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Installing Hardware

  1. Understanding T-Nuts and Threaded Inserts

    Side view of insert hardware installations

    Threaded inserts can come in handy for certain assembly tasks. T-nuts — a variation of threaded inserts — are another niche piece of hardware that add a helpful arrow to your woodworking quiver.

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  2. Installing Torsion Hinge Lid Supports

    Using a lid stay torsion hinge to support a chest lid

    These specialized all-in-one hinges prevent pinched fingers and hold lids open on chests or boxes.

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  3. What's the Best Way to Tighten Loose Screws?

    Tightening screws around hinge on antique project

    How do you fix a loose screw that just won't tighten up?

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  4. Screw Comparison Guide

    Comparison picture of several different screw head types

    Take a look at some of the most common screws you will need for either interior or exterior woodworking applications.

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  5. Taking the Pain Out of Drawer Installation

    Using drawer slide installation jig to mount slide in cabinet

    Hate installing drawers? We can sympathize. Getting things to work out right can be a fairly challenging, time consuming, and even frustrating process.

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  6. Knobs and Pulls Basics

    Stickley-style bronze drawer pull

    Whether you are updating existing cabinetry or finishing off a new cabinetmaking project, selecting knobs and pulls is your chance to add a touch of your own individual style.

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  7. European Hinges for Lipped Doors

    Salice european-style hinge mounted on a lipped door

    Until recently, if you wanted to outfit the popular 1940s and 1950s "lipped" style of cabinet door with new hinges, your options were limited.

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  8. Installation Tips for European Hinges

    Blum european hinge installed in a cabinet

    Once you have your European cup installation holes drilled, it's time to install your hinges.

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