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  1. Should I Buy a Mid-size or a Compact Router?

    Routing a hinge location with a compact router

    Is the compact or mid-size router a better buy?

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  2. Where Should I Mount a Front Vise on My Workbench?

    Workbench vise mounted to the right side of a table

    Why do most workbenches have vises installed on the left side?

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  3. Choosing Between a Planer and a Drum Sander

    A portable planer with planed lumber and extra blades

    Which tool is better for cleaning stock - a planer or drum sander?

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  4. Mortising Drill Bit Set-Up?

    Two drill bits used for mortising with a hollow insert

    What do you need to know to use a mortising drill bit?

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  5. How to Level a Router Insert

    Using router inserts to make cuts on an uneven surface

    Experts weigh in on how to properly level your inserts on a home-made router table.

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  6. Folding and Portable Rock Steady Work Stand

    working with rock steady work stand

    In this Rockler demonstration we take a closer look at the Rockler Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand Rockler Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand. Stowability and strength make the Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand an excellent choice for supporting router tables, T-track tables and other work surfaces wherever space is tight. Thick gauge steel, strong pivot points and anti-racking supports give the stand a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds. When you're done using it, just pull the pins, lift up on the table, and fold the legs for compact storage against a wall or transport to the jobsite.

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  7. Removing Water Ring Stain from Cast Iron?

    Using mineral spirits to rub out a water stain on cast iron

    How do I remove a water ring stain from the top on my table saw?

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  8. How Often to Clean Saw Blades?

    Cleaning a table saw blade with Rockler pitch and resin remover

    How often should you clean saw blades?

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