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Rockler Workbench Casters, 4 Pack

Maneuver your heavy workbench with ease using our Workbench Caster Set!
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This set of four easy-spin 2-3/8" urethane casters feature a foot-activated lift mechanism that engages or disengages with the touch of your toe. Engage them to lift your bench 3/4" off the floor for mobility, disengage them for stability. Each caster is constructed of durable steel and rated for 100 lbs. - that's 400 lbs. of total capacity with the 4-pc. set!


  • Allows you to maneuver your work bench with little effort
  • Durable steel construction
  • Includes all mounting screws for easy installation
  • Satin black finish
(4) Workbench Casters  
(8) Mounting Screws
More Information
Brand Rockler
Manufacturer Part Number TABC-2-4
Weight 8.4500
Height 3/4"
Load Rating 100 lbs
Type Casters
4.5 / 5.0
855 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
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1 Star
Great addition
Love em. Can now move 10ft workbench with little effort.
December 5, 2019
3 weeks ago
Woodworking Experience:
Need to move the bench to get antique car in the garage.
Work very well. a bit tough installing them lying on the floor of the garage. But got it dones bench not glides around the garage with ease.
November 13, 2019
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
this is an excellent product. i have installed them on a large very heavy assembly table i built for my shop. i will be ordering an additional set soon.
November 11, 2019
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Solid Casters
Functional casters which do a great job on the table,
November 4, 2019
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great addition to my shop
These are great! They are easy to install and easy to use. The best thing is, you can buy one set of wheels and several sets of brackets and have several large pieces of equipment that are mobile but don't have wheels on them all the time they are stationary. They also lift the piece they are attached to very easily. The only downside was that they came with machine screws and nuts instead of screws which I needed because my legs were too thick for the machine screws to go all the way through. A couple dollars worth of screws fixed the problem but I would have liked to have the screws included.
November 3, 2019
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Nice wheels to move bench around
Bolted on the side of my work bench. Very easy to move around now.
November 2, 2019
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
use to move a large carving bench
so far a great product. bought on sale for moving my carving bench around. It is large and heavy and moves easily with the wheels. easy to install. Wish I had purchased a long time ago
November 2, 2019
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Work Great
My shop is small, so much of what I have is on wheels. I have these on my bench and outfeed table, and connected the two on each end with some angle iron so I can raise the whole end with one motion. They work well and allow me to shuffle things over if I need a little more space for outfeed or just to clean.
October 31, 2019
over 2 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
works great. Makes the work table a dream to move
October 29, 2019
1 month ago
Great product
These are great casters, very strong and move my table/bench with ease. I would recommend them.
October 22, 2019
2 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Casters can be mounted to outside or inside of bench legs
Rex E on Dec 4, 2019
My brother is planning a new workbench and this is my
Steven P on Dec 3, 2019
Casters can be mounted to outside or inside of bench legs
Rex E on Dec 4, 2019
to make my workbench portable
Forrest on Dec 3, 2019
My brother is planning a new workbench and this is my
Steven P on Dec 3, 2019
I built a workbench and needed to move it. This was a perfect solution.
John T on Dec 1, 2019
Best casters on the market
Michael P on Nov 30, 2019
Love the ease of setting them in active and inactive positions.
Subhashis M on Nov 30, 2019
Gift for my husband. He built his own workbench and mentioned these would be a great addition to his project.
Linda H on Nov 30, 2019
For the work bench I purchased from Rockler.
Dennis R on Nov 29, 2019
excellent idea to be able to have the stability of fixed legs, but with the ability to move the equipment as needed.
Paul a on Nov 29, 2019
Was on my stepsons Christmas list
Dennis S on Nov 28, 2019
Saw them in an April Wilkerson video
Jeffrey J on Nov 23, 2019
built my bench over the weekend and decided to make it mobile
herb s on Nov 18, 2019
new shop
Charles A on Nov 14, 2019
need to move my table around and its getting to tough
larry w on Nov 12, 2019
Item needed for workbench mobility.
