If you use drawers as one way to organize your shop, you’ve probably got at least a few drawers that serve as “catch-alls” for anything and everything. And sometimes “junk drawers” are fine, because the contents of the drawer aren’t valuable or fragile or part of an important set. When it comes to valuable tools, like hand planes, the last thing you want to do is toss these into a drawer. They deserve dedicated storage where other tools and supplies can’t damage them. And tools with sharp, delicate edges — like these chisels — deserve special protection too. For these sorts of situations and more, Rockler’s Foam Organizers for drawers can help.

foam drawer organizer sheets

Our layered Foam Organizer Sheets let you easily create drawer inserts that fit your tools like a glove. Simply lay out your tools on the sheet, trace around them with a marker, cut the outlines with a utility knife, then remove layers like an orange peel until you reach the desired depth. Your tools will stay exactly where you want them, and protect any cutting edges from damage. The sheets come in 2' x 4' sections that can be easily subdivided with a table saw to make drawer liners for smaller toolboxes. They can also be combined to fill out larger areas—great for Kaizen style drawer organization in an office setting. Available in 1-1/8'' and 2-1/4'' thicknesses, in either single sheets or packs of 3.