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  1. Right Glue, Faceplate Size for Mounting Bowl Blanks?

    Gluing a bowl blank onto a mounting block

    How should you mount a blank on a lathe for bowl turning?

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  2. Turn a Natural-Edge Green-Wood Bowl

    Turned natural edge bowl made from a green blank

    With their bark-topped rims and gracefully curving grain, natural-edge bowls make heads turn unlike any other project.

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  3. Turning Cabriole Legs

    Ernie Conover demonstrating a freshly turned cabriole leg

    How to turn in more than one axis to create cabriole legs — a furniture feature made popular in the Queen Anne style.

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  4. How to Keep Your Carbide Cutting Tools Sharp

    sharpening a carbide cutter woodturning tool

    In this Rockler demo you'll learn how to keep your carbide cutter turning tools sharp and making clean cuts. Carbide insert cutters are designed to be replaceable, but often all they need is a little touch up to cut like new again. The Rockler Carbide Cutter Honing System makes it easy with a 6'' diamond stone and a magnetic grip that securely holds your cutter as you guide it back and forth on the stone. You'll find the cutters clean up nicely to a keen, crisp edge. The grip has a molded recess that accepts all shapes and sizes of carbide cutters for our line of Rockler Ergonomic Carbide Turning Tools.

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  5. Additional Bevels for Turning Deeper Bowls

    Making deeper bowls with a beveled bowl gouge

    Bowl gouges: grind a second bevel, or even a third. Woodturning expert Ernie Conover explains how in this guide and video.

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  6. Turning a Canister and Lid

    Turned canister made with green wood and matching lid

    Learn how to turn a green wood canister with a lid on a lathe.

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  7. How to Make Segmented Bowl Turning Blanks

    Clamped wood segments for bowl turning

    Turning bowls that are made from segmented turning blanks is a popular woodturning technique.

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  8. Sharpening a Bowl Gouge

    A freshly sharpened bowl gouge

    Sharpening a gouge can be tricky, but it's a necessary and beneficial skill for woodturners to master.

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