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  1. Making a Ring with Crayons or Snakeskin and Epoxy

    ring made from crayons and a ring made from snakeskin

    Wood and acrylic are the most common materials used when turning a ring. But that doesn't mean you are limited to those materials. Sometimes it's fun to experiment with other materials in your turning projects. Peter Brown is known for pushing the limits of turning materials. In this case, he used crayons and real snakeskin to make two unique rings. First, he used our Stainless Steel 2-Part Ring Core and a set of crayons to create a colorful ring. Next, he mixed pieces of snakeskin and epoxy to create a micarta, or layered material, turning blank. Learn how he created these rings in his video below.

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  2. Sealing Turnings for Food Use?

    Turned salt and pepper shakers finished with shellac

    There are several good reasons to seal raw wood that will be used for food-contact items, such salt shakers and pepper mills.

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  3. What is a Woodturning Lathe Chuck?

    nova g3 scroll chuck in lathe

    What is a lathe chuck used for in woodturning? A lathe chuck, also referred to as a scroll chuck, is a wood lathe accessory that is used to secure turning blanks.

    Rather than mount your bowl turning blank on a lathe faceplate, it's easier to turn a bowl using a four-jaw lathe chuck. As the name suggests, this type of chuck has four jaws, and these jaws can be adjusted in and out to hold a workpiece, either by contracting around a turned tenon or expanding into a recess you turn in the workpiece.

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  4. Video: Creating a Resin Honey Dipper Handle

    Colorful epoxy molded honey dipper handle

    In this video, Peter Brown creates resin blanks which he turns into unique honey dipper handles.

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  5. Project: Sturdy Shop Stool

    Turned woodturning shop stool

    Through turning you can create unique stretchers and a nice footrest for your shop stool.

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  6. How to Install and Use a Jacobs Drill Chuck in Your Lathe

    Using drill bit mounted on a lathe to turn bowl

    Woodworker's Journal'a Rob Johnstone is a big proponent of mounting a drill chuck to your lathe to give you a head start hole when turning.

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  7. Project: Turned Multi-bit Screwdriver

    Shop-made screwdriver handle with storage compartment

    This project shows how to turn a relatively simple screwdriver handle with a hidden storage compartment for several different sized bits.

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  8. Turning Tools Sharpening Cart Plan

    lathe tool sharpening cart

    Build this Lathe Tool Sharpening Station to streamline your tool sharpening workflow. Designed with Rockler's new Rock-Steady Shop Stand Kit (32"W x 20"D x 32"H) as its framework, I can roll it over to my lathe easily, so sharpening will only be a few steps away from the action. Its worktop has an alu­minum facing to protect against sparks, plus six holes and a long slot for storing the lathe tools I'm either sharpening at the moment or using while I turn. Two 4"-deep drawers have racks of semicir­cular holders that can stow a big collection of short or long lathe tools between uses. And a closed cabinet below that can store other turning accessories too.

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