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Routers and CNCs

  1. Why Are There 1/4" and 1/2" Collets?

    Using a hex wrench to change the collet on a router

    Why do routers come with two different size collets? Is the 1/2" size better?

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  2. Folding and Portable Rock Steady Work Stand

    working with rock steady work stand

    In this Rockler demonstration we take a closer look at the Rockler Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand Rockler Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand. Stowability and strength make the Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand an excellent choice for supporting router tables, T-track tables and other work surfaces wherever space is tight. Thick gauge steel, strong pivot points and anti-racking supports give the stand a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds. When you're done using it, just pull the pins, lift up on the table, and fold the legs for compact storage against a wall or transport to the jobsite.

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  3. Make a Weather Station Using CNC

    Weather station project cut using a CNC router

    A weather station is an old-school way of predicting your local weather.

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  4. What is a CNC Router?

    Close-up of a router bit installed in a cnc machine making decorative letter carvings

    Today's desktop CNC routers can accurately cut multiple parts and can cut decorative carving. The new smaller machines are also much more affordable than their industrial big brothers.

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  5. Make a Cribbage Board Using a CNC Router or Templates

    Large and small cribbage boards made with CNC programming

    Cribbage is an old and popular card game, enjoyed by both young and old. And recently, it has had a bit of a popularity rise on college campuses. All this adds up to the fact that cribbage boards make great gifts.

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  6. Using a CNC to Make a Football Serving Tray

    football-shaped snack tray with chips and salsa

    In this Rockler demo you'll learn how to make this fun football-shaped serving tray. With two chip compartments and a central dip recess, this is a classic snack tray. We made it from 1-3/4" thick mahogany, but any species would be fine. We also glued two 3/4" by 1-1/4" maple strips into grooves we cut in the blank, which end up looking like the white stripes on either end of a real football.

    If you have a CNC router, the CNC .tap and .crv files to make this project are available as free downloads. If you wish to make the tray the old-fashioned way, we have a PDF pattern to download that you can use to make a flush routing pattern for your handheld router.

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  7. Router Bits: Five Fast Facts

    Array of different size and make router bits with a diamond sharpening tool

    A handheld or table-mounted router is only as useful as the bits that are chucked into it.

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  8. September 2020 Woodworker's Journal Free Plan: Router Table Cabinet

    router table cabinet

    If the area inside the base of your router table is empty, you’re missing an opportunity for better storage. After all, there are accessories that go along with table routing — bits, wrenches, bit insert rings and featherboards, to name a few. You might also have a box joint jig, other boxed sets of specialized bits or guide collars, push pads and various odds and ends that could really use a drawer.

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