess work out. Worked great
March 3, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
A very good product
Works very well and is very easy to use. I really appreciate the ease of getting both slides level.
March 2, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
It's very well built and looks to be easily understandable
Have not used it yet. Still in the process of making the drawers for a tool storage cabinet
February 22, 2020
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Amazing jig!
Makes installing drawer sliders a cinch!
February 16, 2020
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
This tool is awesome, installing drawer slides made incredibly easy
February 4, 2020
3 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
A Time Saver.
I added 200 sq. feet to my workshop and decided to put in custom drawers. I ended up putting in 25. Boy, that's a lot of drawer slides. Like I mentioned in the title, a time saver.
January 17, 2020
8 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Saves time and works as advertised
Awesome tool
January 10, 2020
3 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
A great addition !
These work great and are simple to use. A must have if you build /install drawers and slides. I purchased 2 but actually can definitely get by with one
January 10, 2020
3 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
I have a lot of slides to install have not used yet it looks very cool.
December 29, 2019
3 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Installing new cabinet slides
Shawn M on Mar 31, 2020
Building Workshop
Arthur F on Mar 25, 2020
Installing new cabinet slides
Shawn M on Mar 31, 2020
I am building cabinets with drawers, so I need it.
William M on Mar 29, 2020
Building Workshop
Arthur F on Mar 25, 2020
Looks like it should be accurate.
MartyH on Mar 21, 2020
I used my friends drawer slide jig and I will never go without again it is a fantastic tool. It makes installing drawer slides easy and perfect.
Robert L on Mar 20, 2020
Seems like it would make drawer installation easier.
Alexander L on Mar 20, 2020
The cost and easy to use.
M D on Mar 20, 2020
I’ve done it the hard way, now I’m gonna try it the easy way. Thank you, Bob
bob g on Mar 20, 2020
Making an armoire with center drawer slides-wanted a jig that would make installation precise and replicable - this is it!
Joe K on Mar 18, 2020
Looking for a better way to install drawer slides
Ronald P on Mar 13, 2020
I have tried to install ball bearing slides before and never could get it done.I am not a carpenter so hopefully I get it done right this time
john s on Mar 10, 2020
It looks like it"s better than other jigs I've used
Erica R on Mar 8, 2020
Im building my own cabinets and would like to have an easier way to mount the slides
Laura W on Feb 29, 2020
Read reviews and this will take away any difficulty installing the drawer slides.
Kristen K on Feb 29, 2020
Try something new for a change.
Randall B on Feb 27, 2020
Need this
J P on Feb 26, 2020
Time saver
Thomas M on Feb 25, 2020
I'm hoping this will make it easier to make drawers with this system
Steve S on Feb 23, 2020
Need it
John H on Feb 23, 2020
To ease the installation of the drawer slides
Kenneth R on Feb 23, 2020
Hope it allows for easy drawer slide mounting
John W on Feb 22, 2020
Easier more consistent drawer slide set-up for kitchen cabinet
Roger U on Feb 21, 2020
to mount drawer slides with out fumbling.
Michael on Feb 20, 2020
Wanted to eliminate alignment errors while learning how to install slide brackets.
John F on Feb 19, 2020
seems easy to use and very pactical
Luis C on Feb 19, 2020
How many times I have hoped that both of the drawer slides were evenly put in or being able to put a new center slide in . Thanks Rockler !
Robert B on Feb 19, 2020
I am new to woodworking and several projects that I have planned over the next year involve drawers, so this looked like something that could save me a lot of frustration when making them.
Curt A on Feb 18, 2020
It's looks to be a very innovating hack saw.
Kevin W on Feb 17, 2020
hopefully this will help put in some drawer slides.
Ronald C on Feb 17, 2020
versatile use for all types of slides
S O on Feb 15, 2020
Have built cabinets before and was always challenged with getting the sliding rails level with the cabinet and with each other. Saw this on Youtube and it seems like this jig will eliminate all that
Mauro M on Feb 15, 2020
Reviewed several similar items, after viewing the videos you had, showing application, I made my decision.
Amie B on Feb 12, 2020
Need to build drawers
Kent on Feb 11, 2020
building a bedroom dresser and night table will use it to install drawer slides
Kerry H on Feb 9, 2020
Accuracy as ease of use
Randy D on Feb 9, 2020
to try
Wayne P on Feb 9, 2020
Ability to easily install drawer slides and not hassle with the alignment and leveling of the bar.
Daniel P on Feb 9, 2020
To ease the pain of setting drawer slides.