Alan Y on Nov 11, 2019
With the weight they will support, they are just what I need for my assembly table.
T E on Nov 9, 2019
needed them
Keith W on Nov 2, 2019
I was told by a friend of mine, that he bought these casters for his workbench. and they worked out great. Lets see what happens when I receive mine.
Don B on Oct 30, 2019
Need to move cabinet in to position for use.
Robert R on Oct 24, 2019
for work bench
john s on Oct 24, 2019
The only way to move workbench away from wall in order to clean up behind it.
Ted C on Oct 24, 2019
Well rated on internet search and review.
Russell L on Oct 21, 2019
I saw them on a work bench in the store. I got to try them out. I have a bench they will work well with.
victoria w on Oct 21, 2019
Putting these on my work bench.
Liz m on Oct 19, 2019
Setting up my workshop in my new house
Becky F on Oct 14, 2019
I recently built a few workbenches - two of them were rather lightweight, but I did not anticipate how heavy the other two would be and have difficulty moving them around by myself. I did not want the additional height of adding plate or stem casters to the legs, so I decided drilling holes through the legs (tables are mild steel) to accommodate these would be the best solution.
Kevin C on Oct 12, 2019
Need it for layout table.
Jim P on Oct 10, 2019
Would like to remove the casters quickly to make room for other items.
Vernon D on Oct 7, 2019
I work out of my garage and roll my work table out to the driveway with dolly cart.<br />My work table will be a lot easier to move and more stable after lowering the mechanism.
D O on Oct 7, 2019
Saw them being used on You Tube. The young lady Wilkerson used them on a project.
Albert B on Oct 1, 2019
I bought one set earlier, I need to make another piece of equipment mobile.
Richard S on Sep 30, 2019
I am building a new BBQ cart and these will work well. They will allow me to move the BBQs around the patio for cleaning, but won't let the cart roll around while grilling.
Robert M. S on Sep 29, 2019
I have one set already, and need another set for a second workbench. I made one improvement on the first set: I drilled holes in the end tabs of the levers and bolted 3/4" square steel tubing as a connecting rod between them. Now, one flick of my foot up or down raises and lowers a complete side with one movement. Very convenient!
Jim on Sep 29, 2019
I wanted it.
Kirsten B on Sep 28, 2019
They look cool!
Chuck P on Sep 27, 2019
crafted workshop on youtube recommended this item
casey m on Sep 27, 2019
I'm building a workbench, and I wanted it to be mobile.
Beau B on Sep 26, 2019
easy way to move tools around the shop
PETER F on Sep 26, 2019
move my workbench
Jerry L on Sep 24, 2019
Built a workbench that needs to be mobile and stable when set on the floor. These castors should work just fine. Thanks
David G on Sep 22, 2019
these seem sturdy and able to handle a heavy woodworking bench.
JON S on Sep 20, 2019
to move my work bench out of the wall when I need to.
Ricardo on Sep 19, 2019
Recommended by a friend for a new workbench I built.
Virginia D on Sep 18, 2019
Up coming workbench build
Terri H on Sep 17, 2019
Making new workbench
Edmund R on Sep 17, 2019
I have small shop and I need a set for my lathe.
Steve C on Sep 11, 2019
I already have a set on one of my workbenches, and they work great!
Odus H on Sep 10, 2019
I have a small work shop and need to be able to move my work bench around.
Thomas W on Sep 9, 2019
I saw a set on a friend's workbench. I would have preferred a larger diameter wheel, but these look pretty good.
Bill K on Sep 9, 2019
They are easy to use with a work bench
Kelly Z on Sep 6, 2019
to make my workbench portable
Forrest on Dec 3, 2019
I built a workbench and needed to move it. This was a perfect solution.
John T on Dec 1, 2019
Does anybody have any experience with the "tires" separating from the "rim"? Mine started to desolve in a million pieces, without having been overloaded or rolled through any type of chemicals.
A shopper on Apr 27, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Purchased a set for a bench at work in a chemical plant, have had them in use at least 4 years with no problems. when I have need of this type of caster on other portable equipment and tables I buy these have 4 or 5 sets now with no trouble.
