In this Rockler demo you'll learn how to keep your carbide cutter turning tools sharp and making clean cuts. Carbide insert cutters are designed to be replaceable, but often all they need is a little touch up to cut like new again. The Rockler Carbide Cutter Honing System makes it easy with a 6'' diamond stone and a magnetic grip that securely holds your cutter as you guide it back and forth on the stone. You'll find the cutters clean up nicely to a keen, crisp edge. The grip has a molded recess that accepts all shapes and sizes of carbide cutters for our line of Rockler Ergonomic Carbide Turning Tools.

WATCH VIDEO: Learn how to keep your carbide cutter woodturning tools sharp.

- Allows easy touch-up sharpening of all cutters for Rockler Ergonomic Carbide Turning Tools
- 1'' x 2'' grip has molded recess and strong magnet to hold cutters securely
- One side of grip fits D1, R1, S1 and Sr1 cutters, while other side fits D2, R2, S2 and Sr2 cutters
- Symmetrical shape of grip allows right- or left-handed use
- 6'' long 1200-grit diamond honing plate has non-slip backing to prevent it from sliding
- Plastic storage case and hang hole allows convenient storage—magnet holds the grip to the diamond hone!

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