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Routers and CNCs

  1. Making an Unbeatable Router Bit Selection

    Router bits of different types and sizes

    If you've toured the Rockler Router Bit Department recently, you've probably noticed a huge selection of all types of bits.

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  2. How Much Router Do You Need?

    Using a router to cut dadoes in dresser side panel

    How much router do you need in your router table?

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  3. Horizontal vs. Vertical Raised Panel Router Bits

    Different router bits for cutting raised panels

    If you want to make a raised panel for a frame and panel door, you'll be in the market for a raised panel router bit.

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  4. What Does Router Horsepower Mean?

    Using router to cut the edge of a stool seat

    Is horsepower a meaningful measure of a router's performance? In truth, it may not be the best.

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  5. Perfect Router Motor for Your Router Table

    Triton 3.25hp

    The new Triton 3.25HP router motor features a classic design and the same diameter as the discontinued Porter Cable 7518. It's the perfect motor for router table lifts and offers no-frills power and performance, all day, every day. Triton’s heavy duty TFBR001MOTOR is a 3.25HP router motor that powers through the most demanding lift-mounted tasks, including raising panels, routing stiles and rails and applying larger roundovers and other edge profiles. Mount the motor in the Rockler Pro Lift (sold separately), for easy height adjustments and bit changes. Old school design promises rugged reliability.

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  6. Affordable, Hassle-Free Table Routing

    Rockler complete basic router table kit

    Using a router in combination with a router table has never been more popular. Today, the choices available make it possible for just about any woodworker - even those on an extremely tight budget - to get into the game.

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  7. Shop Stand Router Table Cabinet Project

    Rockler Shop Stand Router Table

    The Rockler Rock-Steady Shop Stand Kits are the perfect platform to create workshop cabinets, work tables or workshop cart systems. The Rock-Steady Router Table Stand Kit is the perfect size for our standard 32'' x 24'' Rockler table tops, leaving a 3'' overhang on all sides.

    This free plan shows you how to make and install two drawers and a shelf to add more storage and organization to this router table

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  8. Edge Trimming with a Router

    Router cutting the edge of the board with a dust shield equipped

    There are many tools that can be used to make the edge of a board straight – a table saw, a jointer, a hand plane...But if you're working without a jointer or in tight quarters with large sheet materials, using a router and an edge guide or a straightedge template is arguably the best way to go.

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