kitchen cabinet hinge

Make hinge installation easy with Rockler JIG IT® Systems! JIG ITs make mounting hinges easier, faster, and more accurate by minimizing setup time and eliminating variations from measuring and marking. Choosing the right JIG IT is your first step!

 jig it concealed hinge drilling system

JIG IT Deluxe Concealed Hinge Drilling System - If you're drilling hinge cup holes for multiple doors of the same height this system will save you loads of time. It allows precise, repeatable drilling of multiple hinge cup holes - no drill press required.

jig it hinge cup drilling jig

Drill Press Hinge Cup Drilling JIG IT - Helps you quickly and accurately set up your drill press for boring the large diameter holes required for cup hinges.

rockler jig it drill guide

Mounting Plate JIG IT Template - This template makes it a snap to drill perfect holes for hinge mounting plates. Hold the JIG IT tight to your door edge and drill your holes with our Self-Centering Bits.

self centering bits

Self-Centering Bits - Provides perfect alignment by seating into the countersunk hole of your hardware. The bit's spring-loaded collar prevents shifting and drifting while drilling, ensuring perfectly centered pilot holes.