Can I get Technical specifications for this? I want to know the size of the mounting plate and the "screw holes". I'm a draftsman for theatre and I'm specing these for a piece of rehearsal scenery, but I need to know where to drill bolt holes and how/where I should place framing to support the casters.
Wil D on Oct 5, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Plate Dim(X,Y) - (1.965in, 3.558in). 2 mounting holes, one centered at top and one centered at bottom, coordinate to follow. Coordinates(X,Y), reference pt is top left corner, (1.033in, 0.486in). Hole Dia(in) ~5/32 to 11/64.
Can I replace the 2-3/8" urethane casters with pneumatic casters? I need this to be able to roll outside easily.
Brian N on Sep 21, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I believe you could do this I find the casters from rockler to be just fine , when I pull my saw out of the garage onto asphalet driveway, no problems.
Does anyone know of similar hardware that allows attachment to a horizontal member, say a 2 by X piece?
David on Sep 26, 2015
BEST ANSWER: have not come across one yet . if willing to construct, check 'retractable castors for power tools' on youtube
These have a working load of 100 lbs. each, correct? So a 400 lb bench could be supported by 4? Is there anything that might have a larger working load?
Erik H on Sep 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It does have a load rating of 100 lbs per caster or 400 lbs with all four. However, when you raise the workbench off the floor to a rolling position, you are putting all 400 lbs on the first caster you raise. For me, this was enough to cause the caster to fail and my workbench only weighs about 250 lbs. I would use a heavy-duty locking caster rated for more weight if I were you. I will be switching out my casters this summer.
I want to mount these on the inside of the legs. I trip over enough stuff now as it is! I have exactly 6 inches from the floor to the underside of the crosspiece on my workbench. I know that is enough space to mount these. But will 6 inches allow the lift mechanism to come up high enough to engage the wheels? Will it be a real pain to 'step on' that lift mechanism, trying to slide my foot on there with only 6 inches clearance?
User on Nov 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You need to get the mounting plates set. Than you will be able to remove and replace the casters at will. I had the same problem, the casters lock into place on the plates.
Can I mount these on the inside of the bench to keep from tripping over them?
corey on Nov 15, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I don't see why not. The only issue I see is getting at the lever to raise and lower the casters. it can require a lot of pressure to operate the level if you have a heavy bench.
i am using Husky 6 ft. Solid Wood Top Workbench Model legs. can i use longer screws and how low or high should i put the bracket?
jon b on Jun 12, 2016
Rockler Workbench Casters, 4 Pack
Rockler Workbench Casters, 4 Pack
Rockler Quick-Release Workbench Caster Plates, 4-Pack
Rockler Quick-Release Workbench Caster Plates, 4-Pack
BEST ANSWER: If you need longer screws to go through the wood there is no problem, use the length you need to go all the way through the wood with about 1/2 inch to spare, this is the amount you need for the thickness of the quick release and for the nut. As for height, The box tells you to drill the holes 2 inches from the floor, and the second hole 4 inches above the floor, you should center the holes on the leg (side to side. I hope I have helped you
My garage floor is so unlevel, to get out feed table level with table saw there is a 1 3/4" gap from bottom of bench to floor on 1 side and 1" gap on other side (currently using leg levelers). Will these still work to lift out feed table of leg levers and roll around?
Trevor O on Mar 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: They lift about 3/4" -- my floor is also uneven, so once I put my workbench in place, I sometimes need a wedge to level it. You could also use adjustable feet but it was recommended to me not to use them on a a work bench because of the pounding it might take.
What material are the wheels made out of?
Brian S on Aug 23, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The wheels are made of urethane, as mentioned in the description. I have not been using these long, but I just installed them on a work bench, and the seem to work fine. I don't intend to move the bench all that often so I hope they will wear well.
When the casters are in the deployed position how high is the table elevated off the ground based upon the measurements found here on the Rockler site for mounting the hardware?
