This laptop computer desk offers a great place to work when you're standing or sitting. It’s also makes a perfect serving table for eating while watching your favorite shows or as a project table for kids. It features a center post that is easy to adjust and smooth rolling casters that roll over any floor surface in your house or workshop. We also attached some of our handy Lock-Align Accessories to hold your pens, pencils, phone or remote control.

laptop standing desk

laptop desk food service

laptop desk kids work table

Download the Laptop Desk Plan

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Materials List

Adjustable Laptop Desk - Exploded View

laptop desk project plan

laptop desk parts dimensions

Adjustable Laptop Desk - Part Details

diagram showing part dimension details

Adjustable Laptop Desk - Plywood Cutting Diagrams

laptop desk plywood cutting plan

Construction Steps

1. Use the Material List and Part Details drawings above to lay out and cut all of the parts to their final shapes and dimensions.
2. Follow the steps on the next pages to cut the slot and holes in the Adjustable Post and Base Posts.
3. Use a 3-3/4"-diameter hole saw or a jig saw to cut the 3-3/4"-diameter cup holder hole.
4. Round over edges and sand all surfaces with 100- and 150-grit sandpaper.
5. Assemble the top components and base components using glue and #8 x 1-1/4" wood screws where noted in the Exploded View drawing.
6. Test the fit of the Adjustable Post between the Base Posts as you assemble the base components. There can be slight friction between the Adjustable Post and Base Posts, but it should slide easily.
7. Apply at least two coats of water-based polyurethane.
8. Attach the four casters under the Bottom Feet with screws. Mount the casters with brakes on the front side of the desk so that they are easy to access when working at the desk.
9. Slide the top assembly and base assembly together.
10. Install the T-bolts through the holes and slot, seating the bolt head in their mortises. Secure the bolts with washers and the star knobs.

Making the Adjustable Height Post

man drilling end holes for post channel

1. Drill 5/16"-diameter holes to establish the ends of the slot. The top hole is 3-1/2" from the top edge and the bottom hole is 20-1/2" from the top.

routing post channel>

2. Install a 5/16" straight bit in a router table. Set the bit height to 1". Fit the bit through the left hole in the Adjustable Post and position the fence against the edge of the work piece. Then turn on the router and cut the slot, feeding the board to cut from the left hole to the right hole.

drilling t-bolt mortises

3. Drill the two 1/2"-diameter x 1/16"-deep holes that will serve as a mortise to secure the T-bolts so that they won't spin when tightened. The outside edge of each hole should overlapped the adjacent hole (see inset).

drilling t-bolt holes

4. Drill 5/16"-diameter T-bolt holes through both Base Post pieces. Drill the holes through the back Base Post first, centering the holes in each mortise created in the previous step. Then use the back piece as a template for drilling the holes thorugh the front Base Post.

Download the Laptop Desk Plan