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Workshop Setup & Tool Maintenance

  1. How Best to Mobilize My Workbench?

    Setting the lock on Rockler workbench casters

    What is the best way to add mobility to a workbench in a small shop?

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  2. Why is My Band Saw Stalling When I Resaw?

    Sawing thin panels using a band saw

    Why is my band saw motor dying when I'm trying to resaw?

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  3. What's the Life Span of an Air Compressor?

    Adjusting moisture draining valve on air compressor tank

    How often do you need to replace your shop air compressor?

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  4. 5 New Tools You Might Have Missed

    dan with 5 new tools

    In this Rockler demonstration we'll show you five new tools that you might have missed. All five of these tools were introduced in the past six months, but they are from different tools categories. We’re betting at least one of these tools will be something you’ll want in your shop. Let’s get started!

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  5. What's a Tail Vise For on a Workbench?

    Clamping project to the end of a workbench

    Do you need a tail vise on your workbench?

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  6. Why and Where to Install Dust Collection Blast Gates?

    stablegate demo

    Blast gates, like these Rockler StableGates and Metal Blast Gates are hose ports that feature a sliding gate that opens and closes to control the airflow in your dust collection lines. They’re like the traffic cops in your system. In this Rockler demonstration you'll see several types of blast gates and how to install them in your dust collection system.

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  7. How Do I Protect Cast Iron from Rusting During Storage?

    Rubbing a coat of paste wax on a cast iron table saw top

    How do you prevent cast iron tools from rusting?

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  8. Choosing the Best Router Table for Your Shop


    If you’re in the shopping for a new router table, but you’re feeling lost in all the component options, Rockler’s new online Router Table Configurator can help! We’ll click our way through it, in this demo video.
    A router table is unlike most other machines in a woodshop because you can customize it just the way you want it. There are different kinds of tables, fence systems, choices for hanging the router itself, and base options. And those are just the major pieces! Then, there’s all the different accessory options to consider, too – which is a GOOD thing.
    Rockler’s new online Router Table Configurator makes the shopping process easier than ever.

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