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Workshop Setup & Tool Maintenance

  1. Maintaining a Band Saw

    Adjusting and maintaining a band saw

    How to set your band saw blade tension, blade tracking, and guide blocks.

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  2. Bench Grinder Tips for the Woodshop

    Sharpening woodturning tools on a bench grinder

    Make the most of your bench grinder with this collection of handy tips and tricks.

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  3. Measuring Advice: Dealing with Non-Standard Size Materials

    Trying to fit together mismeasured project pieces

    Wouldn’t it be great if all "standard size" materials were really standard?

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  4. True Your Table Saw Miter Gauge, Blade and Fence

    Making sure that table saw fence and miter gauge are true

    You probably rely heavily on your table saw for accurate cuts, every time you use it. Here are some easy checks you can do on your saw to make sure it's cutting perfectly.

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  5. Band Saw Resawing Tips

    man holding two matching boards next to a band saw

    The GuidePRO GP5 Resaw Featherboard provides continuous pressure against the resaw fence, leaving both hands free to guide your work. Resawing lumber is cutting the stock lengthwise along the edge. Resawing a board creates a thinner piece of stock. This technique is used to make thin panels, such as veneer, and also to make book match panels.

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  6. Measurement Advice: Transferring Measurements

    Putting together a project with incorrect measurements

    Here's a workshop measurement problem that’s all too common: You measure an opening on a cabinet carcass for a door, but by the time you get to the saw to cut the door's stiles and rails, you've forgotten or (worse) remembered the dimensions incorrectly.

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  7. Measurement Advice: When to Measure and When to Cut

    Trying to put together a piece with bad measurements

    When you've got a big project ahead of you, it's tempting to cut all parts to final size following the dimensions shown on your cut list. But it's better to plan your cutting strategy out so that your workflow is efficient, and you don't end up with mis-cut parts.

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  8. Measurement Advice: Accurate Measuring and Marking

    Putting together a prodject with inaccurate measurements

    Checking the length of a part seems like a pretty straightforward process, but there are several possible stumbling blocks that can mess things up.

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