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  1. Project: Turned Multi-bit Screwdriver

    Shop-made screwdriver handle with storage compartment

    This project shows how to turn a relatively simple screwdriver handle with a hidden storage compartment for several different sized bits.

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  2. Lathe Tool Sharpening Cart Plan

    lathe tool sharpening cart

    Build this Lathe Tool Sharpening Station to streamline your tool sharpening workflow. Designed with Rockler's new Rock-Steady Shop Stand Kit (32"W x 20"D x 32"H) as its framework, I can roll it over to my lathe easily, so sharpening will only be a few steps away from the action. Its worktop has an alu­minum facing to protect against sparks, plus six holes and a long slot for storing the lathe tools I'm either sharpening at the moment or using while I turn. Two 4"-deep drawers have racks of semicir­cular holders that can stow a big collection of short or long lathe tools between uses. And a closed cabinet below that can store other turning accessories too.

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  3. The Tools to Use for Hollow Vessels

    Turned vase projects made with hollowing techniques

    These hollowform vases were turned using specialized tools to carve out the inside of the wood blanks, a process most turners can learn fairly quickly.

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  4. How to Get Started in Woodturning

    turned spindle in a lathe

    Woodturning is a fun skill category within the world of woodworking. Unlike many types of woodworking, instead of assembling multiple pieces of wood to make something, woodturning is similar to carving, meaning that it requires removing wood from a single piece to create the finished project. Woodturning appeals to many because you don't need a large space or a lot of tools to get started.

    What tools and materials do you need to make your first woodturning project?
    1. A lathe.
    2. Woodturning tools.
    3. Material to turn, such as wood or acrylic turning blanks.
    4. Work holding devices.
    5. Apparel.

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  5. Make a Turned Tree Ornament

    three turned wood tree ornaments

    All you need to make these tree ornaments is a mini lathe, a set of turning tools and wood or acrylic turning blanks. Even a small scrap of wood can be made into a beautiful a miniature tree ornament.

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  6. How to Make a Wood or Acrylic Ring

    assortment of handmade rings

    Learn how to turn a ring. Ring turning is a project that offers a huge range of creative options. You can choose to turn a ring from almost any hardwood species or acrylic ring blank. You also have the choice of several styles of metal or ceramic ring cores. Turning rings does require more precision and attention to detail than some other types of woodturning projects, but it is not difficult if you take your time and work carefully.

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  7. Decorative Carving on Turned Bowls

    Bowls with coloring and carved elements

    Adding a decorative rim to your bowl with paint, carvings and/or bleach can make a simple turning project into a piece of art.

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  8. Making Hardwood Bottle Opener Handles

    Using bottle opener with a turned handle

    A bottle opener is a relatively simple and infinitely customizable woodturning gift, requiring some simple hardwood stock and opener hardware.

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