Giovani L on Jun 19, 2018
Rockler Workbench Casters, 4 Pack
Rockler Workbench Casters, 4 Pack
Rockler Quick-Release Workbench Caster Plates, 4-Pack
Rockler Quick-Release Workbench Caster Plates, 4-Pack
Would these survive being stored outdoors in the weather? We need an outdoors mobile ramp on the blacktop that can be set solidly down after locating.
Ed C on Mar 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I have had these attached to an outdoor work bench for two years now and have had no issues. I am in Los Angeles though and we don't have very extreme weather.
Would it be possible to attached these to the bottom of a table saw that has metal legs? Looking to use casters to make my table saw mobile. Jet 708492K model.
Logan J on Dec 29, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes, you can. I just did it. If the legs are not vertical you may need some angle spacer blocks (I just did it), then drill holes into the blocks, then into the legs. I used bolts, of two different lengths, to attach mine. Works like a champ!
my work bench is made out of an old bowling lane It weighs about 200 lbs will these casters support it??
Paul P on Dec 5, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I would also get the removable acssesory, so when you get your work bench where you want you can take the caster off and your not stub your toes on them, make shure you attach them a solid place on your bench.
How can I keep the casters from rolling under the legs? When engaging they will, sometimes, go underneath the workbench legs.
A Regular Guy on Mar 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Good Question! I have had problems with this myself. To alleviate some of the problem, I installed the wheel brackets 1/2" higher on the leg than the instructions indicate. This still gives you 1/2" clearance under the legs when the wheels are locked and stops the wheels from curling under in most rolling situations. As soon as you lift up on the workbench, though, the wheels still try to roll under.
I have a set of these casters and they lift my 300 pound sjobergs workbench just fine. But when it comes time to lower the bench back to the floor, I have to use a Fastcap jack to flip them up. I can't do it with steel-toed boots, It would be nice if there were a way to softly lower the bench, so its weight doesn't cause it to slam down to the floor once the "flipper" is disengaged. Does anyone else have this problem or a solution?
Robert P on Sep 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes they require quite a lot of pressure to disengage but I made me a release rod out of 3/8 inch rod with a T handle and hook that does it fairly ease while standing. Mine are on a 400lb. work bench. Makes a little ruchus though.
So is it 100lbs per caster or in total for all 4? I have a 300+ Lbs desk that I want to mount these casters to. The desk is heavy and is made of particle board. Not to mention I will be also adding tools on to the desk as well making the weight significantly greater. For my solution can someone suggest another product if these casters dont work please? My side panels are 1 1/4" wide and I haven't found any u shaped brackets with casters to work.
Scott C on Feb 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: You can always modify your table and make your own set of lifting casters. Norm Abram has a video on a modern assembly table for New Yankee Workshop that goes over how to do it. I would suggest beefing up the areas where the casters are going to attach. I have has trouble using the casters in 3/4 in baltic birch plywood and had to double the thickness to make the casters works.
Can these casters be attached to metal? I have an older model of a Delta saw that's quite heavy; I was thinking of bolting the casters to the saw base.
Rocco C on May 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I use them for the same application. I applied them to a 40 year old radial arm saw. They work well for that. I used one existing hole on each leg and had to drill one more They allow me to move the saw around my shop when in use and push it in the corner when not in use. My shop is actually my garage.
do these castors work with the Rockler 24'' x 36'' Shop Stand Item #: 48089 ?
Robert M on Mar 26, 2018
Rockler Workbench Casters, 4 Pack
Rockler Workbench Casters, 4 Pack
Rockler 24'' x 36'' Shop Stand
Rockler 24'' x 36'' Shop Stand
BEST ANSWER: You might have to drill holes in the legs for these. I've used the casters with the threaded studs that mount to the bottom of each leg.
These are the ones that I've used on 7 stands.
Total Lock 3/8'' Stem Casters
Total Lock 3/8'' Stem Casters
Has anyone tried mounting larger casters to this set? I have to mount it higher than the 2" that these specify. My requirement is that the first screw must be at least 2 5/8" off the floor. I'm thinking of putting a 3" caster on the mounts to raise the lower bolt for the quick release plate to 3 1/8". Any thoughts?