Bradley B on Feb 9, 2020
To help with mounting drawer slides
Ed on Feb 8, 2020
Simple and well thought out design.
ERIC W on Feb 5, 2020
Anything that will help make this frustrating part of cabinet building easier.....I'm willing to try. Here's hoping that I just bought a real time saver!
Patrick G on Feb 4, 2020
Need a simple tool to install drawers. Saw clips on YouTube.
Tinkeringeek on Feb 1, 2020
Saw David Piccuito use them on Make Something. Looked easy to use.
Susan D W on Feb 1, 2020
great products
Keith R on Jan 31, 2020
hope it makes a difference installing perfect drawer slides.
Don N on Jan 30, 2020
To help with drawer installation.
Glenn E on Jan 29, 2020
I have done this with other methods. Can't wait TO USE THIS ONE
JAMES G on Jan 27, 2020
Saw someone using it on YouTube
Randy W on Jan 25, 2020
i wanted it
ralph on Jan 25, 2020
I though I would give these a try since they were on sail. If they make the job easier and faster then worth the money.
Craig N on Jan 24, 2020
I am building cabinets with drawers, so I need it.
William M on Mar 29, 2020
Looks like it should be accurate.
MartyH on Mar 21, 2020
Can anyone tell me if this works for installing the BLUM undermount slides? Thanks ahead of time!
Matt R on Aug 2, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It does not work for undermount slides
How does it work for inset drawers?
J S on Mar 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You're going to have to mark the inset and put the front of your runner on that line. A little more work, but still easier than the alternatives.
Installation video shows details of installing the inside half of the drawer slide, then stops. How about completing the installation by showing how to accurately install the remaining half of the slide to the drawer?
A shopper on Apr 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: the jig is for mounting the slide to the wall of the cabinet, which is often difficult to get one's body into to accurately hold, and maneuver tools. slide, screws, driver, light, etc plus your body leaning on an elbow, as as most people are not ambidextrous one side is always harder to mount than the other side. You don't need the jig for the slide portion that attaches to the drawer. It is assumed that the drawer can be laid or stood on edge on a work bench where you have easy access. Further the position of the slide on the drawer determines where the drawer lands when installed. The best way to do a slide install, is to position the fully assembled slide on the side of the drawer and draw a line along the top and bottom edge of the slide. Then measure from this top line to the top of the drawer face, and use this dimension to determine where the top edge of the drawer slide will be mounted to the cabinet wall (make sure to include the necessary clearance gap between the top of the drawer face and the front support bar/rail of the cabinet. Then disassemble the slide, mount the larger/wide section to the cabinet wall, and then mount the smaller/inside slide section to the drawer (it will lie halfway between the upper and lower of your lines). To allow some adjustment to the drawer closed position, only install a few screws in the slot positions, test the drawer, adjust either/both of the slides to make the drawer close as you wish, then add screws in 'fixed' holes to make sure that the slides don't move with drawer use.
Mounting holes for the Accuride 3832 slides with the face frame conversion kit can not be accessed?
Mike M on Feb 5, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You only need the front and rear screws to secure the runner. Then remove the jig and put in the rest required.
Do I need these in addition to the Universal Drawer Slide jig? What about the Undermount Drawer slide jig? I'm a confused newbie.
Marty B on May 23, 2016
Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig
Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig
Rockler Drawer Installation Brackets
Rockler Drawer Installation Brackets
Rockler Undermount Drawer Slide Jig
Rockler Undermount Drawer Slide Jig
BEST ANSWER: The Rockler Undermount jig is for undermount slides, typically Blum and the drawer sits on the slide. Totally different slide and install. Side mounts have 2 components, one attached to the drawer, the other to the cabinet. The Rockler Drawer Installation is to help install the drawer component in the correct position, the Universal Drawer Slide Jig is for the cabinet component.
The important note above says that it will only accommodate a drawer slide that is a maximum of 1.75" high, but every drawer slide I find is 1.8. Will it fit those?
Todd G on Aug 11, 2018
Does it work with cabinets having a face frame?
Francis C on Jul 3, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I was able to clamp the jig to my cabinet face frame. I ended up using a vise grip clamp that is used with the Kreg pocket hole jig. I found this style to work the best.
What is the minimum size opening the slide will fit into?
Chris R on Apr 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The minimum opening on the Rockler Universal drawer slide jig is 3/4"
It appears you have to purchase two jigs? one left and one right or can it be used for both sides?
