In this Rockler demo you'll learn how to make this fun football-shaped serving tray. With two chip compartments and a central dip recess, this is a classic snack tray. We made it from 1-3/4" thick mahogany, but any species would be fine. We also glued two 3/4" by 1-1/4" maple strips into grooves we cut in the blank, which end up looking like the white stripes on either end of a real football.

If you have a CNC router, the CNC .tap and .crv filesto make this project are availableĀ as free downloads here. If you wish to make the tray the old-fashioned way, we have a PDF pattern to download that you can use to make a flush routing pattern for your handheld router.

WATCH VIDEO: Using a CNC to Make a Football-Shaped Snack Serving Tray

CNC Users: Download the Router Table Cabinet Plan

Router Template Users: Download the PDF Football Tray Layout Template

completed football shaped chip tray

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