Anthony C on May 28, 2017
Rockler Workbench Casters, 4 Pack
Rockler Workbench Casters, 4 Pack
Rockler Quick-Release Workbench Caster Plates, 4-Pack
Rockler Quick-Release Workbench Caster Plates, 4-Pack
BEST ANSWER: I had a similar problem and just mounted the caster set a little higher. It works good but just leaves your stand or whatever a little closer to the floor. Measure your clearance and just allow for that to allow space to move.
What is the width of the caster wheels? I assume the wheel dimension of 2 3/8 is a diameter?
SoCalNative on Jan 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I bought my casters in December of 2017 and measured one of the wheels for yo. It's 1-1/16" wide (wheel only).
Can I use 4" casters instead of the supplied 2 3/8" ones? I need to move and lift a 200lb electric piano off the ground and maneuver it to gigs.
Craig G on Feb 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: if design is similar to the castor supplied it would work but top mounting hole would be closer to 6.25 " from bottom of leg
(prefigure using right angle for guide) (wheel clearance of lowered lever arm the only restriction)
Are these suitable for a 10" Rockwell Unisaw and extension table? Or are they too meek?
Guswah on Apr 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: These casters have a load rating of 100 lbs each, with a total load rating of 400 lbs for the set. If your Unisaw is within that limit you're ok - check with Rockwell to be sure if you don't know your saw wt. That said, these casters are heavy duty and well made. I have them on my work bench which is made out of a 3" thick maple top, 24" x 72". It's pretty heavy but not 400 lbs.
I just purchased a Powermatic pm 1000 table saw. I'd like to use the Rockler workbench casters to make this saw mobile. Are the casters heavy duty enough for the job?
Miles B on Jun 14, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I built a large heavy wooden workbench with storage underneath for tools & equipment which I estimate weighs in at least 300 pounds in total. These casters make it very easy to move anywhere in the shop and I've had no problem with them.
what is the width of the bracket - or what is the minimum width of the table legs?
Reinhard B on Oct 10, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The part of the bracket that rests on the leg is 49mm wide. The "arms" that extend out add a few millimeters on each side, but, again, the part on the leg is only 49mm wide.

If you don't mind the bracket extending out past the leg, the screw holes are centered on the bracket, so you can actually get away with a much smaller leg if needed.
will it roll over carpet? I have my work area carpeted
Charlotte M on Oct 22, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I really can't say for sure because my shop floor is concrete but the lathe that I use them with is quite heavy and it rolls with very little effort. With the size of the wheels I would think that they will be okay with a very short napped carpet. Good luck.
How heavy is the product?
Derk T on May 3, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The components are made from nice-thick metal which make them heavier than your typical caster - I couldn’t tell you exactly how heavy - maybe 2lbs each??
i have a delta belt /disc sander will these hold up to 300lbs?
James N on Oct 10, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes I put them all of my work benches . They made it easy to move the whole shop area around to make a small shop into a large space so I can use the table saw to cut up the plywood. In fortunately I lost everything to the wild fire on paradise. Had to relocate to my RV. I built a landing and steps for easy access to the RV I put then on so I can mow it out of the way when needed. I highly recommend them
I have an old craftsman cast iron table saw on a steel base. Think this would be able to hold the weight of the table saw? I have no idea how much it weighs.
Joshua C on Feb 1, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I have two sets of these casters, one set for a workbench I made that weighs 350-400 lbs much heavier than a saw even with a cast iron top. And the other I've used for a cabinet that holds many different portable tools the top of which holds my planer. The casters work great for both of these uses.
I have a nine foot Sjobergs bench that weighs 300 pounds. Would you recommend these for occasional use?
Rob B on May 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes I would but only for moving the bench , my bench is lighter but not by much and I never leave the wheels in the down position .. I think they are GREAT and have featured them in my YouTube videos on Protect Your DIGITS creations... I hope this helps you in your decision....
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