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Workshop Setup & Tool Maintenance

  1. Choosing the Best Router Table for Your Shop


    If you’re in the shopping for a new router table, but you’re feeling lost in all the component options, Rockler’s new online Router Table Configurator can help! We’ll click our way through it, in this demo video.
    A router table is unlike most other machines in a woodshop because you can customize it just the way you want it. There are different kinds of tables, fence systems, choices for hanging the router itself, and base options. And those are just the major pieces! Then, there’s all the different accessory options to consider, too – which is a GOOD thing.
    Rockler’s new online Router Table Configurator makes the shopping process easier than ever.

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  2. Organize Your Tools with Foam Drawer Inserts

    foam drawer organizer

    If you use drawers as one way to organize your shop, you’ve probably got at least a few drawers that serve as “catch-alls” for anything and everything. And sometimes “junk drawers” are fine, because the contents of the drawer aren’t valuable or fragile or part of an important set. When it comes to valuable tools, like hand planes, the last thing you want to do is toss these into a drawer. They deserve dedicated storage where other tools and supplies can’t damage them. And tools with sharp, delicate edges — like these chisels — deserve special protection too. For these sorts of situations and more, Rockler’s Foam Organizers for drawers can help.

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  3. Do I Need a Bigger Dust Collector?

    Dust collection duct system

    Should a dust collection system be improved with a more powerful collector or better ductwork?

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  4. Get the Most Out of Your Shop Vacuum

    shop vacuum and dust separator

    Dust collection should be one of the first considerations when you get started in woodworking. Whether you’ve got a big shop or a small shop, chances are you’ve got a shop vacuum. So in today’s Rockler demonstration you'll see many of the best products you can use to get the most out of your shop vacuum.

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  5. Magswitch Featherboards and Dial Indicator


    Three new tool accessories from Magswitch are easy to attach and hold securely. Each Magswitch features a switchable magnet that clings to any ferrous metal surface.

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  6. Is It Ok to Change the Angle of a Chisel?

    Cutting an angled joint with a beveled chisel

    What happens if you accidentally change the angle on your chisel?

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  7. How to Repair Sanding Belts?

    Triton belt sander sanding down lumber

    How do you fix the taped joints on a sanding belt?

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  8. What's Best for Workshop Air Quality?

    Rockler dust right dust collection system on workshop wall

    Should you start with a dust collector or air filter in a woodworking shop?

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