rockler circle cutting jigs

The easiest and most accurate way to cut a circle might be by using a router and a circle cutting jig. The jig acts as a compass mounted on your router. You secure the center and then position the router so that the bit is located at the radius of the circle you want to cut. You can make a simple version out of plywood, but if you want the versatility to easily cut different size circles, then we recommend one of the Rockler circle cutting jigs. We make 5 jig kit options that look pretty similar, so which one do you choose?

VIDEO: Which Router Circle Cutting Jig is Best for You

Circle Cutting Jigs for Compact Routers

compact router circle cutting jig

The Circle Cutting Jig for Trim Routers allows you to use the new crop of compact, plunge-style trim routers to cut circles from 6'' to 36'' in diameter

circle and ellipse cutting jig

The Rockler Compact Router Ellipse and Circle Jig is ideal for cutting out the shape of small signs, tabletops and frames. It can cut ellipses from as small as 6'' x 11'' to as large as 19'' x 24'', and circles from 6'' to 24'' in diameter.

Circle Cutting Jigs for Full-Size Routers

full size router circle cutting jig

The Rockler Circle Cutting Jig for full-size routers sets up in minutes and easily cuts flawless circles from 10" to 52" in diameter.

full size router ellipse jig

The Rockler Ellipse/Circle Router Jig lets you cut circles and ellipse shapes over a wide range of dimensions and proportions.

large router base for ellipses

This Large Base for Rockler Ellipse/Circle Cutting Router Jig works with the Ellipse/Circle Router Jig (#27712, sold separately) for more design flexibility and ellipses with narrower proportions. The larger size increases the maximum difference between the major and minor axes from 8" to 14". In other words, the maximum length of the major axis remains 52", but the minor axis can be up to 14" shorter than with the standard base.