Floating Shelves are shelves supported by concealed supports, making it look like the shelf is floating. They are a great way to add practical storage and a clean, modern accent to any room. In this demonstration video, you'll learn how to install concealed brackets to support floating shelves.

Free Floating Shelf Plans

Download the Hexagon Shelf Plan
hexagon floating shelf

Download the Mountain Shelf Plan
floating mountain shelf

Download the Cross Lap Shelf Plan
floating cross lap shelf

Live-Edge Floating Shelf Plan

VIDEO: How to Install a Floating Shelf

blind shelf supports

Once installed, these I-Semble Heavy-Duty Blind Shelf Supports are completely hidden from view, creating the illusion of a floating shelf. They are made of sturdy metal with thick posts, and are securely screwed to wall studs for a weight capacity of up to 125 pounds per pair of supports. Shelves should be a minimum of 18'' long in order to span two studs. One pair of brackets can support a shelf up to 48'' long. If you need a longer shelf, just add additional brackets.

blind shelf drilling guide

Use the I-Semble Blind Shelf Support Drilling Guide to drill a 9/16"-diameter hole to a depth of 4-⅞". Use tape to mark the depth of the hole on the drill bit, including the thickness of the jig. Be careful not to drill through the front face of the shelf base.

2-inch thick live-edge shelf board

Each White Pine Live Edge Shelf is milled flat and features one live-edge. These boards are 2" thick and available in 4’ and 6’ lengths.

Live-Edge Slab Table Materials

woman installing a floating shelf