Russ I on Aug 2, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The same jig will do both left and right sides
I purchased this jig and attempted to use on push to open slides. It doesn't seem to work because it sets the front of the slide back. The insteuctions for the slide says the slide has to be flush with the front of the face frame. Has anyone used this jig successfully with the push to open slides?
Mike T on Jun 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I purchased this same drawer slide jig also I know when they say flush to the face front I kept mine flush to thee inside of the face frame so the slide glide by the face with about 1/8 clearance on both sides.
Push to open slides may require a little trial and error to get it right. Good Luck.
Does this jig work with standard under drawer mounts (the earlier question specifically addressed only BLUM under drawer mounts)?
Dan H on Apr 20, 2016
How does it help installing on the drawer sides?
John V on Apr 28, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The jig is helpful to keep the slide aligned (both level, and perpendicular to the face) to the cabinet, so that it can be fastened to the cabinet in the proper position. It was especially useful for me to install undermount drawer slides (the less expensive types, with nylon wheels rather than ball bearings) in a faceframe cabinet (bathroom vanity). In my case there was no structure to fasten the slide to in the rear, and it needed the end bracket to support the rear of the slide. Lining up the slide under those conditions would be difficult without this jig.
Watching video of slide mount jig only saw left hand drawer slide application but no demo for right hand slide,; noticed that jig would have to be turned upside down to mount right hand slide.
Please correct me if I’m incorrect?
Clinton B on Oct 17, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The slides can be locked in on either side of the jig. In the video the slide is on back side of the jig for installation on the left side of cabinet carcass. To mount slide on right side of carcass the slide would be locked in on near side of jig. Hope this clears up your confusion. The jig is ambidextrous, that is slide mounts on either side of jigs center rail.

Lawrence Shorter
How do you line up the drawer with the slide for mounting, after you use the universal drawer slide jig?
Brad S on Apr 1, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Well if you bought the same slides I bought it came with very specific instructions on how to do just that. If your one of the people who think you don't need the instructions think again. It has been some time since I put mine in but I do remember one very criticle step was to be sure you have them turned in the proper direction. Hope this helps. Most important of all is the instructions for both the jig and the slides themselves. You will need both.
Hi there. Is this jig available in metric measurements or only feet and inches?
Neill on Feb 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I don't Know. Please check with Rockler
I see a lot of negative comments on the slide holder. Is this something That has been addressed?
john G on Jun 28, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I have used the jig in impossible situations and have had no trouble with it. The main thing I have to say is that you have to follow the instructions. I will admit that the instructions are a little lite, could use better explanations.
Hi, Which Kreg´s clamp recommends to use with the universal drawer slide jig for better support on the wood?
Yunito on Dec 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: A C or F clamp works fine
just received the jig today and upon opening and checking it out, the adjustable guide for height does not work as the plastic guides are misalligned and the rod will not slide past the first guide as one pushes down... as the rod is stiff, there is no way to pass this guide...any suggestions???
David S on Sep 28, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It's hexagon shaped and the plastic has some give. Take your time and work it.
I see that Rockler says the jig only works for slides up to 1 3/4" wide. A common width for drawer slides is 1 13/16" (1.8"). Will this jig work with a slide that wide?
Dave F on Aug 16, 2016
To answer your question about The Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig, well I went out to my shop and cut a piece of oak stock to 5/8" thick and 1 7/8" wide and put it in the jig and it seemed to hold the stock pretty secure,
I would suggest go to Home depot and purchase a roll of heavy duty 2 faced rubber tape ( I use to hold templates to stock when using straight trimming bits on router table) this tape you could mount a couple locations on the jig to insure that it does not move until you would get at least screw secured.
Hope this helps. Thanks for asking, Mark
The drawer slide jig has a built in stop that sets the slide back 2 mm. Yet the drawer slide instructions say to mount the slide flush with the cabinet. Why the conflict and which one do you follow?
DennisD on Aug 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Set the jig flush to the cabinet. The 2mm set back allows the drawer to fully close.
It appears this jig will not work if you mount the drawer slides on the bottom of the drawer. Even at the 0 mark it holds it about 1/4" above the bottom of the drawer. Is this true? If so i will likely be returning.
Amy B on Apr 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This jig is used to hold the half of the slide that mounts in the cabinet box in place. You measure where you want the bottom of the drawer to be in box and then using the foot place the slide in the exact location on both sides of the box. The 1/4" just becomes part of that overall measurement.
My drawer opening is only 3-1/2 inches from top to bottom. Will the Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig fit in that opening?
EricD on Mar 20, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately it doesn't what i do is tack a strip of wood from the top square and put the track right up to it
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