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Routers and CNCs

  1. How to Make Shaker Cabinet Doors

    man holding shaker door frame

    The clean and timeless look of Shaker cabinets make them a popular style choice. The secret to building frame-and-panel Shaker cabinet doors or drawer fronts is to use the Rockler Rail-and-Stile Shaker Router Bit Set. Rail-and-stile joints, also referred to as cope-and-stick joints, feature a frame profile that surrounds the panel and a groove that contains the panel. Watch the video (below) to learn how easy it is to set up and use a cope-and-stick router bit set. We have everything you need to make and install Shaker doors for your next furniture project or complete kitchen remodel, including the lumber, tools, fasteners, finishes, and hardware. You can even determine your door part dimensions using our Woodshop Calculator tool.

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  2. Full-size Features in a Compact Router Table

    Rockler convertible router table on extended base

    There are three basic reasons for buying a "bench top" router table (a router table intended to stand on a workbench or other support rather than taking up a permanent space on the floor): cost, compactness, and portability.

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  3. Improve Your Routing with Jigs and Bits

    Spline, indexing dado and fluting router jigs

    Get the most out of your router and improve precision and efficiency with an impressive array of specialized jigs and bits.

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  4. Understanding Router Basics

    Selection of three different types of router on a workbench

    At its most basic level, a router is simply a motor with a cutting bit attached to it, installed in a base for controlling it by hand. The motor spins the bit at extremely high speeds. This is our modern handheld router in a nutshell.

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  5. Router Table Fundamentals

    Rockler cast iron router table with promax

    Flipping a router upside down and mounting it to a flat surface is a common way to add functionality. These "router tables" can be remarkably basic or amazingly fancy, thanks to many accessories now on the market.

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  6. Router Safety Considerations

    Using router to cut circles with jig

    Routers are remarkable additions to our woodworking shops. But like all power tools, especially those designed for cutting wood, safety is an important concern.

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  7. Making an Unbeatable Router Bit Selection

    Router bits of different types and sizes

    If you've toured the Rockler Router Bit Department recently, you've probably noticed a huge selection of all types of bits.

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  8. How Much Router Do You Need?

    Using a router to cut dadoes in dresser side panel

    How much router do you need in your router table?

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